'Anonymous Architects' Offer No-Holds Barred Opinions on Augusta National (2023)

'Anonymous Architects' Offer No-Holds Barred Opinions on Augusta National (1)

No golf course produces more fireworks down the stretch year after year than Augusta National Golf Club. Just when you think that this year’s Masters can’t top the one before, it does — and the course setup and drama-inducing individual holes are key components in elevating the excitement.

Yet, not every hole rocks the house at Augusta. And overall, the presentation looks vastly different than what Alister MacKenzie and Bobby Jones originally envisioned. Is today’s Augusta National really all that? Can and should it be improved? If so, how? And what to make of the course changes for 2022?

We asked two architects to weigh in, but promised them anonymity so they could express themselves freely.One (we'll call him Mr. X) has competed in multiple major championships, the other (Mr. Y) has designed courses with multiple major champions.Here are their unvarnished assessments of Augusta National.

On the changes for 2022

In mid-February, Augusta National announced “significant hole changes” for the 2022 Masters tournament. For the par-4 11th hole, “Masters tees moved back 15 yards and to the golfer’s left. Fairway recontoured and several trees removed on right side.”

Mr. X: I see the change as a positive. I was never a fan of the trees they planted down the right side of the hole. Traditionally that was a wide-open hole that played long. Players were coming into that green with a long iron and with high risk on the left side. As [Ben] Hogan famously said, if he ever hit that green, you’d know he pulled it. The added length puts a longer club into players’ hands, which is in keeping in historical context with the type of iron that was hit into that green complex. Back in the day, it was common to hit 4-, 5-, 6-irons into that green. So putting a longer club and changing the angle is good.

Rather than having all those pines they planted down the right side, I’d go with some Augusta-style, sweeping-type mounding, which is exactly what you have short and right of the 11thgreen. Short and right, you’ve got this mound that kicks balls into the hazard, it propels balls forward. Mounds on the right side of the 11thfairway would create movement that would cause players to be slightly uncomfortable in their stance. I would have the left side flatter, which would encourage drives to that spot, which would then bring the water more into play.

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Mr. Y: That was always an awkward shot from the latest tee, moved about 10 years ago, as it was sent back into the woods but an angle that was rather straight and fought the slope. The hole drops severely from right to left so I would imagine that the new tee sets up a more proper right-to-left tee shot where a player can sling a sweeping draw up the right side and see the ball release and run left. Sounds like a tough hole got longer but maybe plays slightly easier (at least more fair) and might help the shorter player who can drill a low ball that runs like it snuck into the tournament through a hole in the fence.

For the par-5 15th hole, “Masters tees moved back 20 yards and fairway recontoured.”

Mr. X: Adding length is basically an equalizer to put a longer approach club in a player’s hands. It’s a very exciting hole except for the layup shot. The layup shot is terrible. It’s almost pointless. Moving the tee back will allow some players to not get quite as close to the trees on the left. If you’re not so close to them, you can hit a slinger around those trees and attack the hole and go for it. But you’re doing so with a longer club.

And a slight recanting of the fairway can end of being like I described on number 11, where you’re just not quite as comfortable on certain stances coming into that green because that’s a shallow target — one of the most difficult targets in golf, especially with the added excitement and pressure of the Masters. The simple fact that it’s a very shallow target and you’re coming into it with a fairly long club is certainly going to be exciting.

The heroic shot on the 15th, going for the green in two, is high on the excitement meter. There’s a lot of penalty if you don’t pull it off, whether you’re short or long. But if you’re laying up, it’s either a punch under the trees or a wedge-type play. There’s no strategy on the layup because of the club selection that you’re making, other than leaving yourself a yardage that you like for the third shot.

The third shot on the 15this actually one of the most difficult on the course. I’m not saying that the third shot should be changed or eliminated, I just don’t think the layup second shot is interesting. The third shot is interesting because it’s a very difficult wedge shot. I don’t know if there’s a more difficult wedge shot in the game.

I would reduce the pond ever so slightly on the right side and create a landing zone short and right of the green. It might be more significant for the members than for tour players, but it would add some excitement. You’d be adding a third category on the second shot. Right now, it’s basically two options—you lay up short of the water or you go for the green. There is no middle option. At the same time, I would add more pond to the left of the green. That would make that left hole location really exciting.

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Mr. Y: I spent my early days listening to older pros who played the tournament in the early years (the Palmer era) and they spoke of how that landing area favored the longer hitters. Average drives would land up on the fairway before a strong slope pitched to the pond fronting the green (which actually had a path down the middle long ago). They had zero chance of attempting to hit the green in two but longer players caught the run-out and had a huge advantage.

Adding 20 yards, coupled with a green that punishes anything short, obviously, as well as anything hot and through the green would seem to set up a lot more layups this year, especially if the turf is wet and not as firm. Remember that the trees that have been added also eliminate a lot of angles that previously left a green-light second. This one will be interesting to watch.

On the overall presentation

Mr. X: I think it’s presented beautifully. Augusta plays better when it’s firm and fast and they’ve done everything they can to ensure it does, from sandcapping so much of the course to installing SubAir systems beneath the greens. It keeps everything as dry as possible.

I like the second cut. When I first attended the Masters in 1977, when Tom Watson beat Nicklaus, it was all one cut and that was kind of magical. But that was back in the day of a different trajectory shot. The players today hit it so far and so high. The second cut brings in enough of a difference in the shot contact, especially when the greens are firm. If the greens are soft, the second cut doesn’t matter as much. Therefore, it does put a premium on hitting it in the fairway.

On the original course, the premium was on angle. Unfortunately, to an extent, athletic ability has reduced the importance of angle. Athletes are bigger and stronger. The ball goes further and they hit the ball so much higher. Angle doesn’t matter like it used to.

I think they’ve got the green speeds and firmness combination just right. They’ve have the data, they’ve done the experimentation. They know exactly how edgy they can go and still be OK.

These are not [Alister] MacKenzie bunkers. You don’t see Pasatiempo out here, you don’t see Cypress Point. But if Bobby Jones was the guy who said, “Let’s do it this way,” who’s to argue that?

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Mr. Y: The past winners I’ve talked to prefer the 1990s-era setup, before all the significant length was added and the second cut. As a viewer and if I were to go out and play it, I prefer the original design intent, the playbook, so to speak, of wherever you hit it, there was fairway all over the place.

That didn’t mean that being in the fairway meant that it was a good place to be. There’s also the argument that by eliminating the second cut and extending the fairway cut makes the ball roll out to places where you don’t want to be. Sometimes, that first cut stops the ball from rolling into a worse place.

What always impresses is the setting. When you think about Pebble Beach, Cypress Point, Ballybunion and the great links courses — they have a cornucopia of colors. It’s sensory overload because you introduce the ocean. Augusta essentially has zero outside influences, no mountains, no ocean, no big water element. Here, what you see is what you get and it’s all within the confines of their own property. Maybe only Pine Valley compares in beauty that’s all self-contained.

A lot of people get worked up about how the course has changed over the years, how the bunker styles and strategies don’t reflect what MacKenzie and Jones intended. I disagree. Sure, it’s deviated through the years. It’s adjusted. But the basic playbook remains.

In the big picture, there is probably the right number of bunkers in the right places. Yes, they have the more simple style, without fingers or grass noses. It’s certainly not what everybody wants out of a golf course today, the latest Coore-Crenshaw look. That’s not what the bunkers at Augusta National are, but that doesn’t mean they don’t play the right way.

The only criticism of the bunkers that gets people sideways is one I agree with — that the sand is so blindingly white. Because the sand is so white, they appear like snow patches. In the full sun, you lose the shaping of the bunker, the actual concave face of the bunkering. It all just looks like a mirror looking back at you. Augusta really takes on a different character late in the day, when you get a change of sun angles, because the bunkers start to show off their shapes.

I love the setup and presentation. The course does what most courses aspire to but never achieve, as it caters to the elite player demanding they not just hit fairways and greens as in any other event, but must hit precise spots. The slightest misses are punished and leave long, difficult putts. That is why you see winners always seem to avoid three-putts. That is not only a nod to putting prowess but also to properly negotiating the course. At the same time, it is a find-your-ball, user-friendly course that average players can play — as long as they avoid the Masters tees!

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Overall, they’ve done a great job of keeping pace with player abilities, with equipment, with technology, with green speeds. I don’t think the course has been tricked out to some level where the full field can’t play it. Maybe the fairway cut has narrowed, but the penalty for not being in the fairway isn’t gouge and try and get it out somewhere into the fairway. That’s the U.S. Open, or Bay Hill a few weeks ago.

You can still hit shots at Augusta. I don’t think they’ve eliminated the concept of a recovery. I think that’s what MacKenzie and Jones wanted. I can’t think of a single time as a viewer of that tournament when I thought, “Boy, that guy got screwed. He hit a good shot but he ended in a bad situation because it used to be fairway and it’s not anymore."

Which holes you would change, and how would you change them?

Mr. X: The sixth needs another hole location desperately. That’s a weakness to the hole, because hole location variety is so limited. There’s only about three.

Seven was designed for a short iron. It’s now become a longer hole, but the players hit it so far. What would make the hole more interesting was if there was a run-up gap between the bunkers. Then you could hit one out of the trees and run it up, actually onto the putting surface. If they did that, we would also see some run-up shots that bring the back bunkers into play. Providing that run-up gap would lead to some incredibly exciting recovery shots because a lot of players miss the seventh fairway.

17 needs more teeth, especially with a right-side hole location.

The 18thhas one big thing that’s different than typically found at Augusta. Augusta’s known for width and 18 is exceptionally narrow. If you’d widen the left side, you’ll put a longer club in players’ hands and a longer club from a variety of lies.

Mr. Y: The fifth hole is the one that maybe got too tough for the bottom half of the field. It’s gotten narrower and narrower and they moved the fairway bunkers forward to the point that even if you fly those bunkers, it’s no good. That’s the hole that’s deviated the most from the original playbook. It’s got a brutal green as well. It’s turned into a hole that has the least room, the least tolerance for anything other than a perfect tee shot.


You could make an argument that the 17thhole should provide more penalty for a mis-hit shot. But it’s got a brutal green. And look what’s in front of it. You’ve got 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. Maybe it’s not the supermodel that those other holes are, but it still functions well. Maybe adding a fairway bunker would put more emphasis on hitting a better tee shot, but I can’t say I’ve ever watched a tournament and said “Wow, I’m going to do some errands while they play 17.”


Is Bill Gates a member of Augusta? ›

Notable members of Augusta include Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Peyton Manning. The club only recently welcomed its first African American member, Ron Townsend, in 1990.

Can black people join Augusta? ›

Club members are sometimes referred to as "green jackets." For decades, the club barred membership to African Americans. "As long as I'm alive," said co-founder Roberts, who subsequently served as the club's chairman, "all the golfers will be white and all the caddies will be black."

What is the best hole to sit at the Masters? ›

What are the best spots at Augusta National to watch the Masters?
  • Hole 16: The top of hole 16 – a dramatic green with a variety of pin placements that make for great risk vs. ...
  • Hole 12: Amen corner – it's just as amazing as you'd expect.
  • Hole 15: The grandstand at 15 – a viewer favorite with great sightlines.

Do they spray paint the grass at Augusta? ›

Any patches of bare grass are painted green to disguise them. The water contains food dye to maintain its immaculate sheen. 2 - However, the bird song you hear during television broadcasts from Augusta is artificial, added by TV companies to make the course seem even more of a natural paradise.

Does Donald Trump have a membership at Augusta? ›

Would Trump get a membership based on his new gig? Not necessarily. Dwight Eisenhower is the only president that's confirmed as a member of Augusta. While others have played there during or after their presidency, only Ike apparently got a green jacket of his own.

Is Tiger Woods an Augusta member? ›

Tiger Woods is not a member of the Augusta National Golf Club and has never been one.

Is Peyton Manning a member of Augusta National? ›

Peyton Manning wears many hats, even in the golf world. Course owner. Augusta National member. Tiger Woods' playing partner.

Do you have to wear a collared shirt at Augusta? ›

For men, the most common look can be described as golf casual. So think khaki shorts or pants paired with a collared shirt. A more casual look with a t-shirt is also acceptable. Just keep in mind denim is not recommended for men.

Can a woman be a member at Augusta? ›

Though Augusta National Golf Club took 78 years to admit women to its membership, the club has chosen some powerful, impactful females for its roster. Augusta National's female members have continued to make their mark on the golf industry. You could say they earned their green jackets.

What is the 10 shot rule at the Masters? ›

In 1962, the cut was changed to low 44 and ties. In 1966, the cut was amended to include anyone within 10 shots of the lead at the midway point. From 2013 to 2019, the cut included the top 50 players and ties, plus anyone within 10 strokes of the leader.

Can you take cell phone into the Masters? ›

Cell phones, Cameras and Electronic Devices

Cell phones, beepers and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited on the grounds at all times. Cameras are strictly prohibited on Tournament days (Thursday - Sunday) but allowed on practice rounds days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).

Can you bring your phone into the Masters? ›


Can members use golf carts at Augusta? ›

Although there are no golf carts allowed on the actual course, there are still golf carts at Augusta National. The course has employees whose job is to take players from the clubhouse to the first hole and also to the practice tees. These are the only places that golf carts are located in the area.

Can you take your green jacket home from Augusta? ›

Green jackets are kept on club grounds and taking them off the premises is forbidden. There is an exception: The Masters champion can take the jacket home and return it to the club at the next Masters.

Can you ride in a golf cart at the Masters? ›

Are golf carts allowed at the Masters? Golf carts are not allowed at PGA tournaments or affiliated majors such as the Masters. Players must walk the course, though officials often use carts during tournaments.

Is Warren Buffett a member of Augusta National? ›

From NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to billionaire Warren Buffett, here are the high-profile members of Augusta National Golf Club.

What is the cost to be a member at Augusta? ›

Annual dues cost $30,000. Once a member is given the literal “green jacket”, they're required to wear it during tournaments. The jackets are to be returned if they're not used, except for winners of Masters, who can keep the jacket for a limited amount of time before they get collected.

What is the joining fee for Augusta? ›

The Augusta National membership costs are relatively low for a club of its stature. The initiation fee is estimated to be in the range of $40,000. And the yearly dues are estimated at “a few thousand” dollars per year.

Can Tiger Woods use a cart at Augusta? ›

Tiger Woods used a golf cart to get around the course, which is not allowed at Augusta National.

Can pro golfers play Augusta anytime? ›

Masters champions are deemed honorary members and can set up a visit and play the course whenever it is open to regular play. The player must take an Augusta caddie, although his own caddie is allowed to attend and watch.

Can a non member play Augusta? ›

No. Augusta National Golf Club is a private club and is only accessible to club members and their guests. The public may visit the course only during the Masters Tournament and only with the proper ticket or badge.

Has Tom Brady played Augusta? ›

“We played a really cool course in Georgia called Ohoopee and then were very fortunate to play at Augusta,” Brady said. Ah, yes, Augusta. You might remember that as the course where McIlroy shot a Sunday round of eight-under 64 to finish second place in April.

Who is the only US president to have been a club member at Augusta National? ›

Passionate golfer Dwight (Ike) Eisenhower is the only U.S. President to have been a club member at Augusta National.

Who is the head chef at Augusta National? ›

roberto bustillo - Berckmans Place Executive Chef - Augusta National Golf Club | LinkedIn.

Are jeans allowed at Augusta? ›

The official Masters dress code states that appropriate clothing and shoes should be worn at all times. Jeans are not allowed.

Are shorts allowed at Augusta? ›

Masters rookie Talor Gooch apparently didn't know dress code rules at Augusta National. Masters rookie Talor Gooch didn't realize shorts aren't allowed at Augusta National Golf Club – not just for Masters Tournament participants like himself, but members and their guests, as well.

How much does a chair cost at the Masters? ›

The chairs are $30 at the tournament — about a third of the secondary-market price online — and are emblazoned with a Masters logo and tournament year. There's a small plastic sleeve on the back for a business card, although some owners scrawl their names on by hand.

Can members at Augusta bring guests? ›

Members are allowed as many as four guests at a time, depending on the time of the year, and guests can play without a member, as long as the member is on the property while his guests are playing. No guests are allowed during the four big member-only events each year.

Can you drink alcohol while watching the Masters? ›

Exclusive Cocktails

The only type of alcohol you'll be able to find at the concession stands is beer, so you won't be able to order either of these unless you have access to the bars in the members-only clubhouse or invite-only cabins hosted by the Masters' corporate sponsors.

How many golf balls can you have in your bag at the Masters? ›

There's no limit to how many golf balls a player can carry in his or her bag, so long as they comply with the One Ball Rule, which dictates the same model and manufacturer. Rich Beem used to play with a new ball on every hole. Ernie Els believes there was only one birdie in any ball.

Why are no phones allowed at the Masters? ›

"The noise is an irritation to not only the players, the dialing, the conversation; it's a distraction. And that's the way we have chosen to deal with it." Augusta National does provide pay phones for the patrons if they do need to contact the outside world.

Can you smoke at the Masters? ›

While Augusta National Golf Club has many rules and regulations in place for the patrons when they visit for the tournament (no cellphones, no running, etc), there is no ban on smoking.

Do you bring your own chair to the Masters? ›

Each person is allowed to bring one chair in to setup on the grounds, and this has the potential to be the best seat you'll ever get for any sporting event – ever. Also pick up some sunscreen.

What happens on Wednesday at the Masters? ›

On Wednesday you'll see the golfers transform into focused machines aiming to become the next owner of a Green Jacket. Masters tips on 3-Night Tournament Rounds: These two rounds represent the meat of the tournament and allow you to see the athletes play on Thursday and Friday.

Can you bring a water bottle to the Masters? ›

The Festival of Arts reserves the right to deny entrance or eject anyone who appears to be intoxicated. Beverages may be taken into the Pageant of the Masters/Irvine Bowl, but no glass bottles or glasses are allowed.

Can you take pictures at Augusta? ›

Cameras are allowed on the course at Augusta National during the practice rounds but not once the tournament starts on Thursday.

What is the temperature at the Masters? ›

High 72. Low 66. Wind SSE at 15 mph.

Why can't Tigers play golf carts at Masters? ›

And the big caveat here is his leg. As we all know, Woods injured his leg in the horrific car accident he was in last year. It's still an issue. He can physically play golf well, but as he said on Tuesday, walking the course is more of an issue.

Are phones not allowed at Augusta? ›

Cellphones, you've probably heard, leave your pocket when you leave your car at the Masters. The Augusta National policy is strict: They're not allowed.

Are fanny packs allowed at the Masters? ›

The Masters list had this prohibition: No fanny packs larger than 10 inches wide, 10 inches high or 12 inches deep (in their natural state). Also: No ladders. No selling a Masters badge within 2,700 feet of an Augusta National gate.

How much is an Augusta green jacket worth? ›

And of course to get a jacket you have to be a member of Augusta, and it's said the initiation fee will run you up to $30,000 — nobody outside the club knows and the club's not saying. Throw in monthly dues and that jacket could be worth $40,000.

Can you sleep at Augusta National? ›

There are 10 cabins on the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club that are used by club members and their families as well as guests of club members when visiting the course.

Is smoking allowed at Augusta? ›

Cigar Aficionado

And even though Augusta, Georgia, passed a strict smoking ordinance that is now in effect, it's still legal to smoke on the course (or in the crowd). Wilder grew up across the street from Augusta and his quaint shop and lounge enjoys a nice bump in business every first week of April.

Can you wear sneakers to the Masters? ›

There's no dress code at the Masters. Do wear comfortable shoes; you will be on your feet for a long time. Definitely check the weather forecast and dress appropriately.

What is parking like at the Masters? ›

Parking for The Masters is free and there are more than 8,500 spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis, located next to the course across Old Berckmans Road. Event parking is split into 4 adjacent lots: Lot A – 180 m (2 min) walk from North Gate. Lot B – 300 m (4 min) walk from North Gate.

Why is Augusta closed in the summer? ›

Augusta National is a seasonal club. The course is shut down each May and reopens in October to eliminate a lot of wear and tear during the peak summer months in Augusta's humid, subtropical climate.

Is Bill Gates a member of the Masters? ›

Depends on your definition of fame, I suppose. Included in the membership are Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and billionaire Warren Buffett. There are CEOs abound, too, from companies like IBM, Bank of America, MillerCoors, American Express, General Electric and plenty more.

Which pros are members at Augusta? ›

Only two pro golfers are current members at Augusta National. Jack Nicklaus and former amateur standout John Harris (who recently retired from the PGA Tour Champions) are the only pro golfers who are Augusta National Golf Club members. Arnold Palmer, who died in 2016, was also a club member.

Who is the richest person in Augusta Ga? ›

Augusta's wealthiest member is Omaha financier, Warren Buffett, who is said to be worth upwards of $10.5 billion.

How much of MS Does Bill Gates Own? ›

Gates is believed to own about $28.6 billion worth of Microsoft stock, a bit over 1% of the company.

Is Peyton Manning a member of Augusta? ›

Peyton Manning wears many hats, even in the golf world. Course owner. Augusta National member.

How much is a round of golf at Augusta? ›

Non-Member Rates at Augusta Municipal
Weekday Rates (Monday-Thursday)
18 Holes Walking$21
9 Holes Walking$14
Hero Card$27
League Play$27
15 more rows

Can members take carts at Augusta? ›

Although there are no golf carts allowed on the actual course, there are still golf carts at Augusta National. The course has employees whose job is to take players from the clubhouse to the first hole and also to the practice tees. These are the only places that golf carts are located in the area.

Can members at Augusta National use golf carts? ›

No carts are allowed at Augusta National -- ever

(Ironically, Club Car is headquartered in Augusta, Ga.) So, right there, Augusta National gets a lot less wear and tear than your home course.

How much does it cost to play Augusta with a member? ›

To have a shot at playing Augusta National, you will either have to be a member or arrive as a guest and pay a $40 guest fee. Their initial fee is much lower than most exclusive golf clubs. Augusta National Golf club's membership price includes: Initiation fee: A one time charge ranging between $20,000-$40,000.

Who is the largest employer in Augusta Ga? ›

Augusta County School Board

Who is the richest family in Georgia? ›

Forbes' 2022 billionaires list reveals richest Georgians
  • Bernard Marcus, Home Depot, $8.6 billion.
  • Jim Kennedy, Cox Enterprises, $7.9 billion.
  • Arthur Blank, Home Depot/Atlanta Falcons/Atlanta United, $7 billion.
  • John Brown, medical equipment, $5.8 billion.
  • Gary Rollins, pest control, $5.7 billion.
11 Aug 2022

Who is the Richist man? ›

Elon Musk

What bank does Bill Gates use? ›

Cascade Investment
FounderBill Gates
HeadquartersKirkland, Washington , United States
Key peopleBill Gates (Chairman) Michael Larson (CIO)
5 more rows

What Cars Bill Gates own? ›

But still, his collection is relatively modest. He does have a Porsche car collection, including several Porsche 911s.
BILL GATES CAR COLLECTION • Porsche 911 • Chevrolet Corvette • Daily Drive: Tesla Model X.
Name:Bill Gates
Net Worth:$130 billion
Source of Wealth:Microsoft
Born:October 28, 1955
6 more rows

What would happen if Bill Gates didn't sell? ›

If Bill Gates kept all of his shares after the first day of the Microsoft IPO he would now be a trillionaire. This would even allow for several billion in charitable donations.


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