Derek R. Jenkins, MD | University Orthopedics (2023)

Hayley Bukowis a Physician Assistant who specializes in adultreconstruction of the hip and knee.

Christina Ramirezis a Physician Assistant who specializes in adultreconstruction of the hip and knee.

Patient Reviews

Dr. Jenkins and staff are very knowledgeable. They make patients feel very comfortable. Surgery & recovery all went well.


“Exactly a year ago I could not walk my dog around the block. Now I’m playing Pickleball three times a week. I can swim laps, do stairs and have no pain. Surgery was a game changer. Wish I had done surgery sooner.”


“I am very pleased with the results of the care I received from Dr. Jenkins.”

-Helen 9/3/19

“Best surgeon I went to.”

-Joanne 8/29/19

“Awesome surgeon. Cares about his patients and takes the time to listen.”

-Joanne 8/29/19

“Excellent result.”


“Dr. Jenkins is an excellent surgeon who is highly recommended.”

-Lois 8/27/19

“Dr. Jenkins is an excellent surgeon.”

- Suzanne 8/27/19

“Very different from a previous knee replacement. Far less painful.”

-Daniel 8/27/19

“Have already recommended Dr. Jenkins to others!”

-Mary 8/27/19

“Customer Friendly. Dr. and Staff very informative and explain in detail. Completely repaired left hip.”

-Ed 8/27/19

“I would recommend Dr. Jenkins to others. I found the care I received to be professional and thorough. I felt comfortable discussing concerns and was at ease following his recommendations.”

-Marie 8/20/19

“Every one was very professional and knowledgable. I would recommend Dr. Jenkins and staff to anyone needing a procedure.”

-Ronald 8/20/19

“I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins. He is very caring. I felt very comfortable in his care before and after surgery.”

-Irene 8/22/19

“I am so grateful. I feel 20 years younger. Bravo!”

-Maryann 8/22/19

“If I could go back I’d have don't this much sooner! The surgery to recovery went well and better than expected. My incision is smooth and fading nicely but most importantly my knee does not hurt!”

-Fayette 8/20/19

“Dr. Jenkins explained everything thoroughly and was confident he could help me. He Did!”

- Hector 8/6/19

“The surgery fixed my hip. There were no complications. I was able to return to work.”


“Caring and precise surgeon.”


“I have recommended Dr. Jenkins several times. I have gone from barely being able to walk to dancing a jig and walkings around. I can stand up straight for the first time in years.”

-Joseph 7/30/19

“Do not hesitate to have your hip treated. Dr. Jenkins is a fine surgeon.”

-Charles 7/25/19

“Very pleased with the care Dr. Jenkins provided me with. Staff was most helpful and courteous. Hip is great. Dr. Jenkins is extremely thorough in explaining the procedure. I have recommended him to others.”

-Lisa 7/25/19

“I was surprised as to the level of pain following the surgery. I expected it to be much worse. I credit Dr. Jenkins skill, my exercising for strength and flexibility 4 months prior to surgery and my diligence in following through with my physical therapy at home.”

-John 7/25/19

“Dr. Jenkins, Miriam Hospital and University Orthopedics all did a superb job of vastly improving the function in my knee.”

-Robert 7/25/19

“Amazing how fast I was able to walk after surgery. In hospital for only 36 hours.”

-Catherine 7/25/19

“He explained what I could expect following surgery. My recovery went well and I am happy with the results.”

-Joan 7/25/19

“He was confidence and professional. I highly recommend him to family and patients.”

-Mario 7/25/19

“From my initial interaction with Dr. Jenkins and the rest of the staff I have been very satisfied with the care I have received.”

-David 7/16/19

“I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins for hip replacement. My experience was excellent. The time frame for recovery was on target. Therapy should followed as directed.”

-Maureen 7/16/19

“Great doctor. My knee feels much better after surgery. Really takes the time to explain things to you so you feel comfortable with your surgery.”

-Ruffuele 7/16/19

“Excellent care experience from Dr. Jenkins and staff.”

-Marlene 7/16/19

“I feel much better now. Thank you Dr. Jenkins. Good Job. I can work in my garden now with no pain.”

-Dorothy 7/16/19

“I am glad I got it done!”

-Theresa 7/16/19

“I was taking care of wonderfully. Quick recovery with anterior surgical approach and moving like I am suppose to. Keeping active and no hip pain during acitivties like walking, zumba, biking, etc.”

-Susan 7/9/19

“Dr. Jenkins is a real good doctor. I would recommend him to anyone. I have no bad reviews about all the care I have received from and his staff. Thank you.”

-Joann 7/8/19

“Dr. Jenkins and his team provided excellent care. My hip reconstruction went as planned. He is a skilled surgeon.”

-Elizabeth 5/16/19

“From start to end everyone has been very informative about the process, courteous and very professional.”

-Antonio 5/14/19

“All worked well. I have no problems. Good recovery.”

-Harold 5/9/19

“The result of my surgery with total rip replacement was outstanding with no pain and full mobility. Thank Dr. Jenkins.”

-Fred 5/2/19

“Dr. Jenkins was very thorough in explaining my issues & surgery. Always was concerned for my well being.”

-Susan 5/21/19

“My surgical knee feels stable. Prior to surgery my knee would sometimes not straighten out. This no longer happens.”

-Thomas 5/21/19

“Hip surgery was a great success. Dr. Jenkins was very thorough and explained everything. I was home the next morning.”

-George 5/21/19

“He is the best! I have a great life with two TKRs. Great experience with both surgeries.”

-Marie 5/21/19

“He’s a very caring and understanding Doctor. I would recommend him to friends and family.”

-Jason 5/23/19

“Dr. Jenkins is very thorough and has a 1% rate of infection. All you have to do is follow his directions.”

- Elizabeth 5/23/19

“Business like. Perfectionist. Was concerned about my well-being from start to finish and follow ups.”

-Allan 5/30/19

“I am very happy with the care I received from Dr. Jenkins.”

-Paula 6/4/19

“He is a fantastic doctor. Excellent surgeon. Dr. Jenkins and his staff are very caring.”

-Nancy 6/4/19

“Never looked back - Thank you Dr. Jenkins.”

-Anna Mae 6/4/19

“Dr. Jenkins was phenomenal. I was very nervous about the surgery but he was so reassuring and empathetic to me on the day of surgery. I got through it with no problems at all.”

-Jodi 6/11/19

“Great bedside manner.”

-Peter 6/11/19

“I had a total knee replacement that has given me back mobility and lessened pain to almost non-exsistent. Dr. Jenkins and staff have been supportive and attentive.”

-Carol 6/11/19

“I would definitely recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone because he is meticulous at what he does so you will always have a great result. He is an awesome surgeon all around.”

-Emanuel 6/11/19

“Dr. Jenkins is a very skilled surgeon who specializes in hip revisions. He is caring and very thorough in providing the best surgical care possible. Very concerned about infections which is a very important factor in having the surgery.”

-Kay 6/11/19

“ The care I received was superb. Pre-surgery Dr. Jenkins told me I would be able to go on safari three months after surgery. Getting into the land crusier was hard but I managed.”

-Patricia 6/11/19

“Great care from Dr. Jenkins and staff. I wish I had my knee replaced sooner. I’m back to doing the things I love like backpacking, hiking and mountain biking thanks to Dr. Jenkins.”

-Joseph 6/11/19

“Dr. Jenkins showed genuine interest in my progression.”

-Sheryl 6/11/19

“I would definitely recommend Dr. Jenkins to others.”

-Paula 6/13/19

“Dr. Jenkins is great. I have total confidence in him.”

- Wilfred 6/13/19

“Dr. Jenkins is an excellent surgeon. He was very considerate in how I was feeling. He explained all aspects of the hip surgeries and why he was following a particular course of action.”

-Mary 6/13/19

“The smallest detail matters to Dr. Jenkins but he explains why he wants you to follow a certain protocol. I trusted him completely and felt comfortable asking him any question, no matter how minor.”

- Mary 6/13/19

“Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Very satisfied.”

-James 6/13/19

“Dr. Jenkins is a very meticulous and caring surgeon.”

- Lori 6/13/19

“The best possible orthopedic Dr. around for hip and knees. I Have already recommended Dr. Jenkins to friends that need hip replacements and have been very happy with the results. Great choice. Great result!”

- Allan 6/18/19

“The best & easiest surgery to date. Also the best doctor & hospital. Can’t say enough about Dr. Jenkins.”

- Donna 6/18/19

“Yes. Have recommend you to friends.”

-Adrienne 6/13/19

“Very Pleased with surgical outcome. The left knee now hurts less.”

- Leslie

Derek R. Jenkins, MD | University Orthopedics (1)"Just climbed Mt. Washington with my six month old knee with no problem! Thanks Dr. Jenkins - great job!"

- Joyce 6/3/19

"Everyone was amazed at my progress."

- Barbara 5/9/19

"Dr. Jenkins work has allowed me to return to an active lifestyle including sports, walking, boating, and dancing. Amazing team. Thank you."

- Susan 5/9/19

"Dr. Jenkins team found me in pain and with trouble walking. I got my life back. Thanks."

- Susan 5/9/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in no pain."

- Victoria 5/9/19

"Surgery was well done. The prior pain is gone. I will do my other knee soon."

- Paul 5/9/19

"Dr. Jenkins was through, explained the procedure, and answered my questions."

- Joan 5/9/19

"My mobility is now good and I am pain free. I can perform all my usual activities. I healed quickly and without difficultly."

- Nancy 5/9/19

"I am happy I had the surgery and my golf game has improved."

- Nancy 5/9/19

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins to friends and relatives."

- Marie 5/9/19

"Dr. Jenkins was very through. I would refer him anytime."

- Ronald 5/9/19

"Dr. Jenkins is an excellent doctor. Very caring and listens to you. Explains everything so you can understand."

- Patricia 5/7/19

"Excellent surgeon. Personable. Very through and responsive. I highly recommend him to everyone for knee replacement."

- Elizabeth 5/7/19

"I am glad I had knee surgery."

- Elizabeth 5/7/19

"Great experience. Quality of care and procedure outcome was exceptional."

- Joyce 5/7/19

"Dr. Jenkins is highly skilled. I have already recommended Dr. Jenkins to others."

- Judith 5/7/19

"I have been pleased with the results. The physical therapy helped me a lot."

- Sara 5/7/19

"I have been happy with the results and the physical therapy."

- Sara 5/7/19

"Dr. Jenkins did a great job and I am not in pain since the surgery."

- Lucie 5/7/19

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins."

- Jean 5/7/19

"Life changing surgery. I can walk without pain again after a decade of pain."

- Harold 5/7/19

"I am so blessed to not be in pain anymore. I wish I did my knee replacement a lot sooner. I have already given my friends Dr. Jenkins contact info."

- Linda 5/2/19

"Dr. Jenkins explained everything about the surgery beforehand and afterward. He had come highly recommended by my primary care doctor and rheumatologist. I felt very comfortable with him and everything went fine."

- Doris 5/2/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain now."

- Barry 5/2/19

"The best thing I did was meeting Dr. Jenkins. He helped restore things I used to do like hiking, playing sports. It was a job well done."

- John 4/30/19

"Staff is very professional. Physical therapy is great."

- Carol 4/30/19

"Be patient and stay focused on your recovery."

- David 4/30/19

"Dr. Jenkins and his staff were very excellent. The surgery helped me so much and my recovery period was very short. Highly recommend Dr. Jenkins."

- Ruth 4/30/19

"Dr. Jenkins is incredible. Great bedside manner. He gave me back my life without pain. I am a RN and on my feet all day. That is from me, Dr. Jenkins is a great doctor."

- Paul 4/30/19

"Can’t say enough great things about Dr. Jenkins. If you are thinking about hip replacement, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Jenkins. I had both hips replaced and one year later everything is perfect. Dr. Jenkins made sure everything was perfect from the start of pre-op. The whole staff is very professional."

- Robert 4/30/19

"I recommend Dr. Jenkins."

- Tulia 4/30/19

"Dr. Jenkins has replaced my left hip and right knee and I feel so much better as a result. I am looking forward to having my right hip replaced in 2019 and my left knee in 2020. I have complete faith in Dr. Jenkins and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their quality of life."

-Steven 4/30/19

"This past year has been incredible! Nearly pain free and have been able to resume my life before knee problems. Two months post-op I brought my five year old twin grandchildren to my home for two weeks. It was non-stop and made wonderful memories. I was unstoppable. Thanks Dr. Jenkins and team."

-Sharon 4/25/19

"I would definitely and have recommended Dr. Jenkins. My friends who see how well I have done have also recommended him to people they know. He’s the best! He’s the best at this compared to others I know who had hip or knee surgery. Dr. Jenkins explained everything to expect with my hip replacement. Explained the Anterior approach and the benefits of this method. I knew I was in the best hands and my quick recovery proved it. Driving after a week and doing errands with pain - incredible results. So happy I was able to find Dr. Jenkins who did both hip and knee. Selected him based on his excellent reviews. Just love this doctor. He just did my left knee and will be doing my right knee."

-Marjorie 4/23/19

"Staff always kind and helpful. Dr. Jenkins was very knowledgeable and I felt confident in the care I received and would recommend Dr. Jenkins."

-Susan 4/2319

"I would not hesitate to use Dr. Jenkins again if needed and have already recommended him to others."

-Patricia 4/23/19

"Dr. Jenkins wants his patients to return to an active lifestyle as soon as possible. I felt that he listened to my concerns and explained what each phase of the hip replacement would look like. I would recommend Dr. Jenkins for any Orthopedic procedure."

-Toni 4/23/19

"I felt like I was in great hands from my first visit. Dr. Jenkins really took the time to answer all my questions and put me at ease. I will definitely recommend him to anyone I know who is having knee surgery."

-Penny 4/23/19

"Dr. Jenkins was very thorough, exuded confidence and made me feel at ease. I had an excellent result with minimum pain."

-Sally 4/23/19

"Excellent Doctor and medical care."

-Elaine 4/23/19

"Very glad to find Dr. Jenkins."

-Robin 4/23/19

"As a surgeon I can only say being it was my 1st. Experience, that I would recommend Dr. Jenkins to others."

-Diane 4/22/19

"Very knowledgable, professional and courteous."

-Frank 4/16/19

"Highly recommend."

-Christopher 4/16/19

"Now, with almost two full years on my right hip replacement and six months on the left hip replacement, I am happy to report that I have full strength once again. I recommend this procedure to those seeking the same."

-Paul 4/11/19

"Skillfully, caring, friendly."

-Christine 4/11/19

"My total hip replacement went fantastic. I had very little pain and regained all my mobility in a few short months. I wish I had made this decision sooner."

-Peter 4/11/19

"So glad I was referred to Dr. Jenkins for my hip surgery. Everything went smoothly and my surgery was a great success. I will not hesitate to get a second one done with Dr. Jenkins."

-Lori 4/9/19

"Dr. Jenkins was professional and thorough. He did a wonderful job on my knee and its 2nd revision. I am now pain free."

- Susan 4/8/19

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins to everyone. From the first meeting I felt as if I had known him forever. He focused on me and the issues I was having. I went from hardly walking and severe pain to feeling wonderful. Dr. Jenkins has so much compassion for his patients."

-Katharine 4/4/19

"Very Happy with results, highly recommend Dr. Jenkins to everyone."

-Steven 4/2/19

"Amazing how surgery gets rid of the pain. I can do absolutely anything I want now."

-Susan 4/2/19

"I feel Dr. Jenkins and his staff were invested in the outcome of my surgery. I feel the physical therapy at Kettle Point was excellent. Once I was released from physical therapy, It would have been helpful to have more follow up on my progress, or perhaps a more gradual release from PT."

-Michaela 3/28/19

"Dr. Jenkins is amazing. From start to finish I felt great confidence that all would go well and it did. I recommend him to everyone I meet with a hip or knee problem. I have my hip and life back because of him."

-Judith 3/28/19

"He is a great surgeon. Very thorough and patient. I have recommended him to other friends."

-Debra 3/28/19

"Very professional, explained everything to me. I healed much quicker then when I had my left hip replacement in 2010."

-Joanne 3/28/19

"The care I received was excellent. I feel 20 years younger. I can exercise, dance, live pain free. I highly recommend UO and Dr. Jenkins to get your life back on track!"

-Mariann 3/28/19

"I felt Dr. Jenkins was an excellent practitioner and he did an excellent job."

-Susanne 3/25/19

"I appreciated his straight forwardness. It was most assuring. I felt that could rely on what he said about the surgery and the aftermath."

-William 3/19/19

"Did a great job. Thank you."

-Laura 3/19/19

"Surgery went great. Hospital and nurses were great! PT and visiting nurse were great!"

-Michael 3/19/19

"Nursing care very good. Hospital care good. Follow up good."

-Melvin 3/19/19

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone contemplating hip surgery."

-Anna 3/26/19

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins. Informative and easy to talk to. Not intimidating and doesn't mind questions."

-Diane 3/26/19

"I am an 83 year old woman who was back driving within 4 weeks after surgery. Dr. Jenkins did an amazing job. After 2 weeks in rehab I did not need additional PT. I had full range of motion when i went to have my stables removed."

-Geraldine 3/26/19

"Staff is great."

-Suzanne 3/18/19

"Dr. Jenkins is an excellent surgeon. I have recommended him and UO to my friends, relatives and anyone who asks about knee problems."

-Christopher 3/11/19

"Within a week I was walking without a cane and within a month I feel better than ever. I now race after my grandchildren and fly up and down stairs. Previously could barely walk up and down stairs. Highly recommend Dr. Jenkins."

-Ann Marie 3/14/19

"He is very meticulous."

-Susan 3/12/19

"Already have recommend Dr. Jenkins to 5 other people who have had surgery."

-Cheryl 3/5/19

"I delayed hip replacement for a long time because I feared all the pain of the post-operation period. In fact, my pain was absolutely minimal. With medication my post op pain never exceeded 3 on a scale of 10, and was at a 2 after a couple of days and only needed a good dose of tylenol. Hip hip is almost as good as new."

-Edward 3/5/19

"Dont wait - Do it! Life changing."

-Pamela 3/5/19

" I was in a great amount of pain. Not able to function. The procedure was expensive but I made a great recovery and have full motion back."

- Marie 3/21/19

"I certainly would recommend Dr. Jenkins. I gave your contact to three of my friends already!"

- Aminata 3/21/19

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins."

- Louis 3/21/19

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins."

- Sandra 2/28/19

"The surgery itself went well. No infection or any other post operative complications."

- Jeanne 2/28/19

"I would absolutely recommend Dr. Jenkins to others. He explained everything thoughtfully and carefully and had a caring approach."

- Elizabeth 2/28/19

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins."

- Jose 2/28/19

"Recovery was tough, as predicted by Dr. Jenkins. I didn’t need narcotics post surgery. Care was excellent, and response times were prompt. Great staff, great surgeon."

- Eve 3/4/19

"Dr. Jenkins is what you call a perfectionist in what he does. You know that you are in good hands with him."

- Lois 2/26/19

"From the initial meetings, and through the surgery, and then post surgery, I became increasingly confident that I was receiving excellent care from Dr. Jenkins and all the staff at University."

- David 2/26/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Mark 2/26/19

"I am glad I had the surgery."

- Linda 2/26/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Karen 2/26/19

"Dr. Jenkins was very thorough."

- Nancy 2/19/19

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins and in 100% less pain than before the surgery."

- James 2/14/19

"Dr. Jenkins was very caring, explained everything from start to finish as to what to expect."

- James 2/14/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Deborah 2/14/19

"Dr. Jenkins is a great doctor. He did a great job doing my knee replacement. He answered all of my questions and made me feel I could trust him."

- Felipe 2/14/19

"I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins. He is very caring and attentive to his patients. I know I can contact him if I am having issues with my hip."

- Betty 2/12/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Nancy 2/12/19

"I am very satisfied with the results, and courteous staff. If I had 3 hips, I would see Dr. Jenkins again."

- James 2/12/19

"Dr. Jenkins and his team are so focused on the success of their patients. So grateful for their expertise and follow through. I have two great knees as proof."

- Nancy 2/12/19

"Dr. Jenkins is very smart and looks at the problem from every angle. He wants the surgery to help the most."

- Dylan 2/12/19

"My decision to have this surgery was the best choice ever. Dr. Jenkins is an amazing person. He explained everything clearly and has a great bedside manner. I have referred two friends to him and they are very happy with him as well."

- Deborah 2/12/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Heather 2/12/19

"I am eternally grateful to Dr. Jenkins for recommending hip replacement surgery for me. Since the surgery, my quality of life has greatly improved."

- Kim 2/11/19

"Dr. Jenkins was very thorough and I am glad I had him and his team do the surgery. I waited as long as I could before I decided it was time. It has been a long time since I have not been in pain and it feels fantastic. I am able to do things everyday things with ease like a healthy person and that made this worth it. Thank you so very much."

- Fayette 2/11/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Cherel 2/5/19

" Very pleased with Dr. Jenkins and his staff. Would recommend him to everyone who needs knee surgery."

- Paulette 2/5/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Roberta 2/5/19

"He was very precise and took time to answer any questions I had and explained all options. The care I received was excellent."

- Edward 2/5/19

"My experience was very good with a quick recovery from surgery."

- Harold 2/5/19

"I was extremely pleased with the outcome of all three surgeries Dr. Jenkins performed. My quality of life has improved tremendously."

- Wendy 2/5/19

"Dr. Jenkins is an excellent caregiver and improves his patients’ strength."

- Sarah 2/5/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Ellen 2/5/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Beverly 2/5/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Kelly 2/5/19

"A positive experience and my pain is gone. Rehab worked well. Everyone was professional and I am pleased with the results."

- Marie 2/5/19

"Dr. Jenkins is a kind and thorough doctor. My surgery healed well. He is thoughtful and has excellent staff working for him. I would recommend him to a family member or friend."

- Carol 1/31/19

"Knee surgery was a good experience. I received terrific care from Dr. Jenkins and his staff. My knee feels great and doesn’t hold me back from hiking in the woods and kayaking. Thank you for everything."

- Denise 1/31/19

"Having my right knee done has allowed me to perform several activities in a normal manner without pain, including tennis and exercising."

- Robert 1/31/19

"I am feeling much better since having my surgery with Dr. Jenkins. After 2 years of walking on crutches, I can finally walk on my own. I would recommend Dr. Jenkins in the future."

- Parc 1/31/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- John 1/31/19

"I am pleased with Dr. Jenkins. He fully explained everything and I didn’t suffer any complications after surgery. All of the staff were professional and friendly."

- Kathleen 1/31/19

"Dr. Jenkins is an amazing surgeon. He made me feel calm and relaxed about going forward. I feel 100 times better now that I had the surgery and about to have my other knee done. I wouldn’t want anyone else to do the surgery."

- Joanne 1/31/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Sharon 1/29/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Lawrence 1/24/19

"I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins. It is wonderful to be able to walk and climb stairs with no pain."

- Sharon 1/22/19

"I have already recommended Dr. Jenkins to two other people and one is already scheduled for a hip replacement. I wish I had done these surgeries sooner."

- Patricia 1/22/19

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone. My quality of life has improved 100%."

- Daniel 1/22/19

"Dr. Jenkins is an amazing surgeon with great bedside manner. If I had to go through my procedures all over again I would still choose Dr. Jenkins."

- Lori 1/22/19

"Dr. Jenkins and his staff are great. One-year post op knee replacement and have zero problems. Thanks everyone for a great job."

- Patricia 1/22/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Ada 1/22/19

"Outstanding work by Dr. Jenkins. My hip is vastly better and my quality of life improved as well. He was very thorough and reassuring pre-op and my results are excellent. I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins for hip replacement."

- Richard 1/22/19

"I am very pleased with outcome. In addition my retirement is better. I can work outside, walk up and down stairs and work on my hobby – making wine."

-Ronald 1/22/19

"My experience with Dr. Jenkins was fantastic. He was the best surgeon. His staff is very helpful and professional. I am very happy to have my surgery with University Orthopedics. I would do it again if the need ever arised."

- Lisa 1/22/19

"I am back to normal and able to go about my daily routine without issue. I am able to walk without a limp."

- Ken 1/17/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Martha 1/15/19

"I recommended Dr. Jenkins. I am glad I had the surgery and I am in no pain."

- Janis 1/15/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Gail 1/15/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Brain 1/15/19

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins. He is a great surgeon. I am very pleased with the outcome. He is personable and caring."

- Joan 1/15/19

"I do feel much better. My overall experience was positive."

- Dorothy 1/15/19

"Very good doctor. I would recommend Dr. Jenkins to my family and friends. I had knee surgery and the scar isn’t noticeable."

- Janice 1/10/19

"Very good care. Very understanding. Simply the best service."

-Ken 1/10/19

"I am extremely grateful for the quality of care I received from Dr. Jenkins."

- Cummings 1/10/19

"Dr. Jenkins is very patient. He addressed all of my concerns, however minor they were."

- Geraldine 1/10/19

"I am amazed at how well my hip replacement turned out. Dr. Jenkins is an amazing doctor and I will recommend him to my family and friends. I have total confidence in Dr. Jenkins and University Orthopedics. I cannot believe how easy and quick the recovery was, and the pain is totally gone on that side."

- Nina 1/10/19

"Thank god I found a doctor that took great care of me. I should have gone to Dr. Jenkins in the first place. If I ever needed more surgery, I would only go back to Dr. Jenkins. I would recommend him to anyone. Great doctor."

- Rosa 1/8/19

"Dr. Jenkins is a highly skilled surgeon who is very careful about possible infections or complications."

- Kay 1/8/19

"Best decision I made was to have both of my hip and knee done. I have recommended Dr. Jenkins to a friend and he had his knee done by Dr. Jenkins."

- Carol 1/8/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Robert 1/8/19

"I could have waited to have the surgery until the knee got worse and I appreciate that Dr. Jenkins encouraged me to have it when I did.

- Roberta 1/8/19

"I am absolutely glad I made the decision to have knee replacement surgery. I am also very happy with my choice of Dr. Jenkins. He made me feel very comfortable and confident throughout this journey."

- Susanna 1/8/19

"Best surgeon. I can’t say enough about the ease of surgery. The staff and hospital was great. Had knees and hip replaced, and it was easy. Thank you Dr. Jenkins."

- Donna 1/4/19

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Andrew 1/3/19

"Great, knowledgeable doctor with impressive results. Excellent bedside manner."

- Diana 12/20/18

"I was in uncontrollable pain when I met Dr Jenkins. He is very honest with me and I knew what to expect. We were so amazed at the results and recuperation was so much better than we expected."

- Robert 12/20/18

"Dr. Jenkins was very thorough and encouraging."

- Patricia 12/20/18

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Diana 12/20/18

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins. Very good experience all the way around."

- Diana 12/20/18

"I am glad I had the surgery and in less pain than before the surgery."

- Carol 12/20/18

"Did a first rate job replacing a hip and a knee. Good result from each operation."

-Paul 10/11/18

"Highly recommend this surgeon. Dr. Jenkins was awesome."

-Judith 10/11/18

"Dr. Jenkins has made my life a lot better. By doing the surgery I’m pain free now in my left knee."

-John 10/11/18

"He’s very professional, polite and caring. A good sense of humor. Knows what he is doing. Already recommend Dr. Jenkins and would do so again and again."

-Thomas 10/4/18

"Great doctor. Really helped my problem and pain."

-Frederick 10/4/18

"Dr. Jenkins was very caring and concerned about recovery and follow up."

-Michael 9/27/18

"Dr. Jenkins is incredibly talented, smart, self-confident, and compassionate. I feel fortunate to have had him as my surgeon."

-Kimberly 10/2/18

"Great outcome. Fabulous care throughout. I have referred four close friends who have also been thrilled with their care."

-Richard 9/27/18

"Put my mind at ease. Reassured me about surgery. Listens and talks about concerns I had."

-Linda 9/27/18

"Would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins. I love him and already have recommended him many times."

-Elaine 9/25/18

"The whole experience with university orthopedics and Dr. Jenkins was superb from beginning to now. Dr. Jenkins was great to work with. He explained the procedure and followup thoroughly and answered all my questions. I would strongly recommend Dr. Jenkins."

-Ronald 9/25/18

"I adore my new knee. I have a new life. Nothing is a chore anymore. No pain. Dr. Jenkins is a miracle worker."

-Marie 9/25/18

"The care was very good!"

-Patricia 9/20/18

"Dr. Jenkins provided all the information I needed to decide to have the partial knee replacement surgery. Post surgery care and physical therapy at University Orthopedics was great."

-Stephen 9/20/18

"I was able to get up that evening. Pain was not an issue in the hospital. It’s great to have the new hip and especially being able to put my own socks on and swim in the ocean without waves bothering my hip."

-Jean 9/20/18

"After a very successful result from a left hip replacement by Dr. Jenkins I scheduled him to do the other hip 2 years later and the same successful results."

-Maurice 9/20/18

"Friendly and looked trustworthy. Felt comfortable with him."

-Ernest 9/18/18

"Staff was wonderful. Long wait but worth it. Dr. was always smiling."

-Suzanne 9/18/18

"The surgery went well and I left the hospital the next day. A complication arose and it was handled quickly. The doctor and his staff diagnosed the issue and put everything back on track. Six months later and I am very happy. The surgery made a world of difference since I have Parkinson’s Disease."

-William 9/18/18

"I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins and his staff for their caring and support through this major surgery."

-Rose 9/18/18

"Dr. Jenkins is worth waiting for. He is an excellent surgeon and I have recommended him to many, many people. I wouldn’t go to anyone else."

-Elizabeth 9/13/18

" "I wish that I knew about Dr. Jenkins before my first knee surgery."

-Christopher 9/11/18

"Life changing surgery. Walking pain free for the first time in 15 years."

-Harold 9/11/18

"Great surgery! My hips have no pain at all and are working normally. The pain protocol he used was fantastic. No heavy duty pain killers were needed. I recommend Dr. Jenkins! Recovery time was quick too. Dr. Jenkins is very nice and very professional in his approach to patients."

-Samuel 9/6/18

"Anterior approach is wonderful. I don't think I would have liked the recovery phase of posterior or lateral approach. I was off assistant devices in three weeks. I am pain free essentially with only some muscle and soft tissue tightness that is to be expected. Thank you."

-Susan 9/6/18

"Arranged to see me and get my surgery done in record time. Surgery was the best decision I could have made regarding my bad hip. Wish I had done it earlier. Highly recommend."

-Laura 8/30/18

"Great doctor! Very concern for his patients well being."

-Geraldine 8/28/18

"Dr. Jenkins is very caring. He didn't rush surgery. Did injections and physical therapy and when those didn't work the surgery was done. I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins."

-Linda 8/28/18

"I would most definitely refer Dr. Jenkins. He and his staff are wonderful."

-Karen 8/28/18

"I am very happy to have been a patient of Dr. Jenkins and his staff. My quality of life has changed tremendously from Jan to now. My activity level has increased due to the skill of the surgeon and my healing process had no complications."

-Priscilla 8/28/18

"Answered all my questions and was very helpful."

-Sandra 8/21/18

"Will definitely recommend Dr. Jenkins."

-Maria 8/21/18

"I am very glad I had the surgery. I was not aware of how many adjustments I had made in my life to work around the pain and movement limitations until after I recovered from the surgery and could move freely again."

-A patient 8/21/18

"I certainly would recommend Dr. Jenkins. Dr. Jenkins was able to fix the results of a bad hip replacement by another doctor and make it much better. I am walking and doing everything much better."

-Marcia 8/21/18

"I am very pleased with the results of the hip replacement performed by Dr. Jenkins."

- Mark 8/21/18

"Very professional. One of the best decisions I have made."

-Matthew 8/14/18

"Very capable and congenial doctor. If I need his services again I wouldn't hesitate to see him!"

-James 8/14/18

"I have told everyone about the excellent care I have received from Dr. Jenkins and highly recommend him and his staff."

-Suzanne 8/9/18

"I would and have recommended Dr. Jenkins to others. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Jenkins and his team. I have had both knees replaced and I felt like a new person. My recovery went great. I had forgotten what it was like to walk with no pain. Best decision I ever made."

-Linda 8/9/18

"Dr. Jenkins is very thorough and from my experience technically very skilled. I am happy to recommend him. "

-Martin 8/7/18

"Extremely professional. Scar is practically invisible. Wonderful staff."

-Susan 8/7/18

"Dr. Jenkins is very professional. Did a wonderful job on my TRH. Surgery uneventful. Recovered well. Great care. Highly recommend Dr. J and University Orthopedics."

- Victoria 8/2/18

"I would absolutely recommend Dr. Jenkins. His confidence, professionalism and experience made me feel confident and comforable throughout my whole journey."

- Susanna 7/24/18

"I am pretty much pain free six and a half months after surgery. I play doubles tennis once a week and walk 18 holes of golf twice a week. Going up and down stairs gets better every week. Thank you Dr. Jenkins."

- Robert 7/24/18

"Dr. Jenkins did a great job. I healed fast and had very little discomfort."

- Elizabeth 7/24/18

"Dr. Jenkins is one of the most kind and caring doctors I have seen. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone having hip problems. He is very responsive to any questions. I would have this surgery again in a heartbeat but only with him!"

- Betty 7/17/18

"Work was expertly done, very efficient and affordable. Follow ups are timely."

- Brian 7/17/18

"Dr. Jenkins had done a great job. Excellent care, very knowledgable and staff was wonderful and caring."

- Joan 7/17/18

"Highly recommend Dr. Jenkins! Dr. Jenkins has given me my life back!"

- Ernest 7/12/18

"Dr. Jenkins gave me my quality life back. Before I had surgery my hips felt 90 years old on many days. Now they feel 30ish. So thankful for the 60 years back."

- Marybeth 7/12/18

"Best ortho doctor I ever had. My brother-in-law and girlfriend now go to him. Wish I met him five years earlier."

- Donald 7/12/18

"Dr. Jenkins is a great surgeon. Glad I was referred to him for my knee replacement. I have a lot less pain. Great office staff."

- Patrica 7/10/18

"I am thrilled with the results I have had from the surgery performed by Dr. Jenkins. The entire experience was positive and the outcome exceeds my highest expectations. I am pain free and able to function exceptionally well."

- Richard 7/10/18


- Kenneth 7/10/18

"Dr. Jenkins listens and responds to my concerns. Always explains so I understand waht is going on and what to expect. I was pleased that my leg length was not a problem."

- Roberta 7/10/18

"Life is so much better!"

- Jean 7/10/18

"Easy surgery, quick recovery and almost no pain!"

- Brian 7/10/18

"I received excellent care before and after the surgery. My physical therapy was excellent."

- Linda 7/10/18

"I think my surgery was done expertly. Dr. Jenkins is a fine surgeon. The recovery was slow for me but I know my knee is getting stronger and better everyday."

- Susan 7/5/18

"So glad I did not wait to have my hip replaced. I'm too young to be held back by constant pain. Within two months of the procedure I was more mobile than ever."

- John 6/28/18

"I already have been recommending others to Dr. Jenkins."

- Heather 2/2/18

"Great experience! Like I have a new knee. No Pain!"

- Richard 7/3/18

"Very pleased with the doctor and staff. Definately would recommend to others."

- Elaine 7/3/18

" This was the third surgery I had with Dr. Jenkins. All surgeries were successful and don't regret any part of the process. Dr. Jenkins and staff were fantastic. Don't hesitate to refer him to family and friends."

- Wendy 6/26/18

" Dr. Jenkins answered all questions and listes to suggestions regarding care. Fabulous surgeon and surgical crew."

- Eleanor 6/26/18

"Making the decision to have a total knee replacement should not be taking lightly. However, it will give you the quality of life you long for and choosing Dr. Jenkins will ensure excellent care from pre to post surgery."

- Joanna 7/19/18

"I had a hip replacement in 2017 and a knee replacement in 2018 and both surgeries were great. Dr. Jenkins was great. He spent time with me before the surgery and came to visit me in the hospital."

- Deborah 7/19/18

"The level of care from desk to doctor was A+. Everyone cared how I was feeling. Dr. Jenkins was great explaining things."

- Steve 7/7/17

"Dr. Jenkins was highly recommended to me and I would definitely recommend him to others in needs of knee replacement surgery."

- Jane 2/9/18

"Dr. Jenkins was understanding, concerned for patients well-being, professional, clear, insightful, and perfromed excellent work."

- Andrew 12/4/17

"Living pain free for the first time in two years. Thanks Dr. Jenkins!"

- Donald 7/14/17

"Excellent care!"

- Mark 12/18/17

"I needed surgery due to a broken hip from a fall. Easy surgery and easy recovery. Dr. Jenkins takes the time to answer questions and is very confident in his ability to have successful outcomes."

- Veronica 5/19/17

"Everything went very well. I recommend the therapy following the surgery. Dr. Jenkins and staff were great. I highly recommend them."

- Richard 11/20/17

"Very knowledgeable. Fantastic Doctor. University Orthopedics was wonderful."

- Diane 6/26/17

"Dr. Jenkins and the team at University Orthopedics did an amazing job. I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins for hip replacement surgery. My pain is completely gone. Thank you!"

- Deborah 1/8/18

"I am very happy with Dr. Jenkins care and the hip replacement process was remarkably smooth at Miriam Hospital. I have already recommended him to others."

- Christohper 10/30/17

"So glad I had this surgery. It was allowed me to do all the things I enjoy again with no pain!"

- Charlene 4/21/17

"Excellent surgeron, concerned and caring. Provided adequate pain management support post-op which was greatly appreciated."

- Katherine 5/26/17

"Dr. Jenkins is an exceptionally skilled surgeon who shows genuine concern for his patients both before and after surgery. My recovery went extremely well and I have full use of my knee without any pain or discomfort.

- Mary 5/22/17

"I recommend Dr. Jenkins without reservation for his expertise in knee replacement surgery. It is especially important to know he cares about his patients and their recovery!"

- Earl 5/5/17

"For those facing a joint revision, Dr. Jenkins must be considered. He replaced an implant that had been broken into three pieces preventing walking. Full recovery and full use at 68 years old!"

- John 1/24/18

"My hip replacement was such a big success! I am pleased at the quality of my surgery and care at the hospital. Dr. Jenkins is a highly skilled doctor and University Orthopedics has been nothing less than wonderful. Staff was competent, friendly, and accomendating. I would recommend Dr. Jenkins and University Orthopedics to anyone considering a joint replacement."

- Leeann 12/11/17

"Would recommend to friends and family."

- Jose 7/10/17

"Very knowledgeable and wise physician that provides service with care."

- George 7/5/17

"Would definitely recommend Dr. Jenkins and staff. I was very apprehensive before my hip replacement but I will not have my other hip done soon based on my experience!"

- Patricia 7/10/17

"I would definitely recommend Dr. Jenkins."

- Ann 8/4/17

"Very happy with the results. Very impressed with Dr. Jenkins's expertise."

- Keith 9/20/17

"Dr. Jenkins is an excellent physician. I recovered from my surgery in a short amount of time and I now have virtually no pain."

- Emidio 6/9/17

"I recommend the surgery."

- Daniele 10/30/17

"I had a great experience. Dr. Jenkins is awesome."

- Lynn 4/17/17

"My hip replacement surgery was life altering. Best decision I ever made."

- Diane 12/11/17

"The care and expertise as a surgeon with Dr. Jenkins has been very satisfactory. He is very thorough throughout the entire surgical process from diagnosis to recovery."

- Brenda 5/18/17

"Was in pain for 3 years. Prior to hip replacement little did I know the pain would be gone day after operation. Should have gone sooner. Thank you Dr. Jenkins."

- Thomas 11/17/17

"Last year I could not walk at all and was in extreme pain. Since surgery, I walk normally and have no pain at all. I feel wonderful."

- Barbara 11/1/17

"He is a great docotor and very caring."

- Maria 5/8/17

"I am very pleased with Dr. Jenkins. It is hard to find a great physician who is both caring and takes pride in his work. Dr. Jenkins was very knowledgable, took the time to fully educate himself with ny situation. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jenkins."

- Ronald

"He gave me back my active lifestyle. Within 5 months I was back to hiking! I would not recommend any other doctor other than Dr. Jenkins."

- Nicholas 11/27/17

"I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins. He is the best! I was in pain for years and now I am no longer thanks to him. Everyone during the process was professional, caring, and respected Dr. Jenkins just as I do."

- Marie 11/10/17

"Dr. Jenkins corrected a significant leg length disparity caused by the original hip replacement surgery, which was causing debilitating pain. I am very gateful for his expertise which resulted in a greated outcome."

- Karen 4/26/17

"Flawless surgery and recovery. So happy to be pain free."

- Andrea 4/7/17

"Very pleasant docotor."

- Joan 11/17/17

"Caring and attentive docotor and staff. Very happy with my new kneee."

- Patricia 4/17/17

"I wish I had done this sooner. The care was wonderful and the pain is basically gone."

- Sharon 5/1/17

"Dr. Jenkins is a great doctor. I was very worried about having the surgery but he walked me through it and was very understanding and kind. He has taken exceptional care of me. I will be getting the right side done ASAP. I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone thinking about having surgery.

- Robert 10/20/17

"Friendly and professional; enthusiastic and to the point. Beautiful stiching left the scare hardly noticeable."

- Allan 5/5/17

"Very happy with the result."

- Rita 6/12/17

"I am 88 years old and I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. I am able to resume all my activities. I have already recommended him to others."

- Louise 5/5/17

"I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins. He is a wonderful docotor and his team is so good at what they do."

- Jeanine 10/20/17

"Totally satisfied with surgery and follow ups. Dr. Jenkins is top notch in my book and through my work I have had the pleasure to recommend him. I thank Dr. Jenkins every day for the great job he did on my hip. 6 months later I am still pain free and my mobility is good."

- Ingrid 10/23/17

"The surgery was a perfect solution to the proble."

- Donald 5/1/17

"I am absolutely free of pain now in my right knee. The surgery went smoothly and I would go back to Dr. Jenkins again."

- Judith 10/16/17

"Very professional and thorough."

- Susan 1/27/17

"Dr. Jenkins had previously done a difficult operation on my right hip with a very good results. My left knee was a chronic problem and he did a fine job replacing it."

- Paul 10/20/17

"If you are thinking about having surgery, get it done by Dr. Jenkins. He is amazing from first to last appointment."

- Charles 3/24/17

"Everyone is great!"

- Patricia 4/10/17

"He's the greatest!"

- Susan 5/19/17

"Great care! Doctor and associates were wonderful through the whole process. I am now pain free and living life again."

- Dean 10/2/17

"Dr. Jenkins was very helpful, good sense of humor, returned my calls during the process."

- Philip 3/28/17

"Very compassionate. Listens to you and answers questions. Great surgeon."

- Deborah 3/31/17

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins. Excellent care and concern about his patients. Very thorough after surgery and caring."

- Michael

"I had a very smooth recovery post-surgical placement of my right hip. I was going up stairs 2 days later with no problem. I returned to work and working out at my gym one month post surgery and feel great."

- Laurie 3/27/17

"Thorough care. Very professional. Best at what he does. I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone contemplating hip replacement surgery."

- James 4/28/17

"I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins."

- Patricia 9/11/17

"I am finally able to walk long distances again without pain. I am recommending him to people who could benefit from this expert."

- Carole 4/28/17

"The best care pre and post-op. He is accesible and caring. Outstanding results."

- Richard 10/2/17

"Surgery went smoothly. New kneww works well. Dr. Jenkins explained procedure and expectations. I have recommended him to people."

- Susan 8/14/17

"I would definitely recommend Dr. Jenkins. He is the best and had no complaints."

- Janice

"I would recommend to others. I had very little pain. Dr. Jenkins was available for questions."

- Michael 7/31/17

"Don't put off the surgery. You will feel so much better and your quality of life will improve tremedously."

- Steven 3/3/17

"Great surgeon! Replaced two hips, no pain to speak of just stiffness. Walked out day after surgeries and back to normal two and half weeks later on each hip. Highly recommend Dr. Jenkins."

- Samuel 8/21/17

"I was very pleased with the procedure and with the follow up visits."

- Mary 3/13/17

"Excellent surgeon with top notch resident doctors. Physical therapy was excellent."

- Marilyn 10/4/17

"Dr. Jenkins is awesome, caring and he explains things so you understand. Great experience!"

- Charles 11/10/17

"Attentive to my concerns. Dr. Jenkins spent time to explain the procedures and recovery. I was happy with the home PT and very impressed by the University Orthopedic PT center.

- Marjoire 11/17/17

"Dr. Jenkins is an excellent surgeon and very thourough and professional."

- Maria 8/30/17

"I thought Dr. Jenkins was modern in thought and process. He was open to new ideas and let me out of the hospital in 24 hours which helped my surgery both mentally and physically.

- Elizabeth 4/7/17

"He was very professional."

- Charles 8/14/17

"Great Doctor."

- Frederick 11/15/17

"Had surgery and live pain free."

- David 3/28/17

"Caring, competent and a good listener"

- Russell 3/10/17

"Very competent surgeon. He said that he could help me and he did. Miriam Hospital was wonderful. 2 1/2 days and I was home with walker. Walking without a cane in 2 months. PT at Butler twice a week with Chris Gomez was essential."

- Peter 10/4/17

"I would recommend him. He will be my surgeon for right hip."

- Carol 3/6/17

"I certainly would recommend Dr. Jenkins for his skill, professionalism, knowledge and personal manner."

- Dolores 1/23/17

"I had a lot of pain from a previous hip replacement surgery. Dr. Jenkins recommended and replaced part of the implant and reduced my leg length, thus relieving the pain in my hip as well as the pain in my knee and back. He is wonderful and was very patient with me. I would highly recommend him!"

- Marcia 8/23/17

"Great staff, great bed side manner. Dr. Jenkins can cut me open anytime!"

- Steven 1/20/16

"I've had both knees replaced and it has allowed me to enjoy life. Thank you Dr. Jenkins!"

- James 1/12/17

"I am very happy with the care I received from Dr. Jenkins and Miriam Hospital. My life has improved greatly since my surgery. I would recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone facing hip surgery."

- Patricia 2/6/17

"Dr. Jenkins was very helpful, attentive, and caring about explaining his concerns of my injury. I thank him very much."

- Elson

"I found him to be very easy to talk to. He was very good talking to my family. I really feel he did a great job with my surgery. I would highly recommend him and have."

- Jane 12/9/17

"Dr. Jenkins is extremely professional and compassionate. He understood exactly why my hip was causing me to limp. After a hip replacement I no longer have pain or a limp."

- Patricia 7/10/17

"I felt very confident in Dr. Jenkins ability to rectify the problem and he did. I can walk with ease, go up and down stairs and function well on a daily basis. The quality of my life has improved as a result of the surgery."

- Gloria 10/16

"I have recommended Dr. Jenkins. My surgery and recovery very well. He is very reassuring, answers questions and leaves you confident going into surgery."

- Susan 8/14/17

"I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone having a replacement. My knee feels great. Very happy with the time spent to answer any question I had. I can't wait to have my other knee done."

- Linda 6/2/17

"Kind, concerned, and very careful with drugs because I am on chemo. He was exceedingly on top of my personal situation"

- Sandra 2/13/17

"The whole experience was better than expected. The care was attentive and excellent."

- Kathleen 1/9/17

"Super Job! Very Happy!"

- Patricia 6/16/17

"My experience with Dr. Jenkins was exceptional! He is meticulous and thorough. I felt completely confident going into surgery and had a realistic idea of what to expect! I have had a great post surgery outcome! One year later I am virtually pain fee!"

- Rosemary 12/30/16

"Excellent Care and surgery with no pain. I have recommended Dr. Jenkins to Others."

- Maryann 1/6/17

"When he walks in the room, I feel immediate relief as I know I'm in the best hands possible. He is very reassuring and has good bedside manner."

- Joanna 8/4/17

"Dr. Jenkins is compassionate, medically thorough and has improved my quality of life with less pain."

- Carolyn 6/7/17

"I've already recommended Dr. Jenkins to a friend. Dr. Jenkins explained everything in detail prior to surgery and was very compassionate."

- Carol 6/16/17

"Went from pain and cane to walking without pain. Well worth the surgery and rehab. I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone in need."

- Gloria 12/30/16

"I couldn't be more satisfied with Dr. Jenkins care and skill. He has earned my trust and respect."

- Robin 6/30/17

"Great ortho surgeon, great bedside manner, great at listening, great at explaining. WOW!"

- Carol 12/19/16

"Everything went well - Better than expected."

- Karen 1/6/17

"Pre and post op care was excellent. Since this was my first surgery I was very apprehensive initially, but soon realized I had nothing to worry about."

- Delores 11/13/17

" I consider my surgery a complete success. I have referred many people to Dr. Jenkins which is a reflection of my total confidence in his skills as a surgeon."

- Patricia 12/12/16

"I feel that Dr. Jenkins is an exceptionally skilled surgeon who shows a great deal of concern for his patients both before and after their surgery."

- Mary 5/22/17

"Dr. Jenkins is thorough, efficient, personable, and a very talented surgeon. He was receptive to my post-op concerns and realistic with pain management alternatives. I am pleased with the results of my TKR and my enhanced mobility."

- Katherine

"I'm very pleased with the operation. I like coming here.

- Emily 12/12/16

"Dr. Jenkins was easy to talk to, provided great results, and the office people were great to deal with."

- Stephen 7/7/17

"My experience from pre-op to post-op PT was very positive. Dr. Jenkins and his team made the process as seamless as possible. I am very grateful to have full mobility."

- Adrienne 12/16/16

"Professional, methodical and explains the process and procedure very well."

- Lee 5/22/17

"Dr. Jenkins was a courteous, knowledgable and caring surgeon. The post-op care was excellent."

- Walter 1/6/17

"It was the best plan to have my hip replaced. I have my life back and I can do just about everything."

- Karen 12/16/16

"Following right hip replacement surgery I have less pain and increased mobility. I feel younger and stronger."

- Paul 5/8/17

"I would recommend anyone to come and see Dr. Jenkins. I think he is the best."

- Janice 4/3/17

"Dr. Jenkins is an excellent surgeon who cares about his patients."

- Emidio 6/9/17

"Dr. Jenkins is very professional and answered all my questions in detail."

- Patricia 11/21/16

"Surgeon done in a timely fashion. Excellent post-op care."

- Patricia 4/10/17

"Very expert surgeon. Genuine care overall. Very satisfactory result and experience."

- Mary 12/12/16

"Great surgeon. He cares about his patients and I have recommended him to others"

- Susan 7/6/17

"Dr. Jenkins was very professional. He cares about his patients and is up to date on all the new technology."

- Albert 10/28/16

"Dr. Jenkins did a great job. My knee joint was strong, tight and pain free right away. My only regret was not having surgery sooner as I had stressed out all my surrounding tendons prior to surgery and that was painful and slowed my recovery, but now 5 months out I feel really good. My back even feels better due to an even walking gait now."

- Daniel 6/15/17

"My knee replacement gave me my life back. My activity was very compromised before surgery and now I am very active again. I walked my first 5k the week of my 6 month check up. Dr. Jenkins and his staff were supportive and professional."

- Ann Marie 11/7/16

"I will and I have recommended Dr. Jenkins to others. I was looking for a Dr. who specialized in knees and hip surgery. Dr. Jenkins fit the bill. He is a technical engineer when he is doing his surgery. Dr. Jenkins wants his work to be correct and works very hard to make sure it happens. I have picked a good surgeon to take care of my hip and knees and I would not have it any other way."

- Carol 9/15/17

"Very professional and very thorough. Listens well. Surgery had no complications and healing went well. Very satisfied with treatment and results."

- David 10/14/16

"Dr. Jenkins did a wonderful job. I had very little pain."

- Barbara 5/15/17

"Dr. Jenkins is very professional and his care was great. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to have pain relief."

- Sharon 5/1/17

"Dr. Jenkins was very professional, candid and caring. I am very pleased he was my surgeon."

- Patricia 4/17/17

"Happy with my care. The staff was professional and caring."

- Clifford 10/21/16

"Very pleasant staff and enviroment. I highly recommend University Orthopedics to anyone needing this type of service."

- Gale 10/25/16

"Dr. Jenkins is the best."

- Mary 9/23/16

"Dr. Jenkins has a unqiue insight into the art of restoring functionality to a problem knee. His knowledge and care is obvious to patients and care-givers alike. I would, and do, recommend his expertise to others!"

- Earl 5/5/17

"Dr. Jenkins in superb. His recommendations were excellent and everything went very well."

- Donald 5/1/17

"Very pleased with the surgery. I highly recommend him."

- Louise 5/5/17

"Highly skilled surgeon. The knee replacement has enabled me to continue to enjoy a very actice lifestyle."

- David 3/28/17

"I feel as though Dr. Jenkins gave me real advice regarding my situation. It can be difficult to hear sometimes but he was straightforward and reassuring. It was deeply appreciated."

- David 3/24/17

"Highly recommend Dr. Jenkins. He explained the procedure and problem well and is current on surgical techniques."

- Virginia 10/21/16

"I am so happy I had the surgery. I am in no pain, I can do the things I enjoy and I feel strong again. No complications, excellent recovery!"

- Charlene 4/21/17

"I got my life back after having this surgery. I am so happy with the results!"

- Kenneth 11/28/16

"I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins for hip replacement! 14 weeks post surgery I rode my fastest 100 mile bike ride under 5 hours"

- Stephen 5/26/17

"Dr. Jenkins assured me there would be no pain after my surgery. He was right. I never had to take any pain medicine."

- Kathleen 10/31/16

"Dr. Jenkins is a caring, patient doctor who gives excellent care both pre-op and long term post op. He explains things in such a way that one can understand the procedure and the answers to whatever questions one might have had. Dr. Jenkins is a superb surgeon. He makes things "work right" again."

- Elizabeth 8/31/16

"Very attentive to my concerns. When I was concerned about the progress of my recovery Dr. Jenkins saw me right away. Dr. Jenkin's staff, PT, PA were all coordinated and responsive."

- Maureen 4/14/17

"Outstanding care from start to finish. Therapy was necessary. Dr. Jenkins was outstanding and caring."

- Alan 10/2/15

"I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins for his superb skill as a surgeon. My pain was negligable after surgery, only requiring Tylenol, and healing was very quick."

- Deborah 4/3/17

"Care from Dr. Jenkins was A++. Excellent surgeon and wonderful person"

- Rosemary 9/16/16

"I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins. His care and expertise were beyond my expectations. My left hip was replaced after a fracture; it is hard to believe it is not a natural hip. I never had any pain. Also, Dr. Jenkins is very congenial and friendly. I believe he makes ever patient feel special."

"I have recommended Dr. Jenkins to everyone that is thinking about hip or knee surgery. Excellent care."

- Linda

"Good judgement and good care. Surprisingly little pain in the procedure and recovery."

- Mary

"Three months after surgery I had my first hole-in-one playing golf! Dr. Jenkins is a patient and caring doctor."

- Nancy

"After falling at the gym and breaking my hip I had hip replacement. I went to PT for 4 weeks. I have full range of motion and I am back working out, doing weight-baring exercises at my gym. I have no problems performing any activities now that I could do prior to my surgery."

- Laurie

"He explained everything and answered my questions. I feel very comfortable with him and I found him to be a very good doctor."

- Mary

"Dr. Jenkins is an amazing professional. He is skilled, kind and brillant. I would have no problem giving him a refferal."

- Charles

"Very satisfied. Life is so much easier now."

- Shirley

"He is an excellent surgeon and had great bedside manner. I would recommend him always."

- Barbara

"Easy to talk to, very thorough, kept family posted and compasionate."

- Russel

"Best decision I made was to have hip replacement surgery. Thanks to Dr. Jenkins I am able to do a lot of things I was unable to do before the surgery."

- Carol

"Very satisfied with surgery and Dr. Jenkins."

- Ann

"Dr. Jenkins was very professional and his mannerisms were fantastic. He is up to date with the modern techniques. I would recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone who is looking to have surgery!"

- Albert

"Highly recommend Dr. Jenkins. He was very caring and did a great job on my knees."

- Patricia

"Surgery went well. Recovery was better than expected. Dr. Jenkins was great."

- Jane

"Dr. Jenkins and staff are excellent. I would recommend Dr. Jenkins for anyone who wants great care."

- Gayla

"When people ask me about my surgery and who my Dr. is I always have positive comments about Dr. Jenkins. He has changed my life for the better and he always has the best demeanor and up front with me about everything from the begining."

- Joyce

"Surgery was a huge success, I wish I had done it sooner. The recovery was not bad at all."

- Wendy

"I have reference Dr. Jenkins with pleasure to several people who need the surgery. Dr. Jenkins was extremely attentive and concerned with my medical issues and careful that I was getting the right treatment and medicine."

- Sandra

"Extremely pleased the surgery. Dr. took time to answer questions and reassured me. Very good with family after surgery and answering questions."

- Jane

"The left knee went so good. I have to have the right knee done now and I wouldn't let anyone else do it."

- Judith

"He gave me my life back."

- Geraldine

"Dr. Jenkins is great at what he does and makes you feel comfortable with the decision. I feel like he is more like a friend that wants the best for me then my doctor."

- Catherine

"I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins to other Patients. He has done wonders for me."

- Bridget

"Very thorough. Listened and patiently answered my many questions before and after surgery."

- Dolores

"Knee feels great after surgery. Best thing I could have done. Dr. Jenkins is excellent. I was in a lot of pain before surgery and pain is now gone. Thank you Dr. Jenkins."

- Russell

"Dr. Jenkins took as much time as needed to answer all of my questions and concerns before surgery. I would recommend Dr. Jenkins without reservation."

- Patricia

"I had a total hip replacement done by Dr. Derek Jenkins in December 2016. Every step of the process was seamless from my initial consults, PT and pain management prior to my surgery, my surgery and hospital experience at The Miriam Hospital, and post-op care. I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins who has excellent training, outstanding clinical and surgical experience and a great way with his patients. In addition, the entire team in the office, at The Miriam Hospital, PT and out-patient care was excellent. I was almost crippled before my operation and now I am cleared to do all the activities I love. Thank you Dr. Jenkins!"

- Adrienne 12/13/16

"Feel confident in his skills, ability and knowledge. Explains everything clearly. Very personable."

- Steven 7/20/16

"Dr. Jenkins was professional, listened well, sympathetic, up on new technology, and had great bedside manner."

- David 6/17/16

"I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone in pain and will continue to do so."

- Gloria 12/30/16

"He was through, explained the procedure well, and confident. Responded to pain concern post-op while in hospital. Kind bedside manner."

- Karen 12/16/16

"Excellent surgery - Knowledgable and approachable."

- Karen 1/6/17

"Appreciate hearing about the technology and engineering of the operation as it pertained to me."

- Anne 12/23/16

"I highly recommend Dr. Derek Jenkins who performed two knee replacements on me, three months apart. My knees were in "very bad shape" and now over 5 months out, I can walk without knee pain and I can bend my knees like normal. Dr. Jenkins did an excellent job giving me new knees and I worked hard doing physical therapy and the results are rewarding. I now have a normal gait without pain when I move. Dr. Jenkins will answer all your questions, of which I had many."

- Dawn 12/23/16

"Highly recommend Dr. Jenkins for knee replacement surgery."

- Paulette 12/5/16

"Dr. Jenkins is meticulous and very concerned about his patients having a postitive experience. I would feel totally comfortable recommeding him."

- Rosemary 12/30/16

"Really appreciate his straightforward, honest and caring approach."

- Yolande

"Very satisfied with the surgery. Hopefilly Dr. Jenkins is here when I need my right hip replaced."

- Stephen

"My experience with Dr. Jenkins and the hospital staff for total hip replacement was amazing. It was professional and informative. My quality of life has significantly improved."

- Victoria 1/27/17

"I would recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone."

- Robert 1/30/17

"I had very little pain after surgery. I liked the fact I could go home. I had 2 weeks of therapy at home and another 6-7 weeks of outside therapy. I recommend this surgery and have Dr. Jenkins as my surgeon."

- Maryann 1/6/17

"Listened to everything I said. He spoke to me before surgery and then in recovery he made sure I was okay. He came to my room everyday during my hospital stay. Overall good experience - No problems at all. Excellent staff at the office."

- Deborah 1/9/17

"Excellent! Attentive and professional"

- Edward 4/29/17

"Very impressed with the qaulity of physical therapy here. My knee is fine so Dr. Jenkins did a good job. I would recommend him."

- Louise 2017

"Felt comfortable and appreciative with the care, concern and communication."

- Kathleen 11/4/16

"The surgeon was talented, caring and thorough"

- Nancy 10/17/16

"From my first appointment through today, I have received caring and professional treatment. I felt a part of my care team. My questions and input were always respected. Dr. Jenkins and his team are outstanding!"

- AnnMarie 11/7/16

"I had very good care and would recommend knee surgery for those in need. Dr. Jenkins is caring, helpful, and professional."

- Patricia 10/26/16

"Dr. Jenkins was very professional and I would recommend him to anyone who has a hip problem. I did my PT at the Butler Campus on the second floor. Great experience and great physical therapy people."

- Albert 10/28/16

"I think it was unbelievable care that I got and I'm very about it. Thanks!"

- Paul 4/8/16

" A very difficult surgery went very well and amazed my therapist regarding the degree of extension at a very early stage. My care was thorough and highly professional."

- Gloria 10/28/16

"My care was excellent from the hospital surgery to rehab and physical therapy."

- Rhonda 3/11/16

"Everyone was awesome, very polite and helpful. Dr. Jenkins was very pleasent and answered all my questions. He really took the time to make sure I understood everything about surgery and my recovery."

- Celine

"Do not wait - have it done! Dr. Jenkins and staff are professional, caring, and committed to patient well-being - Get it Done!"


"It was the best decision, I wish I had done it sooner."

- Elaine

"He's the best. He did a fantastic job, he went above and beyond because my husbands knee was a mess, it was terrible. Everybody was just fantastic. Dr. Jenkins beside manner is fantastic."

- Steven

"Dr. Jenkins was awesome. The hospital was great. I was very pleased with the way everything went."

- Patricia

"In December 2011 had robotic assisted surgery for a right total hip replacement. After surgery the hip was painful and did not feel right. I had physical therapy multiple times during the next 3-1/2 years, but was still in pain all the time. In June 2015 I met with Dr. Derek Jenkins who took the time and listened to the symptoms I was having. He had an idea of what was wrong and causing the problem. After trying injections, which improved the situation somewhat, Dr. Jenkins said the only way to truly fix the problem would be revision surgery of the hip. I had the surgery in June 2016 and I am now pain free and I am looking forward to a complete recovery with physical therapy.

"If you are seeking an Orthopedic Surgeon I highly recommend Or. Derek Jenkins. "

"My experience with Dr. Jenkins far exceeds what I expected. He took the time needed to evaluate my problem. He was thorough, making sure he covered all the basesb before he performed my hip surgery and made sure I understood the risks involved. I came through the surgery with no problems and I owe it all to Dr. Derek Jenkins. He is a great surgeon and I will certainly recommend him to everyone I know."

"Hi my name is Marcia and I am 78 years old. In the late August 2015, I had Dr. Jenkins do a complete right knee replacement. I was back to cooking-cleaning­taxi mom and all those things we just love to doing, in 4 weeks! Within 10 days I was walking around the house with NO assistance, and I had to tackle 14 stairs to get to the bathroom and go to bed. Even doing things I was unable to master prior to surgery. In late May, 2016, Dr. Jenkins did a full replacement on the left knee. I suggest you don't wait- do it today! I had suffered since my late forties, but had 4 elderly family members ill over the years and a special need child at home. I felt they came first. My time came and I was referred to Doctor Jenkins; He arranged for therapy to be done 3 times a week at home and only 2 days in the hospital-which was Miriam. They were great and the nurses were very much on top of everything. Dr. Jenkins did my first surgery in 2015 at 7AM and I was shocked when he came in my room at 9:20 PM to check on me. That to me is over and beyond which we don't see too much of today and a long day even for a doctor. I found the secret to a successful surgery is doing the exercises they gave me at least 2 - 3 times a day. Doctor rules must be followed with an excellent doctor-YES I highly recommend DR JENKINS!!!

"Don't delay--do it today! I wish I hadn't! You'll be asking yourself why you waited. Do it and enjoy your life! "

"I am feeling great after receiving an injection. I surely recommend Dr. Derek Jenkins to anyone who has knee pain. The experience is great, every one was very helpful. Thanks Dr. Derek Jenkins for your wishes. "

"Dr. Jenkins surgery totally alleviated my knee pain except for the initial post op pain and a few weeks of physical therapy and discomfort. I've returned to my normal activities of daily living. TKR is definitely the way to go. " — John

"I can’t say enough praises for Dr. Jenkins. I have traveled from Concord NH to Rhode Island due to my faith in Dr. Jenkins as a superior surgeon. He performed surgery on my left knee as well as my right knee!"

"I thought Dr. Jenkins was a bright and attentive doctor. He seems to be up on the latest developments in his specialty and exhibits a sincere concern for his patients. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a total knee replacement. " -Mark H. C.

"My experience with Dr. Jenkins was exceptional. He truly cares about his patients. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. I give him 5 stars!!"

"Dr. Jenkins was thorough, pleasant and answered questions completely. "

"I found my visits at University Orthopedics very helpful and my physicians very knowledgable. Dr. Jenkins is very gentle and understanding. The staff is also aware of your complaints. I would recommend this office to anyone. "

"I can't say enough praises for Dr. Jenkins. I have travelled from Concord, NH to Rhode Island due to my faith in Dr. Jenkins as a superior surgeon. He performed surgery on my left knee as well as my right knee! "

"My experience wiht Dr. Jenkins was exceptional. He truly cares about his patients. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. I give him 5 stars!! "

"Dr. Jenkins was thorough, pleasant and answered questions completely. "

"I found my visits at University Orthopedics very helpful and my physician very knowledgeable. Dr. Jenkins is very gentle and understanding. The staff is also aware of your complaints. I would recommend this office to anyone. "

"I thought Dr. Jenkins was a bright and attentive doctor. He seems to be up on the latest developments in his specialty and exhibits a sincere concern for his patients. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a total knee replacement. "

"Dr. Jenkins is very knowledgeable and has a very good bedside manner. He explains everything in layman's terms. He makes you feel relaxed, is easy to talk to. Before surgery and after he explains everything that is going on at my post op visit. He took the time to explain the x-rays that were taken and about the prosthetic he inserted. Would recommend Dr. Jenkins to family and friends. "

"Last year I had hip replacement at New England Baptist in Boston. One month ago, Dr. Jenkins replaced my other hip in Providence. Dr. Jenkins recovery was easier than last year and was in less pain and mobility came back much sooner. The care in Providence was better and it was much more comforting to be so close to home. I'm grateful I found Dr. Jenkins in my own back yard. "

"My experience with Dr. Jenkins has been nothing short of wonderful. He has proven to be extremely professional as well as caring. THe outcome of my surgery has been a godsend. Dr. Jenkins follow through after my surgery has proven to be helpful."

"My experience with Dr. Jenkins has been nothing short of wonderful. He has proven to be extremely professional as well as caring. THe outcome of my surgery has been a godsend. Dr. Jenkins follow through after my surgery has proven to be helpful."

"I have not nor will I be able to express my gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Jenkins. His commitment to me has been obvious and consistent. I felt confident within 5 minutes of meeting him. I continue to be a year later. What explains or expresses the feeling of having my life returned? This is inexcusably late in being returned because I am on the go - Living."

"I had a complicated total knee replacement performed by Dr. Jenkins. After my first visit with him I was left with no doubt he was the man for the job. I would like to thank Dr. Jenkins and his staff for the care and professionalism." — Patient Steve R.

"Dr. Jenkins was exceptionally professional in being patient and friendly. He ensured I was not only comfortable with the procedure to be intiated but also ensured my post op was completed with upmost consideration. I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins as a most valuable asset to any Medical staff."

"Having hip surgery has given me a new lease on my life. Dr. Jenkins gave me a great experience during surgery and follow up care. I highly recommend the procedure and University Orthopedics to anyone considering this! "

"(I suffered from) Knee pain associated with arthritis. Dr. Jenkins gave me cortisone shots which has helped my pain significantly.

"I traveled from Concord, NH to see Dr. Jenkins. I was so impressed with his surgical expertise. He performed a partial knee replacement on my left knee in 2014. I am so pleased that he will be performing my "partial knee" surgery on my right knee this spring! " — Patient Dennis

"Dr. Jenkins is extremely kind and professional. My father has a very complex case and he took the time to go over everything with us. A very positive experience." — Patient Barbara

"My experience with Dr. Jenkins and his staff has been wonderful. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, professional and also personable. I felt totally confident in him before my knee replacement and am so please wiht the results from my surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins. "

"Dr. Jenkins treated me for a fracture of my left leg and suggested not to operate and had me wear the brace and time healed my leg. Thanks to Dr. Jenkins. " — Patient Shirley

"My recovery from the total hip replacement was great, quite pain free and excellent. Within one week of surgery walked with a cane and no longer needed the cane after four weeks. The surgery site healed like a dream clearly due to the skill and care of the surgeon. "

"Dr. was very professional, explained everything in detail. Very happy with knee replacement results, no problems with healing procedures. Miriam is a great hospital, would recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone who needs surgery. Wonderful care and a great bedside manner. "

"I had a great recovery of my left hip replacement. I actually drove my car one week after surgery (which is not recommended!) I did my exercises as instructed. I only needed pain meds for a week or so I felt very lucky. Dr. Jenkins is great! "

"Dr. Derek Jenkins’ expertise in Adult Reconstruction Surgery is impeccable. My faith in him is 100%. I just cannot say enough about Dr. Jenkins and the 8 1/2 hour miraculous surgery he performed on my hip. My experience under Dr. Jenkins care was very positive. "

"I did PT for 3 months. 3x a week and wasn’t improving to the point I wanted. After meeting Dr. Jenkins, I received a cortisone injection and am definitely improving. Now I will be doing PT to improve."

"Our experience with Dr. Jenkins was excellent. He had to do an extensive surgery on a leg and knee that had extensive damage due to a motorcycle accident. He took the time to explain everything thoroughly and his expertise is outstanding yet he has the warmest bedside manner! We are extremely pleased and have and would recommend him highly. - The Augers"

"Operation and rehab have gone very well. Pain almost nil from the very beginning. I can walk unassisted 5 weeks after the operation. I started driving 3 days ago (no gear shifting) and will begin walking on the beach again immediately. Water aerobics will begin again next week. This was a less disabled experience than my first hip replacement 15 years ago. For those with severe arthritis, this is a worthwhile move. Dr. Jenkins is highly recommended."

"I have had cortisone shots in both knees and have had fabulous results. Well worth it."

"I am very pleased and went to have second opinion with Dr. Jenkins. I had a great experience. "

"I am a physician who had a partial knee replacement performed by Dr. Jenkins. I am back to work in 2 weeks. Excellent experience. Dr. Jenkins is a true professional and a gentlemen."

"Upon discovering that my total knee replacement had to be redone, I was very skeptical about a revision surgery. A high recommendation from my orthopedic doctor in Maine, led me to Dr. Jenkins. From the beginning, I knew I had made the right choice. Dr. Jenkins was professional but very personable and very confident that he could help me. His goal was to get me back to my active lifestyle. After a very long revision surgery, I have found this recovery to be so much easier and have had less pain than with the original surgery. A month post-op, I am almost pain free and walking with very little assistance. I would give Dr. Jenkins my highest recommendation. "

"The experience of TKR was so much better and more than I can say. The people were kind and courteous. The only thing you have to be afraid of is losing the continuous pain from your knee to your back. "

"At first it was very frustrating but the wait was worth it."

"I was very apprehensive and scared at my age to have this knee surgery done. But the pain was unbearable. Dr. Jenkins assured me that he could help – and he sure did. I feel like a different person. I can walk without the pain again. He did a terrific job. I would highly recommend him for knee surgery."

"Dr. Jenkins (is) very personable and trusting. First surgeon in a long while that did not push operating or fixing by surgery. Wants me to heal the right way naturally by losing weight. I would recommend Dr. Jenkins to other patients. (Very good bedside manner)"

"Wonderful experience. Love the staff and doctor"

"Everything was great!"

"Was given a shot - instant gratification"

"Excellent experience and very good results"

"The reason I chose Dr. Jenkins for my knee surgery was that he is a surgeon that is good at what he does. Regardless of if it is knee or hip surgery. He stands behind his word, and when he talks to you he looks you right in the face and tells you what to expect. In my case, he gave me confidence in his words. Which gave me strength to get through this difficult time. In my eyes he is "the man".

"Having hip replacement surgery was the best decision I ever made. Trusting Dr. Jenkins to perform the surgery was the icing on the cake. Yes, Dr. Jenkins has the requisite skill, knowledge, and superb orthopedic acumen but he is also a kind man who never forgets to bring his heart into the OR, along with his mind. My only wish, I hadn't waited so long to have my hip replaced - or to "Bring my life back to life. I will be forever grateful." — Joanne

"Thanks to Dr. Jenkins today (8-13) for his kindness and gentleness when giving me cortisone shots in both of my knees. They felt better almost immediately. I think he is a great ortho Dr."

"Great experience. Will recommend others!"

"My experience with Dr. Jenkins has been a very positive one. I had total hip replacement in April 2015. I am pain free now. I would recommend him most highly. It's almost like I didn't have an operation. "

"Excellent from beginning to end. No pain! I am 85 years old and was very apprehensive but everything was great. The pain before is all gone!"

"Just wonderful. I feel great! Very nice people. Thank you so much" - July 2015

"Every person associated with my operation, hospital stay were very professional. Very pleased with my progress. Dr. Jenkins and his staff were extra special to me during my recovery. Thanks" - Frank, July 2015

"Great experience with Dr. Jenkins. Tried injections and it has worked. Cancelled my knee replacement and going to try another injection in 3 months." - July 2015

"Dr. Jenkins and his staff were excellent. Dr. Jenkins explained things and addressed my questions in a non-rushed manner. He was knowledgeable and reassuring about my surgery and recovery. I felt from the first meeting with him that I could trust his judgment and expertise. Great doctor would highly recommend!" - July 2015

" "Great! Couldn't ask for better! Everyone has been at the top of their game. I'm very happy with the result of my hip replacements." - July 2015

" "Knee replacement surgery was done and one month after already doing great. Thanks to Dr. Jenkins" - July 2015

" "He is very thorough. Explains everything to you. I feel much better already. Very friendly. I recommend him." - July 2015

" "My mother had knee surgery in the past and had never been able to walk correctly, until now. After 20 something years and at 80 years of age today, after surgery done by Dr. Derek Jenkins, she has more mobility than before. The appreciation and admiration for what Dr. Jenkins has done for my mom is beyond words. A million thank yous..." - July 2015

"I had chronic hip and sciatic pain for many years. After my hip and pelvic surgery I am pain free. I feel better than I have for years. Thank you very much." - Rose, July 2015

" "Awoke after total hip replacement pain free as promised by doctor before surgery. Streamlined anterior procedure highly recommended for anyone considering hip replacement." - June 2015

" "Dr. Jenkins was fantastic - great bedside manner - very thorough exam and finding an answer to my longtime problem. Highly recommend him." - June 2015

"It was wonderful from beginning to end, the surgery went very well - I was up the next day. Usual post op pain - mostly gone by 4 weeks. Considering surgery - go for it. No More Pain." - June 2015

"Dr. Derek Jenkins did an excellent job on my husband, George who is 83 years old, on a hip replacement and within a month he was able to walk without a cane. We are both so pleased!" - May 2015

"Beyond Excellent!!" -April 2015

"There are just no words to express my appreciation for the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Jenkins. Along with his easy manner and ability to clearly communicate, I feel very fortunate and grateful for his care." -April 2015

Care Philosophy

Advantages of Surgery with University Orthopedics and Dr. Jenkins: An emphasis on a higher level of care and attention to detail.

  • Patient-focused: Specialized care of the Hip and Knee
  • Education and training: Ivy league educated and specialty trained in Orthopaedic Surgery in New York City with a Fellowship in Hip and Knee replacement at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
  • Experience: Thousands of hip and knee patients successfully treated using surgical and non-invasive techniques. Hundreds of successful hip and knee replacement surgeries performed, alleviating pain and restoring function. Dr. Jenkins does complex re-do (revision) surgeries referred in from other hospitals and has the expertise and knowledge to do the job right the first time and prevent additional surgery
  • Quality: Dr. Jenkins has one of the lowest surgical complication, revision and infection rates in the state, lower than national averages.
  • Technology: Applies engineering principles to Orthopaedic Surgery, using computer assisted technology, intra-operative image guidance for optimum component placement, and surgical planning to custom fit replacements to each individual patient’s unique anatomy facilitating quality control, consistency, and precision in each surgery
  • Less Invasive: Direct Anterior Approach for hip replacement surgery on a specialized operative table with a smaller incision, lower risk of hip dislocation, and quicker recovery
  • Teacher and mentor: An active part of the teaching faculty as an Assistant Professor at the Brown University School of Medicine, Dr. Jenkins emphasizes the conscientious incorporation of advanced surgical technology and state-of-the-art new techniques leading to quicker recovery and less pain
  • Performs partial and total joint resurfacings: These reconstructions selectively target only the part of the knee or hip affected by arthritis, while sparing the healthy bone and ligaments
  • Custom Approach: Every joint replacement patient treated as a unique individual with custom fit implants and surgical plan based on their unique anatomy. Dr. Jenkins is not limited to one implant or manufacturer and is able to provide the right replacement for you.
  • Patient-specific surgical plan: Each surgery is carefully planned, leading to restoration of healthy alignment and a goal for the highest level of physical function possible
  • Less Medications: Dr. Jenkins avoids the use of strong blood thinning medication postoperatively and instead uses aspirin and early patient motion to prevent blood clots for most patients after surgery, decreasing risk of bleeding while maintaining low rate of blood clots.
  • Less scarring: Most patients skin is closed using plastic surgery techniques with dissolving suture.
  • Reducing risk factors: Prioritizes and focuses on the best long-term outcomes of his joint replacement surgery through reduction of modifiable risk factors whenever possible by helping patients lose weight, quit nicotine products, and control diabetes blood sugar before surgery
  • All surgeries are done with care by hand of an experienced, fellowship-trained total joint surgeon
  • Quicker Recovery: Dr. Jenkins practice is particularly dedicated to patients who are active younger professionals who are looking for a quicker recovery and better outcome compared to traditional surgery, to enable patients to return to work sooner and with less pain.

Teamwork, goals and the benefits of the Miriam Hospital.

  • Dr. Jenkins operates at the Miriam Hospital, Ranked #1 in Rhode Island by US News & World Report, Becker’s Hospital Review, and the only Total Joint Center of Excellence in the State. The Total Joint Center has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for its total knee and total hip replacement programs and is a Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Distinction Center for knee and hip replacement, and has been awarded Magnet Recognition for Excellence in Nursing Services five times.
  • Dr. Jenkins is dedicated to an organized, team approach to patient success including an accelerated Physical Therapy and home care program integrated within the Miriam Hospital Total Joint Center and the University Orthopedics System conveniently located close to home right here in Rhode Island.

Dr. Jenkins Presentation on Same Day Total Joint Surgery

If you are interested in outpatient (same day) total hip or knee surgery (without overnight hospital stay) at the east bay surgery center with Dr. Jenkins, please call401 453 9032 extension 0during business hours or leave a message and we will schedule an office visit and consultation.


Recent Publications and Presentations

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  • Presented at Lenox Hill Hospital Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Annual Research Symposium, New York, NY, Eastern Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting, European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT) Annual Meeting in Berlin, Germany, American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) Annual Meeting, Annual Congress of the International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty (ISTA) in Sydney, Australia, Podium presentation at the 2013 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Meeting in Chicago.
  • Role of corrosion in taper failure and head disassociation in total hip arthroplasty of a single design. Martin AJ, Jenkins DR, Van Citters DW.J Orthop Res. 2018 Nov;36(11):2996-3003. doi: 10.1002/jor.24107. Epub 2018 Jul 26.

Community Involvement and Volunteer Service

Arthritis Foundation Walk to Cure Arthritis 2016 Medical Honoree, Providence RI, Planning committee member. Record breaking results this year with over $106K raised to support Arthritis Research, advanced technologies, and cutting-edge joint pain treatments, which is more than ever before and in the top 25 in the country. Over 300 participants registered for the walk along Blackstone Boulevard in Providence. 6-15-16

East Greenwich Soccer Club Assistant Coach

Dr. Jenkins volunteers as assistant coach for the University Orthopedics sponsored East Greenwich Soccer Association Little Kickers soccer team.

Derek R. Jenkins, MD | University Orthopedics (2) Derek R. Jenkins, MD | University Orthopedics (3)


Hip and Knee Replacement Patients are Getting Younger

Asjoint replacement surgeryhas evolved, so have the patients. Namely, the average age of those having hip or knee replacement surgery is decreasing. For hips, the average age is now 65 and knees is 66.

According toa studyfrom the American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons, not only is the average age of joint replacement patients younger, but there is also a projected increase in the number of surgeries that will be performed before the end of the decade.

Derek R. Jenkins, MD | University Orthopedics (4)

What was once thought of as a last resort for older patients has now transitioned to a way for active individuals witharthritisto continue their healthy lifestyle well into the future.

Non-surgical options for hip and knee arthritis

It is best practice to offer patients nonoperative treatments first. That includes activity modification, gait aides, nonsteroidal medications, and injections, among others. It is only when these treatments fail that I offerjoint replacement surgeryas an option. The goal of that surgery is to relieve pain and improve joint function for our patients.

New joint replacement technologies and techniques to benefit younger patients

Everyone’s bones are a little bit different. There are severalnew approachesto performing joint replacement surgery, with a focus on less invasive procedures. I work to customize each surgery to the individual patient.

  • Direct anterior approach for hip replacement.My approach to hip replacement has been molded through special fellowship training in both young adult hip surgery and the direct anterior approach (DAA). I’ve been performing hip replacements through this approach for over 10 years now, with experience performing thousands of surgeries. The DAA and other minimally invasive approaches may be of particular benefit in the younger active patient. These procedures allow surgeons to work through natural soft tissue planes without cutting muscles or tendons. This helps to prevent damage to the well-functioning anatomy of patients. The DAA is a more technically complex surgery and can take longer in the operating room, but results in a quicker recovery and less risk of hip dislocation. While other approaches to minimally invasive surgery can have excellent results, I have found the DAA works best.
  • Image-guided surgery.Some hip surgeons, including myself, use a technology known as “fluoroscopic image guidance” during surgery. This image guidance offers the surgeon greater quality control to align the implant, so it fits more precisely to a patient’s unique anatomy. Precision in placing implants allows me to forgo any hip precautions, so my hip patients do not have to worry about not crossing their legs or elevated toilet seats to prevent hip dislocation.
  • Cementless technology for hip and knee replacements.The implants we use are complex biomedical engineering devices. Bone cement, or a type of grout, was originally used to keep implants in place during joint replacement surgery. Unfortunately, that bond can break down over time. Years ago, “cementless technology” was developed for hip replacements and has now become the standard of care. Development of uncemented total knee replacements took more time to perfect, but new technologies such as 3-D printing of titanium and the development of porous tantalum have revolutionized uncemented knee replacement designs. The potential benefit of cementless fixation is a longer-lasting, more durable bond between implants and our patient’s bone. We have seen excellent results with certain uncemented designs, and my partners and I are now using some of these implants in appropriate patients, most commonly younger patients where long-term fixation will be of greatest benefit.

Derek R. Jenkins, MD | University Orthopedics (5)

Do younger joint replacement patients have shorter hospital stays?

It’s important to note that most of our patients still spend the night in the hospital and leave the next day. Younger, healthy patients can have shorter hospital stays after hip or knee replacements. In fact, in some instances, younger healthy patients with good home support can even leave from the recovery room and go home on the day of surgery.

My partners and I were the first in Rhode Island to offeroutpatient total joint surgery, without the need for an overnight hospital stay. Thisaccelerated surgical recovery programhas increased in popularity, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe there is a healing value for patients recovering in their own home. They can sleep in their own bed, eat their own meals, and heal in the comfort of their normal environment, with their loved ones to support them. There is also value in the resources available in the hospital for our patients with medical conditions that may need treatment during their early recovery.

Is it possible to replace only part of a hip or knee?

Everyone developsarthritisdifferently and I treat each patient as an individual. In some patients, more often in my younger patients, only one part of their knee becomes worn out. For these patients, targeted surgery to replace only the worn-out part can be very helpful. In general, however, it is much more common for patients to have atotal knee replacement. Often there is arthritis in more than one part of the knee. Replacing only part of the knee will not treat all the arthritic areas in these patients. Partial hip replacements are also useful, but usually for patients who come to the hospital with a hip fracture. We have found partial hip replacements are not very beneficial in younger patients.

Are hip and knee joint replacements major surgeries?

Yes. It is important to understand that although joint replacement surgeries are some of the safest surgical procedures, no surgery has a 100 percent success rate and there are risks to any surgery, though complications are rare.

Some patients are also at higher risk for complication due to their unique situation and medical conditions. We do our absolute best to work with those few patients who have complications to bring them to a successful outcome.

While the surgery is not without risk, many patients with severe hip and knee arthritis can experience significant benefits from joint replacement. My best advice is for patients to sit down withtheir surgeonbefore considering hip or knee replacement, ask questions, and have a conversation about what the risks and benefits are. Then you can make an informed decision about whether now is the right time for you to pursue surgery.

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How has joint replacement surgery changed?

Change is a constant in orthopedic surgery. It keeps the job interesting! I put a lot of thought into using new techniques and technologies in the treatments I offer. Before changing something that has worked well in my hands, or offering patients something new, it is critical to study and evaluate these new techniques and technologies to understand risk and potential benefit to patients.

I do, however, believe it is our responsibility to evaluate and offer new treatments and try new things because it is in the best interest of patients to practice at the state of the art. If we get stuck doing the same thing over and over again, we will never improve, we will never move medicine forward.

What is the failure rate of joint replacements?

With the bearing surfaces and replacements currently available, as a rule of thumb, there is about a one percent all-cause failure rate per year after joint replacement surgeries. That would mean that for a 60-year-old there is an 80 percent chance they will still have a well-functioning joint replacement when they reach age 80. Those are good odds in the patient’s favor.

For younger patients, the failure rate I discussed does not perfectly apply. Any mechanical device will wear out over time and service. Younger patients are more likely to live a higher-impact lifestyle, putting more stress on their implants. This may lead to a shorter effective lifetime before revision surgery is necessary.

This is really an arena where newer technology and techniques have great potential in improving the longevity and durability of the replacement surgeries we perform for these younger individuals. This is also where my background in engineering has given me a unique approach to understanding and evaluating the intricacies of new technologies and their application to updating the mechanical and biologic aspects of these complex engineered devices.

How do you approach using these new technologies and changing the way you do surgery?

As an engineer, I am attracted to new technologies, but as a surgeon I am cautious of unproven treatments. This has really helped provide a balance to my practice. I continue to adapt and update the techniques and technology in my surgical operations, but only after careful consideration of the effect on patients as human beings.

The field of orthopedics and adult reconstruction of the hip and knee is really the perfect combination of engineering and medicine. For me, the ability to use technology to find and perform a surgical solution to fix an anatomic problem, and then to share in a patient’s transformation from pain and disability to function and ability is what inspires and drives me every day.

Rhode Island Hospital Breakthroughs - Spring 2017

The Intersection of Medicine, Art and Engineering

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Dr. Jenkins weights in on arthritis, weight and your joints in the Lifespan blog.

Most patients who come to my office for arthritis have what is known as osteoarthritis. This is the wear-and-tear type of arthritis thought to be the result of years of impact on your hip or knee joints. This causes the cartilage, the smooth gliding cushion on the joint surface, to wear out. You can think of it like years of driving your car. If you wear through your rubber tires and are driving on the metal rims of your wheels, you are in for a bumpy ride.

The weight factor

When it comes to arthritis, I believe weight is an issue. Having a background in engineering before medical school, I like to think about hip and knee joints as mechanical devices. These devices can only withstand a certain amount of pressure through a number of cycles over a period of time. In other words, if a patient is heavier, or does a lot of heavy labor involving those joints, those individuals may be more at risk of wearing that joint out over the course of a lifetime.Likewise, with joint replacements, those devices would wear out faster in heavier patients.

Will losing weight help people with arthritis?

It is very likely that losing weight will help people who have arthritis. Less weight means less pressure on the joint. For an arthritic joint that already has a damaged surface, losing weight can significantly relieve pain.

When I meet a new patient, I recommend nonoperative treatments before surgery and that includes weight loss. We have some great resources here atThe Miriam Hospital. I have had overweight patients with severe arthritis who were specifically referred to me by their primary care provider for a joint replacement. After losing a significant amount of weight from The Miriam program,they felt their pain that brought them into my office was no longer severe enough for them to want the surgery. That’s a big win for the patient: their pain improves without ever having surgery.

The benefit of weight loss is not just limited to their joint. People usually experience an amazing transformation after weight loss. Other medical conditions such as diabetes improve or are cured, their mood improves, and overall, they just feel better.

Weight and joint replacement surgery

While we do not want to keep anyone from a surgery that could help them, some patients are at a much higher risk for complications than others. I believe we as conscientious physicians should work as partners with patients and their other doctors to decrease as much risk as possible before joint replacement surgery. This is an area of active study for us here and we have already published on our experience in theRhode Island Medical Journal.

There is a lot that we can do together. We can help heavier patients lose weight, nicotine users quit their habits, patients with many cavities or dental infections see dentists before surgery, and diabetic patients better control their blood sugar. Many studies have shown that heavier patients, nicotine users, patients with dental infections, and diabetic patients with high blood sugar are at higher risk for infection and don’t heal as well after joint replacement surgery.

This conversation is difficult to have with patients in the office, but I believe it is an important one. It can take some time and a real team effort to meet these goals, but I believe it can improve surgical outcomes and help patients heal better.

How to improve your arthritis

Osteoarthritis is a progressive disease. Unfortunately, there is not a magic pill or cure yet, although we are excited for promising studies of new, less invasive therapies that are currently being researched in our lab.

We do have many effective, nonoperative treatments that are already available to our patients in the office that can provide years of arthritis pain relief. They include:

  • weight loss
  • using gait aids, such as a cane
  • anti-inflammatory medications
  • hip and knee joint injections

When nonoperative treatments have failed, joint replacement surgery, performed by an expert surgeon, is a very effective and safe surgical treatment. It also has some of the best long-term results of any surgical procedure.

In our practice, we are proud that our results and expertise in joint replacement surgery rival those of any hospital or surgery center anywhere in the world.

Preparing for joint replacementsurgery

Everyone is unique, and we treat each patient as such in our practice. If you are suffering fromhiporknee pain, it is always best to talk with anorthopedic surgeon. There are lots of treatments we can offer to help you feel better.

That said, there are some rules of thumb that will likely help a patient see more success in hip or knee surgery. Some general goals for a patient seeking joint replacement surgery would be to:

  • have a body mass index below 40
  • be nicotine, tobacco, vape, and smoke-free
  • have a hemoglobin A1C below 8 for patients with diabetes
  • see a dentist within the year before surgery to fix cavities and treat oral infections

Maintaining your health

The most important advice I can give arthritis patients is to live an active, healthy lifestyle. By this, I mean follow a healthy diet, exercise, and seek routine medical checkups. This will not only help prevent health and arthritis problems, but more importantly, it will also help make you feel better and live longer.

Health maintenance is key. Often in our society, we look for the quick and easy fix and that is not always best. The reality is a little bit of prevention each day, with physical hygiene and watching what we eat, is best for our long-term health. Living an active healthy lifestyle will likely take you the farthest in the long run.

2015 Annual Brown Orthopedics Symposium

Current Topics in Active Adult Hip and Knee Orthopedics for the Primary Care Provider

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