Dr.Agarwals Eye Hospital, Accra, Ghana (2022)

Global Office Complex, 3rd & 4th floor J.A. Kuffour Avenue, Accra, Ghana

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  • 5naomi j. 2 months ago

    I had cataract removal surgeries done in both eyes early this year. My experience was exceptionally good. The care of the nurses and doctors was commendable and I am very grateful to them. The hospital has very modern machines that aid proper diagnosis of the patient's problem, thus enabling the best treatment for him/her. I would confidently and happily recommend the hospital to other people who need eye care.

  • 5Gade M. 11 months ago

    Wonders are taking place here...👌👍Just a visit and you will be amazed

  • 5P N. 2 years ago

    After visiting about 4 other eye hospitals we found Dr Agarwals and have not been anywhere else since for eye care. They have modern facilities and are very eager to help. They also provide pediatric eye care which is very important in our part of the world but usually taken for granted. Eye care doesn't come cheap but they do know what they are doing.

  • 5Marcia,s kitchen u. 1 year ago

    I was impressed by the environmentBut I got sad about how I was treated with oneLady in blue T shirt with a perm hair! She was so rude to me and the first room I entered where a lady pumps some air into the eye first,she did not alert me cos it was my first time,she was also rude to me as to why am using hand wipe on to clean my..I told her I had tissue but it was finished gosh I had worst day from these two ladies ...am not going back there again am trying different place...I felt very bad honestly

  • 5Ama C. 3 months ago

    This is my personal eye clinic . I love their services . I always feel at home when I get there even though it’s a hospital. My parents also had their surgeries there and I must say Dr. Smit and the nurses especially Nurse Helen were so good and super professional. Thanks so much !

  • 5Winner G. 1 year ago

    I was at Dr Agarwal hospital to check my eye the service and the environment made me feel at home.

  • 5patience D. 1 year ago

    Best place..organised services..professionals.i loved it there..serene atmosphere

  • 5Amewonu Mawulorm Emmanuel (Van C. 1 year ago

    Awesome 👍Went there with my boss for a cataract surgery last week and I wasimpressed by the quality ofthe staff, facility and theservice. The nurses are friendly.Excellent Job. Cheers.5 stars from me.❤️

  • 5Joseph W. S. 3 months ago

    MY EXPERIENCE AT AGARWALS EYE HOSPITAL, ACCRA,13TH JULY 2021 TO 3RD AUGUST 2022I visited Argarwals Eye Hospital for general medical checks on Tuesday 13th July 2021. It was affirmed that I had cataracts on both eyes. Consequently, a Counsellor provided me with options to manage the eyes. I chose to have surgery on both eyes.On Wednesday 21st July 2021, I had surgery on the right eye and until date, I have excellent vision.On Monday 26th July 2021, I had surgery on the left eye. The next day, I had a review and experienced perfect vision. I was excited and thankful. Hooray, hooray I could see perfectly without glasses! On Monday 2nd August, the vision on the left eye was blurred so I went for review and was given medication. I reported a vision drop on Monday 9th August.On Monday 30th August, a team of doctors proposed that I consider going to Argarwals Eye Hospital, Chennai for advanced surgery. I accepted the proposal. Thus, I had advanced eye surgery on Tuesday 14th September. I returned to Ghana on Friday 8th October, 2021 and have since had periodic reviews. The left eye has good visionI find the Staff are welcoming, caring and exhibiting professionalism. Some called to inquire how my vision was. However, not all staff wear facemask and there was periodic exchanges between some staff (not wearing facemasks) and patients who were wearing facemask.I would recommend Argarwals Eye Hospital to family and friends.

  • 5Kinkycurly A. 5 years ago

    Miracle hospitals with qualified doctors for all kinds of surgeries.

  • 5Osafo D. 3 months ago

    Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital is recommendable for all your eye problems. I received a cordial welcome and had my eye problem solved. I now have a clear vision without any lenses. Thank you very much Dr Agarwal

  • 5nathaniel quarshie a. 2 months ago

    I visited this hospital with one of my children, who was having an eye problem some few year ago. A another eye clinic that I visited for his eye clinic could not help. So someone directed me to Dr. Agarwal Eye Clinic. One of the Doctors an Indian gave a very good treatment to his eye. Now he is ok and since then we keep on visiting once a while for review. 💙 I recommned this hospital to everyone who needs a better Eye clinic. This is a place to be.Thank you Dr. Agarwal. God bless you 🙏🏾

  • 5YUSSIF ABDUL M. 2 years ago

    #EyesLikeNewI used to visit the Chinese eye hospital for a very long time,but ever since i visited this Indians my eye condition has improved drastically

  • 5Yemane Y. 2 years ago

    I just has cataract surgery two weeks ago and I was impressed by the quality of the staff, facility and the service. I am also happy with changes to my sight after the procedure. Excellent Job. Cheers.

  • 5ibrahim Ã. 4 years ago

    Very nice Eye Hospital

  • 5Philip K. 4 years ago

    The best eyes specialist hospital in Ghana

  • 5Richard O. 4 years ago

    Better services provided here

  • 5SAMUEL B. 3 years ago

    Professionalism on the highest peak with good customer service from staff

  • 5bridgett g. 3 months ago

    I really enjoyed their customer service. They made me to feel valued and well attended to. The doctor who attended to me was very good and patient. I will recommend their services to everyone with an eye problem.

  • 4Ingrid O. 4 months ago

    The ambiance for just an eye clinic is mind blowing. The state of the art waiting area is homely. Being there a couple of times, everyone is up and going and very receptive to clients. Honestly I particularly remember the the service one Doctor gave me, I think he goes by the name Mr. Mikaeli… I would always return to Dr Agarwal any day… he literally took up my son’s eye case like it’s an emergency because it looked like one to me and I felt positive that people like him still existed in the health sector. God bless you if you can see this

  • 4Kafui A. 10 months ago

    Good service 👍...but one of the nurses was rude to me though 😔

  • 4Joseph D. 2 months ago

    As always, my experience was mostly pleasant. Did not spend too much time.Workers were mostly professional, except one lady who could have been a bit more courteous in issuing instructions.I will suggest that the seating should be better labelled so that areas for those coming for surgery are clearly labelled.

  • 4Kwame B. 10 months ago

    Very happy to choose Agawal for my cataract operation. Many thanks to the expert Doctors.

  • 4david c. 4 months ago

    Services are wide and very good on the optical needs, but can also be improved upon by other branches nationwide. At least 3 serving the northern, middle and southern sections would not be bad.

  • 4Alex N. 2 weeks ago

    Agarwals eye hospital has a dedicated staff at every level. Their lenses are the best because it’s clearer and makes you see clearer like your eye. Solomon is a great guy in his human relations with clients.

  • 4Mr. P. 3 years ago

    Beautiful place

  • 3Ariel A. 1 year ago

    Horribly disorganized. Very long waiting times with no explanations. Staff is not very professional.

  • 3A-Beta T. 2 years ago

    Leading eye specialist hospital in Accra. It has a great view and very neat and attractively well designed structure. Located in the city capital, it attracts lots of patronage

  • 2T. 4 years ago

    I recently visited Dr Agarwal's eye hospital around Tesano, Accra with my mother for a cataract surgery. Initially, I was impressed with the elevator and the interior deco. However, I wasn't impressed with their customer service. I found a large number of their customers to be the elderly however they're always in a hurry during the elderly's examination. I also found their facility or examination rooms not suitable for the elderly and disabled. They refused to give a refund for an antibiotic which wasn't right for my mother. Overall, customer service can be better.

  • 2Nana A. 4 months ago

    This hurts me and I want to share it with you all. I visited Dr. Agarwal eye hospital in 2016. Initially, I was overwhelmed with their customer services but with my recent visit, I’m unimpressed. This isn’t the hospital I visited some years back. So much drama, gossip and insults. I heard nurses gossip about every patient that walked in. Making unnecessary noise whilst patient were around. Some of us were in pain, we needed some peace to endure since we weren’t being attended to. Some nurses quarrelling whilst patient are waiting to be attended to. Are you serious at all? This is a hospital for crying out loud. A white lady (patient) was insulted in our local dialect right before my mom and I . He did that because he knew the lady wouldn’t understand a word he said. On our arrival, he asked us to leave and come the following day with no tangible reason. He only said, “ if you want to check your eye, come 7:30 tomorrow morning ”. Whilst we were coming for referral. It was the doctor who asked us to come and you ask us to go home. For what reason? I’m still in disbelief. I wanted to speak to the manager because their actions were unbearable. But I was told to tell them what I wanted to tell the manager and I told them it’s personal. One guy said “hey girl, act like a lady”. That was over the bar, I couldn’t even stand your drama anymore. I just had to patiently wait for my mom to finish so we could leave. It still hurts me that we’ve to visit the place again for my mom’s lenses. I don’t want to go there again! I think this is one of the overlooked behaviour of your workers. They tend to focus on themselves but if we aren’t making others feel good, we’re neglecting the major aspect of the way we show up in the world. How you make others feel is very important. In order to maintain the integrity of your brand, it has to be adopted and supported by your customers. You don’t treat them anyhow.

  • 2Juliet A. 3 years ago

    Staff are generally friendly but too noisy-chatty. I am impressed with the colourful environment and setup. They have clean toilets but the waiting time is crazy slow!!! For an 8-10mins job, I have been waiting for 3.15 hours still waiting!!! Nobody tells you what is going on!My suggestion: this hospital should have a fixed number of surgeries for the day and ask patients to come when the surgeons are sure what time surgeries will take place! Too expensive and yet wasting so much time isn't the best service!!

  • 1hadi videos c. 1 year ago

    rude staff ... waiting 3 hours for meeting unprofessional doctor in the duty ... bad experience ... advise for all you can save from your time and from your money and you can go for any eye clinic near your place and you get result better .

  • 1Haren P. 1 year ago

    I sent one of my employee there yesterday for an eye check for cataract. He arrived at 7.30am and put his name down and was 7th on the list. He was made to sit for 4 hours unattended whilst he watched all those who came after him being called. He watched them go through the same procedure that he did to register. It was not until he complained bitterly after wating for 4 hours that he was attended to. Why are people treated like this.

  • 1Mary-an N. 1 year ago

    I visited here with my dad on referral and we had to sit for hours after being told we'll meet the specialist.Had to do a lot of follow up only to finally meet with nurses, who gave a sheet of paper telling us what was to be done.There was a young lady at the front desk who was helpful but the other nurses, the least said, the better.

  • 1Eunice E. 3 years ago

    We were ill informed about the total cost of the procedure we were to undertake. We are now requesting for a refund and it is now 2weeks, with an approximate date of end of month.Our whole experience has been much to be desired from day one.We have had to constantly and persistently call to be attended to.

  • 1Genevieve D. 2 years ago

    This is not my 1st time waiting for almost 2 hours. I almost walked out!! I came in last week with an appointment & referral from wara and it was fast but today I was the 7th person but I saw many went in before me ?. I suggest they have an automated number system. As u register, u get your number to see the Dr, to pay, for pharmacy. All using the same number.

  • 1Nana Oforiwaa D. 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t advise anyone to go there for an intraocular lens implant.The doctor Incharge is inexperience and will do a permanent damage to the eyes.

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