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How to Protect Financial Apps Connected to Your Facebook Account?

Personal financial apps are becoming one of the most essential parts of our lives, either for spending or investing money. Some apps also make it very easy for you to create an account with just a single click of a button - for example, Facebook. You might not have this information, but as soon as you create an account on Facebook, it can collect or share all of your details, let it be about your life, personal situations, and even the details of your banks and apps from which you do online transactions of money. So, the question arises that how secure is your data once you get login into Facebook? Can Facebook share your data, or can a hacker hack into your data and steal all of your money or even your identity? Here you will learn everything about what the finical apps share and how to protect your valuable pieces of information. Financial Apps That Use Facebook Login The famous slogan from apple, "There is an app for that", is almost applicable in everything nowadays. You can find millions of financial apps just in your hands. Types of Financial Apps. Suppose you ever wonder about making a record of your monthly expenses. In that case, you can also find apps, which will monitor your activity and your spending habits and make a realistic budget that will help you manage your expenses and money. If someone you know needs urgent money, then with the help of financial apps, you can directly transfer money to his/her bank account without any need to visit the bank. If you are interested in the stock market and share market and want to invest in it safely, then micro saving and apps for investing can help you do so; the app studies the market and gives you an idea on which and where share to invest in. Here's a list of financial apps that can be linked to your Facebook account Financial Sites and Apps That Use Facebook Login - 1. Bloomberg - A financial publisher of news 2.Checkout51 - An app that gives you cashback when you shop for groceries and pay using this app. 3.Ebates - This app rewards you if you shop in-store or buy something online. 4.Empower - This personal app will keep track of your earnings, expenses and give you a guide on where, when, and how much to spend your valuable money 5.Hiatus - This app will keep track of your subscription and how much do they cost you. 6.ibotta - This app also rewards you with the purchase made from your mobile using this app. 7.Investopedia - This website focuses on investment in education and financial news. 8.Kiplinger - Another app that keeps a guide on your spending. 9.Qapital - This allows you to link your bank account and makes payment easy. 10.RetailMeNot - Website to earn coupons, discounts codes for everything, including food, fashion, cars, beauty products, and many more 11.Shopkick - App that rewards you if you make payments from this. 12.TrueBill - This app helps you to find the best deals on different subscriptions. Some of the apps and websites we have mentioned, but if you look into these kinds of websites and apps, you will find yourself lost in the apps; there are thousands of apps for financial payments. Why do we use it? We can't remember the username and password of all the apps we have for our online transactions and payment, so connecting them with our Facebook account, which we already have, makes it easy for us to log in and make payments from them. Security Concerns Although you have read above about the risks of your account getting hacked or your data getting leaked, but the most essential concern lies in the user itself. Most of the time, the personal carelessness of the user opens up many opportunities for the hacker to hack into your account and steal your money your valuable details. Frankly speaking, financial apps are really very safe to use. Your bank details, credit card pin, and numbers don't just surf all over the Internet once you connect to a financial app, it is because of the carelessness of the user that they provide this valuable into the wrong website, and this ends in the bank accounts, and personal details get hacked. Safeguard your password This is one of the easiest and effective to protect your account. The password you use for your Facebook should be unique and random, which cannot be guessed or break into easily. You should not use the same password for something else; every account that you have access to should have a unique and different password from the previous one. You can also change your password at regular intervals of time to make it more safe and secure. See more:Problems to Avoid When Login to Facebook

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How To Login To Disney Plus On TV? Tips To Get It On Smart TV

Do you want to know how to log in to Disney Plus on your TV at homes, such as a Samsung smart TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku streaming device, or Firestick? You've come to the correct place. If you have a Disney Plus subscription, you will be able to watch Disney Plus on your smart TV with the same subscription. There are several methods to stream Disney Plus on your home television. You may watch Disney Plus on your phone and mirror or cast the screen to your television. While the procedures to watch Disney Plus on TV vary depending on the TV maker as well as your TV's settings and setup. To watch Disney Plus TV on television, you must have a current membership to the service. Service provided by Disney However, having a current TV provider subscription is not required. How to Watch Disney Plus on TV with TV Provider’s Network You do not need a TV provider's network account to utilise the Disney Plus app on your home or work TV. To test the Disney Plus app on your home TV, simply establish a Disney Plus account and begin a free trial. So, based on our experience, we will go over how to login to Disney Plus on all types of smart TVs in this article. How to Login Disney Plus on TV How to Login to Disney Plus on TV with Phone Here's how you use your phone to log into Disney Plus on TV. It is important to note that both your phone and TV must support mirroring; otherwise, you will need to download and install the mirroring software on both your phone and your TV in order to login to Disney Plus on TV with your phone. Alternatively, both your phone and your TV must be linked to the same WiFi network. The steps to watch Disney Plus on your Smart TV with your phone are outlined below. Enter your username and password to access your Disney Plus account. Press your smart TV home button, navigate to source and select delete access. Select “Screen Sharing (wireless)” from the list of “featured functions.” This is compatible with a Samsung Smart. TV Search for the name of your TV in your Mirror or Casting app. To begin mirroring your phone screen to your TV, press the connect button. Start streaming by launching the Disney Plus app. Your phone's screen will be instantly mirrored on your TV. If the mirror method does not work for you, here is another option. Is the Dinsey Plus code no longer valid? Here's how to troubleshoot Disney Plus not working on Smart TV. How to Login Disney Plus on Phone with Disneyplus.com/login code This procedure differs from the previous one. You'll need the Disneyplus.com/login code for this. That is, the Disney Plus code from the Disney Plus app on the smart TV is used to connect to Disney Plus on TV with a phone. On your Smart TV, download and install the Disney Plus TV app. Start the Disney Plus app. Make a note of the code and the URL https://disneyplus.com/login. Open your phone's browser and navigate to Disneyplus.com/login or disneyplus.com/start. On your TV screen, enter the Disneyplus code and press the "Continue" button. Enter your username and password to access your Disney Plus account. The Disneyplus.com/login input code screen will immediately update on your computer. smart TV, and your phone will be used to login in to your Disney Plus account. How to Login Disney Plus on TV This approach explains how to connect to Disney Plus on smart TV, including Verizon smart TV, and watch your favourite TV shows, movies, series, and episodes on Disney Plus at home. Start Disney Plus TV on your smart TV. Once the app has opened, select the “Login” tab. A prompt will appear with instructions on how to login in to your Disney Plus account. This could include a URL like disneyplus.com login/begin or something similar, as well as a 4 or 8 number code to use to login to your Disney Plus account on your phone or computer browser. Go to the activation page, disneyplus.com/begin, and input the 8 or 4 digit code from your card. Depending on the character on your TV screen, press the "Continue" button. To login to your Disney Plus account on your TV, enter your Disney Plus username (email) and password and follow the instructions on the screen. This is the procedure for logging into Disney Plus on TV. The instructions outlined above are suitable for Samsung smart TVs, LG, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. How to Login Disney Plus on Smart TV (Roku) You probably don't want to miss this tutorial on how to login to Disney Plus on smart TVs and other streaming devices such as Roku. In this case, there is no need to mirror the Disney Plus app from your phone to your Roku. All you have to do is follow the steps outlined below. On the remote, press the Roku "Home" button. Go to the "Channel Store" and choose the "Streaming Channel." In the search box, type "Disney." Simply select the “Disney +” app from the search results after it appears. Allow time for the app to download and install on your Roku. Launch "Disney Plus" on your Roku and sign in with your username and password, or create a new Disney Plus account to begin your Disney + free trial. >>>See Also:5 Best Practices For You To Design The Mobile App Login Screen

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What Is SMS Authentication and Is It Safe?

SMS authentication, also known as SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) and SMS one-time password, is a type of two-factor authentication. (OTP), allows users to authenticate their identities by texting a code to themselves. It is a type of two-factor authentication that frequently functions as a second verifier for users to get access to a network, system, or application and is a solid initial step toward improved security. It should be emphasized, however, that SMS authentication is usually seen as a weak method of verification... We'll go into why, but first, let's go through how SMS authentication works and the benefits and drawbacks of using it. What is the SMS authentication procedure? This authentication process is actually fairly straightforward. Following sign-in, the user receives a text message containing an SMS authentication code. To acquire access, individuals simply type the code into the app or website in question. You've most likely seen this when using Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other services. SMS authentication, as a possession-based factor, verifies a user's identification based on something they own (i.e., a mobile phone). In order to acquire illegal access to an account, bad actors would have to make a user's password as well as their phone. Pros of SMS authentication While SMS authentication is generally discouraged, there are a few reasons why people and organizations continue to utilize it: Passwords are intrinsically weak because users tend to forget them, recycle them across several accounts, or have them stolen owing to poor storage methods (e.g., affixing them on a post-it note). SMS authentication reduces our reliance on passwords while also making it more difficult for bad actors to get access to and hijack accounts. Convenience: One of the reasons users recycle passwords is the sheer volume of online accounts they create and manage: according to our research, consumers must remember 10 passwords every day. SMS authentication reduces this hassle by delivering users unique numbers that they may easily enter on a website or app to verify their identities. Better than no 2FA: Confirming one's identity with multiple pieces of information is always more secure than confirming it with only one piece of information. As a result, SMS authentication is a more secure choice. Cons of SMS authentication Despite its convenience and ease of use, SMS authentication has significant drawbacks, and firms must consider whether it is adequate to protect their corporate, employee, and customer data. Here are a few dangers to be aware of: SIM swapping: While sending an authentication code to a personal mobile phone may appear secure, unscrupulous actors have discovered ways to intercept SMS communications. For example, they can contact a phone company and request that a number be changed to another phone (using personal information they have gathered on a target, such as an SSN). This allows them to view any SMS authentication code delivered to that phone number. SIM card hacking and other SMS or text message interceptions pose a concern as well. Malicious actors, for example, can spoof cell phone tower signals and SS7 protocols (used to permit data roaming) in order to view the information included in private communications. Smartphones that have been lost or stolen: Relying on SMS authentication is risky given the rate at which devices are lost and stolen—and it's considerably riskier when those devices are logged into social media accounts and financial apps. Because text messages and other data may be accessed from many cellphones, laptops, tablets, and wearables, synced devices provide a chance for bad actors. Taking control of an online account: Many cellular service providers allow customers to read text messages via online accounts on their web portals. Bad actors may acquire access to these accounts and attempt to monitor them for SMS authentication codes if they are not secured with a trusted second factor. Social engineering attacks, such as phishing, are as common today as they were in the past. They are the same on mobile devices as they are on desktop and laptop computers. They occur when hostile actors pose as a reputable institution in order to persuade targets to hand over personal information and passwords, including SMS codes, which they can then use to gain illegal access. Expense: In addition to the security issues outlined above, businesses should think about the expense of SMS authentication deployment. The cost of sending SMS texts varies widely between carriers and might alter based on the number of messages sent. Furthermore, the expense of an assault made possible by inadequate SMS authentication can be terrible for businesses. Is SMS verification safe? With all of these SMS attacks and security concerns in mind, it is evident that hackers are becoming more adept by the day; even small quantities of information can be utilized to hijack mobile phones, fake user identities, and get access to accounts. To address your question, SMS authentication is not entirely secure.The National Institute of Standards and Technology, for example, In 2016, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued an official warning against using SMS authentication. While they have now modified their position, SMS authentication remains a big vulnerability. Why is SMS-based two-factor authentication still so popular? The aforementioned SMS security flaws have been widely and publicly discussed for many years. Despite this, many businesses continue to rely on SMS for 2FA. Why? To begin, SMS authentication is simple to configure and use. Furthermore, both customers and workers have gotten accustomed to using it to access their numerous apps. whether they're using Slack, exchanging money, or playing Guild Wars 2End users want quick, seamless login experiences and see SMS as the best solution, ignoring the security consequences. If businesses decide to forego SMS authentication, they must discover alternatives that are just as simple to use.

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Download, Install, and log in Surfshark

SurfShark is a lightweight VPN and network security program that allows users of all skill levels to quickly protect their network connections by re-routing all network requests and data transmission through a network of independent and secure routing servers. SurfShark for Windows PC has quickly become one of the most popular premium VPN solutions for saving money by utilizing not only the latest techniques for preventing anyone from detecting your online habits, locating your location in the real world, or actively monitoring data that you are accessing, but also a streamlined interface that promotes easy discovery of all the most important tools and features. All of this and more are available with the Surf Shark app, which features a simple UI interface for controlling your VPN connections and sharing this functionality with all of your home devices (including smartphones). To avoid using VPNs, configuration options include the ability to whitelist particular apps and websites. The software is small and simple to use, with built-in support for a variety of worldwide languages. The software may also be incorporated straight into popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. With an increase in high-profile cyber-attacks and growing worries about data privacy, more Internet users are turning to virtual private networks (VPNs) to keep them secure when surfing. By concealing IP addresses, encrypting network data transfers, and preventing other forces from watching user behavior, a VPN secures its clients' internet traffic. Many VPNs also enable users to access banned or inaccessible content from any location, as well as high-speed video streaming. There are numerous VPN options available, but we'll be focusing on Surfshark today. Surfshark is a virtual private network service headquartered in the British Virgin Islands that was launched in 2018. VPN programs are available for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, FireTV, and Apple TV, among other platforms and device types. Surfshark now has over 1,040 servers spread over 61 countries. Private DNS, Camouflage Mode, IPsec/IKEv2, P2P-friendly features, OpenVPN, and extension support are all included on all Surfshark servers. Learn how to use Surfshark by downloading, installing, and logging in. Sign up for Surfshark first Step 1:Signing up with Surfshark is, of course, the first step towards getting started. If you join up for Surfshark through our affiliate link, you'll receive a special discount on the VPN software. A two-year plan costs $1.99 per month, while a yearly plan costs $5.99 per month and a monthly plan costs $11.95 per month. Choose the package that best suits your needs! Create an account after selecting your preferred payment plan and entering your payment details. Step 2: Get the Surfshark software on your computer. It's time to download Surfshark after you've joined up for the service. The VPN solution is available in a variety of variants, each of which is suited to certain devices and operating systems. Select the version of Surfshark that works with your operating system, whether it's Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, or Linux, as well as the Chrome and Firefox web browsers after you've registered an account and your transaction has been finalized. Then you may download the installer for your particular system. Step 3: Download and install the program on your computer or mobile device. Navigate to the location where you downloaded the installer and launch the executable file. Following the on-screen directions to complete the installation procedure is straightforward from here. The installation for Surfshark is straightforward and easy to comprehend, and after it's completed, you're almost ready to start browsing safely. Step 4: Launch the application and log in to Surfshark. Open the Surfshark program to log in and start the VPN software after the installation is complete. You'll be prompted to enter your username and password, which should be the same as the information you gave when you created your account. Step 5: Use Surfshark to begin browsing safely. To activate the service, click the Connect button at the bottom of the screen after logging into the application. You're ready to surf the web safely and secretly now! Surfshark's state-of-the-art, multi-gigabit private network will give online security, secure your identity, provide anonymity, halt eavesdroppers, unblock websites, and grant unfiltered access to the internet once you've joined and set up it. Why should you download and use Surfshark? There are several VPN services on the market, each with its own set of advantages and benefits over competing products. The following are some of the advantages of utilizing ExpressVPN: • CleanWeb CleanWeb is a VPN ad blocker developed by Surfshark that actively protects users from malware and phishing attacks. The service filters annoying popups and advertisements, eliminates questionable links, stops phishing attempts, and saves user mobile data. CleanWeb detects malware automatically using constantly updated databases (which now contain over one million compromised websites) and provides next-level phishing prevention. • Whitelister Whitelister is a VPN tunneling function offered by Surfshark that lets users to exclude particular programs or websites from connecting over the VPN. VPN tunneling allows certain network traffic to travel via your VPN, which is handy for browsing websites that prohibit VPN access while still protecting other apps and websites with sophisticated encryption. Whitelister may be used to block particular websites from being accessed over your VPN connection. • MultiHop Surfshark's double VPN function, MultiHop, allows customers to connect to two separate VPN servers for added protection. Users may disguise their true location and activity more reliably, increase online privacy, and boost connection speed by using a double VPN. MultiHop is aimed at consumers that desire more anonymity when connecting to their own nation, as well as activists and journalists, as well as security-focused businesses.

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Tips To View Gmail Login History

Gmail is a free email service that was launched by google in 2004. At the time of its launch, Gmail provided each user with a storage capacity of one gigabyte. These days, the service comes with 15 gigabytes of storage. In addition to this feature, the users can receive emails up to 50 gigabytes including the attachments, whereas they can send emails up to 25 gigabytes. The emails are scanned by Google’s mail servers to filter spam and malware and also to add context advertisements next to emails. It was announced by Google in June 2017 that contextual Gmail content for advertising purposes will not be further used. There are some really important things that Gmail users must be aware of. A few really important tips for Gmail users are mentioned below: 1- How to Check the Your Gmail Login History Gmail being Google’s free and popular email service keeps track of any suspicious activity in its user’s account. If at any point of time our Gmail account is being logged into from any device such as a smartphone, computer, or tablet, Google instantly sends an alert to the device specified by the user for receiving security alerts. In the majority of the cases, Google asks the user some security questions, failing which the log-in attempt is abandoned and an alert is sent to the owner’s device or account. To prevent Gmail account from being hacked, it is highly advised that the users thoroughly review their Gmail Login History to detect any irregular pattern of use by an unauthorized user. 2- Checking For Unauthorized Users Firstly, the user must be aware of the authorized users. Users aren’t tracked by Gmail. Instead, sessions are tracked seeking assistance from the device, the browser software, and the IP address. The devices used to access Gmail account followed by the IP addresses, the browsers and the exact dates of login provide the necessary information. One of the other ways to figure out this information is by checking the Gmail Login History. By doing so, the probability of unauthorized usage of a Gmail account is minimized. 3- To Track Your Gmail Login History And Device List The user needs to first log in to the Gmail Account. By clicking on the details button a new tab with account activity information is displayed. The tables display the browser the IP address, browser used, the country of origin, and the time and date of the login. In case the user notices any erroneous activity, he should choose to sign out of all active web sessions. Show Details provides other information. One of the other ways to view Gmail Login History is by visiting the Recent Security Events page. It reveals any new logins from unauthorized locations. 4- Checking VPN Use Users may spot any suspicious login from other locations. To confirm if the user’s Gmail Account has been hacked the user must check for his personal virtual private network package to track web browsing activity. VPNs are primarily used to improve the security of the online sessions but sometimes mislead you in interpreting security logs. 5- Significance Of Checking Gmail Account Login History At numerous times, Google isn’t equipped to block unauthorized addresses and devices from their users logging into their account, as it may prove to be misleading; for legal users may log in using changed phones or from other devices at their disposal. They are only able to highlight suspicious events like strange logins for your attention. 6- If Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked The user needs to be extremely cautious about the fictitious usage of his Gmail Account. The casual attitude of the user may lead to the threat of more spam or malware that could be sent or files to be downloaded from the user’s Google Drive. Users must ensure that the login password is changed immediately, as this will prevent any further erroneous activity by the hackers. Password changing is an easy process that involves logging into the google security page, changing the password, and confirming that the password has been changed. Besides changing the Gmail Account password, passwords of any other related accounts should be changed too to beef up the security measures on part of the user. For example, any other accounts that use Gmail to log in to your other accounts such as a security account should be changed too. 7- Enable Two-Factor Authentication Two-Factor authentication of your Gmail Account increases its security and prevents it from happening again. The user has to select between an SMS or a call offer. It is better to select the SMS option, as one is never without a phone at any interval of time. The user should also ensure that it has a recovery email for any login alerts. Conclusion Once the user has secured the Gmail Account, it is advised to let people know that the Gmail account was hacked. One needs to ensure the security of the account and also people in contact realize that everything is back to normal.

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Is Eastern Maine Medical allowing visitors? ›

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - With the rise in COVID cases across the state, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center has adjusted its visiting hours. Adult patients are now allowed one visitor per stay from 2-4 p.m. daily. The visitor must be the same person for the length of the patient's stay.

How do you call a patient at Maine Medical Center? ›

To call a patient, please call the general hospital number (207) 795-0111 and you will be connected to their room phone.

Who owns Northern Light? ›

Northern Lights is already in discussions with potential customers around Europe, representing 48 Mt of CO2 per year, more than is currently stored worldwide. Northern Lights is owned by Equinor, Shell and Total.

How many hospitals does Northern Light have? ›

We are comprised of ten member hospitals with 584 long-term beds, a single physician-led medical group, eight nursing homes, five emergency transport members, 37 primary care locations, and we employ more than 12,000 people in Maine.

Can I go to Maine if I'm vaccinated? ›

For fully vaccinated travelers to Maine:

Vaccinated international travelers do not need to quarantine on their arrival to Maine unless they are symptomatic. Vaccinated international travelers who are asymptomatic do not need to be tested.

Can visitors go to Maine Medical Center? ›

To pre-register please contact MaineHealth PreServices at 207-662-2433 or toll-free at 1-800-619-9715, Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 6:30 pm. Visiting hours and policies vary throughout the hospital and can change based on federal and state guidelines.

What is a blue patient? ›

A “blue code” is defined as any patient with an unexpected cardiac or respiratory arrest requiring resuscitation and activation of a hospital-wide alert.

What is a Category 1 patient? ›

Triage category 1

People who need to have treatment immediately or within two minutes are categorised as having an immediately life-threatening condition. People in this category are critically ill and require immediate attention. Most would have arrived in emergency department by ambulance.

How early can you call patients? ›

Calls are prohibited before 8 am or after 9 pm and the caller must immediately comply with any do-not-call request.

Does Maine have good healthcare? ›

Hawaii is the top state for health care. It's followed by Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and California to round out the top five. Learn more about the Best States for health care below.
Health Care Rankings.
StateMaine Maine
Health Care Access27
Health Care Quality9
Public Health31
51 more columns

Who owns North Bay hospital? ›

NorthBay Healthcare co-founded Western Health Advantage (WHA) in 1996 with Mercy/Dignity Health. NorthBay owns a 50% stake in the health plan (with Dignity Health owning the remaining 50%).

Who owns Northern Maine Medical Center? ›

Ultimately, Northern Maine Medical Center belongs to the 15,000 people in the hospital's service area , the Upper St. John Valley and neighboring communities. Acting on their behalf, the hospital is guided by a Board of Trustees who represent these health care consumers.

Is a northern light a true story? ›

A Northern Light is one of those rare works of fiction that works on every level – as a historical fiction novel and as a young adult novel, even though it is set in the early 1900s, Mattie is a heroine that modern young readers can appreciate and identify with.

How many employees does Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center have? ›

It takes a special team to lead more than 4,000 talented individuals and coordinate it into the kind of sophisticated care our patients find at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center.

When using Northern Light What does a red padlock indicate IBM? ›

The padlock indicates the report is locked. When a global report is locked, the report creator is the only user who can modify the report.

What are the visiting hours for Maine Med? ›

VISITING HOURS: 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. daily at all three of our hospitals: Central Maine Medical Center (CMMC), Bridgton Hospital and Rumford Hospital.

Who owns Eastern Maine Medical Center? ›

Wal-Mart clinics

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center and its parent company, Northern Light Health, collaborated with Aroostook Medical Center, Inland Hospital, Sebasticook Valley Health, and six Wal-Mart stores, to open up The Clinic at Wal-Marts inside the stores in 2009.

Is Maine health the same as Maine Medical Center? ›

Maine Medical Partners is a department of Maine Medical Center, which is part of the MaineHealth family of regional hospital systems. MMP providers work closely with hospital providers to coordinate the treatment and services our patients receive.

Is Maine Medical Center public? ›

MMC is structured as a non-profit, private corporation governed by volunteer trustees.


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