Revisional Bariatric Surgery Dallas, Tx | Types, Insurance, Cost & Results (2023)

Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Have you undergone any form of bariatric weight loss surgery and later had complications or you did not end up losing weight? Undergoing a revisional bariatric surgery could be the best option for you.

Revisional bariatric surgery is a surgery performed to repair or correct any of weight loss surgical procedure that was performed before. It is a corrective procedure to an unsuccessful weight loss surgery or a weight loss surgery with complications.

It is beneficial for correcting complications and to enhance weight loss results from a previous weight loss procedure.

What is the need for revisional bariatric surgery?

The need for revisional bariatric surgery is simply to correct or repair complications that happened in the first bariatric surgery. It is also to enhance weight loss result in cases where the first weight loss surgery did not yield any significant result.

Some surgeons have performed weight loss surgery and later on there were complications with the procedure. Some overweight patients that undergo weight loss surgeries the first time didn’t experience any weight loss. The patients had to undergo another weight loss surgery that will hopefully lead to weight loss.

What are the types of revisional bariatric surgery?

There are different types of revisional bariatric surgery procedures. The different procedures are performed in different ways and they are all performed for the sole aim of weight reduction.

If you have undergone gastric sleeve surgery before and you didn’t experience any weight loss, a gastric sleeve revision surgery may be the solution.

There are four different options of gastric sleeve revisional surgery, they include:

  • Gastric bypass
  • Re-sleeve
  • Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band
  • Duodenal switch.

Who is an ideal candidate for revisional bariatric surgery?

You are an ideal candidate for a revisional bariatric surgery if:

  • You have first undergone a bariatric weight loss surgery before but you didn’t lose any weight or there was no significant weight loss.

However, a little weight regain does not automatically qualify you as a right candidate for a revisional procedure. You need to first talk with the surgeon that did your surgery.

He/she will observe and evaluate you to know the exact reason/s why the procedure didn’t yield good result. Your surgeon will then decide if you need to undergo a revisional bariatric surgery.

  • If there were complications during or after undergoing a bariatric weight loss surgery.

Can a different surgeon who wsn’t the one that performed the first bariatric surgery perform a revisional bariatric surgery on me?

Yes, a different surgeon can perform a revisional bariatric surgery. However, some revisional bariatric surgeries are very complicated and difficult, hence it requires a very experienced specialist.

If you want to undergo a revisional bariatric surgery with a surgeon that is different from the previous surgeon that did the first surgery, make sure he/she is a specialist that is very experienced with an excellent track record.

What result should you expect from a revisional bariatric surgery?

Results from revisional bariatric surgery are generally better than the result obtained from the initial procedure. If it is done by an experienced surgeon, he/she will know the exact reasons why the initial procedure didn’t yield a good result. If there were complications with the first procedure, the surgeon will know about it and how to prevent these complications from arising again.

Due to the practical experience with the first procedure, the surgeon will have better insights on how to perform the revisional procedure. Any complication that happened in the first procedure will be corrected and all available problems will be solved.

Losing weight after a revisional procedure is generally easier and more effective. Since you have gone through a weight loss procedure before, you will have better experience and knowledge on the things you need to do, diet you need to follow, exercise routines you need to engage in, and other instructions you need to follow so as to get a better result from the revisional procedure.

It will be a less dramatic and less difficult process since you already have experience from the previous procedure. You will know what you didn’t do well during the first procedure and how to improve on them.

What if you didn’t good result after the procedure?

However, undergoing a particular procedure may not yield good result, hence another kind of procedure is recommended. For instance, some patients have undergone Lap-band procedure but did not lose weight after the procedure and when underwent a revisional Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, they lost significant weight.

What this mean in essence is that a particular bariatric procedure may not produce good result on a patient and the need for a different revisional procedure is essential. Different patients do well with different bariatric procedures, hence if you undergo a particular procedure and you didn’t get a good result, a different revisional procedure might yield better results.

How to prepare for a revisional bariatric surgery

Just like preparing for any weight loss surgery, you need to first consult with your doctor to give you special medical instructions, dieting plans and the things you need to do before undergoing a revisional procedure.

In order to get a better result from a revisional procedure, you need to prepare better more than how you prepared for the initial procedure. You need to thoroughly follow all the instructions given to you.

Typically, before undergoing a weight loss procedure, you are not allowed to eat for some days before the day of the procedure. You should be eating food that contains a lot of protein months or weeks before the procedure.

This is because you will need protein in your body system to compensate for its need after the surgery due to the rapid weight loss you are going to experience. You should also take multivitamins to help revitalize your body system.

The night before the procedure, you are not allowed to eat any food or take liquids that contains calorie. If you are on any medications or you have any medical condition, inform your doctor.

Your doctor may perform some tests on you to check your blood pressure, sugar level and other necessary tests. You may need to undergo an X-ray and upper gastrointestinal evaluations so that your doctor will know if you are suitable and medically safe to undergo the procedure.

What to do after undergoing a revisional bariatric procedure

Just like every bariatric surgery, after undergoing the procedure, you will need to stay in the hospital or clinic for 3 or more days so that you can be properly monitored and observed.

You will be allowed to drink only clear fluids like water and some specific kind of liquids. You are not allowed to eat solid food because your stomach needs to heal first before you can eat solid food.

You will be given special diets that you need to follow for some weeks or months until your intestine and internal organs are healed before you can start eating solid foods. You will be given vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements.

You will also need to go for medical check-ups so that your doctor can monitor how well you are healing. After some weeks, you can change from taking only liquids to eating semi-liquid foods and then to solid food.

Engage in soft exercises until you are fully recovered before you can engage in more strenuous exercises. Full recovery after a revisional procedure may take about four to six weeks.

Risks or complications associated with revisional bariatric surgery

Though revisional bariatric procedures are typically corrective procedures, there are some risks or complications that may occur. Complications are, however, very minimal when the procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon. It also depends on the type of procedure that was performed.

Lap-band procedure has a higher rate of complications with about 10% of complications arising within the first two years including unsatisfactory weight loss. Gastric bypass has a lower complication rate of about 5-10% within the first five years including unsatisfactory weight loss.

The experience and specialty of the surgeon that did the procedure, determine to a large extent the rate of complications that may arise. A revisional procedure done by a very experienced surgeon will yield lower complications and provide better weight result more than a revisional procedure done by an inexperienced surgeon.

Revision bariatric surgery insurance coverage

Revisional bariatric procedures are generally covered by insurance, however, there are different criteria that should be fulfilled.

Many insurance companies require the dietary history of the patient. Some other insurance companies need to be assured that the patient is suffering from complications associated with the initial procedure. If you are under this category, you will be quickly approved for insurance coverage.

If your reason for undergoing a revisional procedure is because you are not satisfied with the result of your weight loss, you may find it difficult to get approved.

Different insurance companies have different policies that guide their operations, hence you need to call your insurance provider to get more information about this.

Revision bariatric surgery cost in Dallas & Fort worth, Tx

The cost of revisional bariatric surgery depends on the specific procedure, medical facility, and other related factors.

The average cost of revisional bariatric surgery is $5,600.

Revisional Bariatric Surgery Dallas, Tx | Types, Insurance, Cost & Results (1)

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