Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust (2022)

The MacLeod Diabetes and Endocrine and Metabolic centre offers specialist treatment and support for people living with diabetes, endocrinology, lipid and obesity.

Our team includes consultants, specialist nurses, psychologists, dietitians, podiatrists, doctors and other professionals in training. We provide inpatient and outpatient care and community support with your GP (via phone, email, virtual clinics and community clinics). We will assess any referral into the centre and consider the best way to help you. This could be via a face-to-face appointment, video or phone appointment.

The department is also a central hub for training medical students.

More on what we do


Our diabetes team routinely see patients living with type 1 diabetes, where the pancreas produces little or no insulin. We also see some patients with more complex type 2 diabetes. Most type 2 diabetes is managed by your GP.

We have many specialist clinics, including:

  • Pre-conception clinic for women with diabetes planning to have a baby
  • Diabetes pregnancy clinic
  • Young persons’ diabetes clinic, including for patients transitioning from paediatric diabetes care
  • Renal diabetes clinic for patients with significant diabetes-related kidney problems
  • Insulin pump clinic
  • Clinics for patients with rare genetic causes of diabetes
  • Diabetes foot clinic for patients with complex or active diabetic foot disease
  • Clinical health psychology for patients who are experiencing emotional difficulties related to their diabetes

We offer structured education for type 1 diabetes: the introductory TIDE course, and the more detailed ERICA course (equivalent to the nationally recognised DAFNE programme).

The department has an international reputation for award-winning research, particularly into rarer genetic forms of diabetes and type 1 diabetes. This supports the clinical service and allows access to clinical trials.


Our endocrinology team offer specialist clinics in hormones, particularly pituitary, adrenal, thyroid and genetically inherited diseases. Endocrinology is related to hormones, and the effects of hormone levels that are too high or too low. We also see people who have certain types of cancers in endocrine glands.

Our team of specialist nurses and doctors often perform specialist blood tests and scans to help make a diagnosis. These tests may be arranged before you see a doctor you in clinic, so that results are available to discuss.

(Video) Week 1 3rd June Introduction to the Devon International Recruitment team and NHS hospitals

We work closely with other specialities including thyroid, pituitary and adrenal surgeons and oncologists (cancer specialists) to provide the best possible patient care.

Exeter Medical Obesity Service (EMOS)

The EMOS team are a dedicated and compassionate group of professionals who will take into account your individual circumstances. The team includes; administrators, consultant doctors (endocrinologists), psychiatric nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, talking health therapists and specialist dietitians.

We offer support in the following areas:

  • Medical and dietetic initial assessment, which might include onward referral for further psychological assessment, if necessary.
  • Help to understand and explore your relationship with food and weight including patterns of behaviour that can be difficult to change.
  • Information and guidance about nutrition, feeling well-nourished and looking after your health and wellbeing.
  • Support to increase your confidence in physical movement and increase your daily activity levels.

EMOS is a ‘tier 3’ service which means we assess and support people to work towards bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery takes place in ‘tier 4’ service which are located at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton and at Derriford, Plymouth. It is not necessary to be seeking surgery to come to EMOS, nor is surgery appropriate for every person.

EMOS has entry criteria based on both severity of the weight problem, and the presence of other health problems (such as diabetes). We cannot see people who do not meet those criteria unfortunately.

Our team


  • Dr Antonia Brooke, clinical lead, specialist endocrinology
  • Dr Mark Daly, diabetes foot
  • Dr Mollie Donohoe, Turner syndrome, diabetes foot
  • Dr Tom Fox, diabetes foot clinic, insulin pump clinic, general diabetes, EMOS
  • Professor Andrew Hattersley, rare Genetic forms of diabetes, diabetes in pregnancy
  • Associate Professor Angus Jones, rare Genetic forms of diabetes, general diabetes
  • Dr Katarina Kos, EMOS and general diabetes
  • Dr Helen Lockett, insulin pump clinic (lead), general diabetes
  • Dr Kash Patel, general diabetes
  • Dr Julia Prague, specialist endocrinology
  • Professor Bijay Vaidya, specialist endocrinology, general diabetes, endocrine disease in pregnancy
  • Dr Neil Walker, general diabetes clinic, renal diabetes (lead), insulin pump, young persons’ diabetes clinic, general endocrinology
  • Dr Roderick Warren, general diabetes, diabetes foot (lead), young persons’ diabetes (lead), general endocrinology

Specialist diabetes nurses

  • Tina Sanders – lead nurse
  • Tracy Courtney
  • Marie Dougal
  • Sarah Havill
  • Emma Rawdon
  • Jane Stewart
  • Rachael Thompson

Specialist Endocrine Nurses

  • Rhianne Mason
  • Claire Morton


  • Laura Brown – lead
  • Zoe Boulton

Specialist Dietitians

  • Fiona Thompson – lead
  • Josie Rodgers
  • Vicky Creese
  • Esme Deakin

Clinical Health Psychologist

  • Dr Anna Disney

Where to find us

RD&E Wonford, Barrack Rd, Exeter EX2 5DW

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The Macleod Diabetes and Endocrine Centre (click for site information and directions) is situated just off Haldon View Terrace, near to the corner with Barrack Rd.

We advise that you do not come to the main hospital entrance, which is a 10 minute walk. There is a dedicated car park outside our building, although spaces are limited.

We also offer diabetes and endocrine clinics at Honiton Hospital (click for site information and directions).

Contact us

Clinic reception

Telephone: 01392 403846

Use this number if you have already attended our clinic, and have queries about a new or a follow-up appointment. This number can also be used for general enquiries, but first please check below for the number you require.

Diabetes specialist nurse

Telephone: 01392 411611 and ask for 'Operator'. When you are put through to a switchboard operator, please ask them to put you through to the 'adult diabetes nurse on call'. You may have to wait a few minutes to be connected (for example, if they are already taking a call).

A nurse is on call Monday to Friday for routine enquiries from 9am to 5pm. For urgent enquiries they are available from 9am to 8pm every day including the weekend.

Do not hesitate to phone if you are feeling ill and are concerned about your blood sugars. For routine enquiries, please try to phone during normal working hours. If you wish to contact a particular individual, please see the specialist nurses page for more information.

Endocrine specialist nurse

Telephone: 01392 402847 / 01392 403835

Messages are checked once every working-week day. Please be sure to leave your name and telephone number, and suggest times for us to call back.

Specialist dietitians

(Video) Thursday 9th June Community Nursing Webinar

General dietetic secretary: 01392 403830 - for most enquiries, including diabetes-related queries.

Obesity dietitians secretary: 01392 402294 - for patients who are attending our obesity clinic.

Specialist diabetes podiatry clinic

Telephone: 01392 402204

We provide a specialist service to a large area of Devon, and cannot offer routine review or nail care. Patients must be referred by a GP, practice nurse or community podiatrist.

ERICA course organiser

Telephone: 01392 403830

Use this number if you have been referred for an ERICA (Exeter Recommendations for Insulin Carbohydrate Adjustments) course and have a query about dates, venues etc.

Supporting you


  • Treatment of hypoglycaemia

Managing insulin during illness

  • General advice on management of blood glucose during illness – includes guide for insulin dose adjustment
  • Sick day rules for type 1 diabetes (DAFNE/ERICA trained)
  • Sick day rules for type 1 diabetes (insulin pump)

Downloading and sharing your blood glucose data

  • Instructions for download of blood glucose meter at home
  • Instructions for Wavesense Jazz Wireless meter with Diasend app
  • Instructions for download of insulin pump at home
  • Instructions for MyLife bolus advice app

Footcare patient information


  • Travelling with insulin-treated diabetes

Diabetes and pregnancy

(Video) Exeter Devon England, little walking tour of my home town and fun stuff to do in the area.

Information for healthcare professionals

There is a dedicated time when primary care professionals only can speak to one of our consultants.

The slot is 2pm-2.45pm, Monday to Friday.

The contact number is 0781 8002363.

If we are already on a call, we ask that you phone back later. If you have to leave a message, please leave a direct contact number - not the surgery switchboard.

Consultants will also give advice via the NHS e-referrals service, or by email. Queries should be sent to

We cannot read or answer emails from anyone other than primary care professionals.

Click here to view our 'Exeter Diabetes Handbook'


What NHS Trust is Exeter in? ›

On 1 April 2022 Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust was acquired by Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust. At this time the Trusts name was changed to Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

What does Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Specialise in? ›

We offer a full range of general services and a number of specialist services such as renal (kidney), plastic and thoracic (chest) surgery, as well as orthopaedics at the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Centre. Most beds have access to bedside telephone, television and internet facilities.

Is Exeter a good hospital? ›

We rated the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust as good overall. Wonford Hospital was rated as good overall with two services, urgent and emergency care being rated as outstanding overall.

What is the biggest hospital in Devon? ›

Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (Wonford) is our largest hospital in the Trust, where many of our acute clinical services are based.

What does RD & E stand for? ›

research, development, and engineering.

How many beds does Exeter hospital have? ›

Exeter Hospital is a 100-bed tax exempt, community-based hospital and one of three affiliates of Exeter Health Resources. At each of the affiliated companies, we are committed to providing health care services that are innovative, progressive, and focused on quality and the well-being of patients.

How much does it cost to park at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital? ›

Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital
Tariff DurationWeekdayParking Code
1 hour£1.5060
2 hours£2.50120
3 hours£3.50180
4 hours£4.50240
5 more rows

Is parking free at RD&E Exeter? ›

The public 'pay and display' car parks at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital at Wonford are changing to a pay-on-exit system, meaning users only pay for the time they are actually in the car park.

How many beds does Torbay Hospital have? ›

This report covers the acute services provided from the Torbay hospital location. Torbay hospital has 293 beds and in 2014/15 had 70,000 inpatient admissions, 77,000 emergency department attendances and 424,000 outpatient attendances. We inspected Torbay hospital as part of our programme of comprehensive inspections.

Can you get a private room in a NHS hospital? ›

NHS Amenity Patients. If you are an NHS patient, you may be able to benefit from the use of one of our amenity beds. Amenity beds are available to NHS patients who wish to pay for the privacy of a single en-suite room whilst their treatment remains on the NHS.

Can you go privately with the NHS? ›

If your GP thinks you need to see a specialist and you want to pay for it privately, they can write a letter of referral to a private consultant or specialist explaining your condition and your medical history. You may be charged for this.

Is there a private A&E? ›

The Princess Grace Hospital

The centre treats minor illnesses, and injuries and doctors can refer patients to specialist private consultants and avail onsite diagnostic imaging services if required. Advanced diagnostics such as ultrasound, CT and MRI are available at the hospital.

What does Torbay Hospital Specialise in? ›

Our departments and services
Name of departmentProvided by
BBreast cancer servicesTorbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust
Breast SurgeryTorbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust
CCancer ServicesTorbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust
CardiologyTorbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust
84 more rows
30 Sept 2014

What does Plymouth hospital Specialise in? ›

Our staff here offer a range of specialist services including: Kidney transplant. Pancreatic cancer surgery. Neurosurgery.

What is Derriford Hospital known for? ›

Derriford Hospital is a large teaching hospital in Plymouth, England. The hospital serves Plymouth and nearby areas of Devon and Cornwall. It also provides tertiary cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery and renal transplant surgery for the whole of the South West Peninsula.

Is Exeter a Hospital magnet? ›

Exeter Hospital proudly received initial Magnet Designation in 2013 and was successfully re-designated in 2018. In a Magnet organization, nurses have control over their practice.

Who owns Exeter Hospital New Hampshire? ›

The 100-bed Exeter Hospital is part of Exeter Health Resources, which also includes a physician group and a home care and hospice agency. Chief executive Kevin Callahan said in a statement that the deal would help Exeter Health invest in services that it could not provide as a stand-alone organization. Mass.

Does Exeter have park and ride? ›

Park and ride services to Exeter City Centre are operated by Stagecoach South West. For information on the latest timetables please see the links below. For fare information please contact Stagecoach.

Is Sowton Park and Ride Open? ›

Open between 6am and 7:30pm, 7 days a week (Honiton) Monday-Friday (Sowton and Matford). Park and Ride sites enable visitors to park their car on the periphery of the city and travel in by bus.

Is there parking at Heavitree hospital? ›

Parking. There is pay and display parking at Heavitree Hospital. An alternative car park is the Triangle Car Park which is situated approximately ten minutes away. To get to this car park take the first right after the police station when coming from Heavitree hospital.

Where can I park with a blue badge in Exeter? ›

The service is available to residents and visitors in Exeter. Free parking for Shopmobility users is available on level three of the Princesshay Car Park. Blue Badge holders can park for free in all City Council car parks, except for the Premium car parks, provided a valid blue badge is displayed.

How many employees does NDDH have? ›

There are 2,939 staff delivering services across a wide geographical area, including in people's homes, clinics, five community hospitals and the acute district general hospital (NDDH). The trust has 275 acute and general beds, 17 maternity beds and 8 critical care beds.

How many beds does North Devon District Hospital have? ›

What are the values of the RD&E? ›

Our vision is to provide safe, high quality, seamless services delivered with courtesy and respect. our values and behaviours are at the heart of everything we do. together they set out how we will put our vision into practice by guiding and influencing how we behave.

How many beds does Torbay Hospital have? ›

This report covers the acute services provided from the Torbay hospital location. Torbay hospital has 293 beds and in 2014/15 had 70,000 inpatient admissions, 77,000 emergency department attendances and 424,000 outpatient attendances. We inspected Torbay hospital as part of our programme of comprehensive inspections.

How big is Barnstaple? ›

The parish population was 24,033 at the 2011 census, and that of the built-up area 32,411 in 2018. The town area with nearby settlements such as Bishop's Tawton, Fremington and Landkey, had a 2020 population of 46,619.

How much is parking at North Devon hospital? ›

Parking in the NDHT car parks is FREE at the present time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For latest guidance please visit the Northern Devon Healthcare Trust website. Please follow signposts to the hospital from most of the main routes into Barnstaple.

How do you pay for parking at North Devon hospital? ›

A pay on foot system is operated at Car Park A and patients and visitors will collect a barrier ticket on entry and pay at the machine to receive an exit ticket. The payment machines are located at the main entrance to the hospital, also next to the ramp and at the centre of the car park.

Where is Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust? ›

Trust headquarters are in Barnstaple.

When did North Devon District Hospital open? ›

Who do they apply to Royal Free hospital? ›

Who can join? You can become a member of the Royal Free London if you live in England, are 16 or over, or are a carer for a patient that is under 16 years old. Sign up as a member for free!

How many people work at the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital? ›

8317 staff work at this trust. Some services at this hospital are provided by other trusts. See the full list of departments for more information.

How many world class care values does the NHS have? ›

The values

There are six values that all staff – everyone from porters, physiotherapists, nurses, paramedics and gardeners to secretaries, consultants, healthcare scientists and phlebotomists – are expected to demonstrate: working together for patients. Patients come first in everything we do. respect and dignity.

What does Torbay Hospital Specialise in? ›

Our departments and services
Name of departmentProvided by
BBreast cancer servicesTorbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust
Breast SurgeryTorbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust
CCancer ServicesTorbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust
CardiologyTorbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust
84 more rows
30 Sept 2014

Which trust is Torbay Hospital? ›

South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust runs Torbay Hospital and has a reputation for innovation: • one of 5 national centres designated by the Department of Health as an “NHS flagship”.

How many employees does Torbay Hospital have? ›

We employ over 6,500 staff, including doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, consultants, and physiotherapists, as well as highly skilled managers, administrators and technical experts.


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