The 3-Phase Plan to Fix Your Metabolism for Good (2023)

If you’re like many of my clients, you’ve been on the diet rollercoaster for years, cycling through whichever new miracle diet is topping the week’s headlines. The problem is you’re still stuck with the same belly fat.Maybe you’ll lose a little on some of these punishing diets, only to gain it back once you start eating like a normal person again. You’re exasperated and feel like your body has thrown in the towel.

Sound familiar? It’s called chronic dieting. But the problem isn’t you, it’s your out-of-whack metabolism. It doesn’t need another miracle diet – it needs to go into rehab!

Metabolism rehab is the exact opposite of all these diets that have failed you in the past. Starving yourself, cutting out food groups, and counting every calorie and carb actually slows down your metabolism, making it harder and harder to lose weight.

The best way to rev up your sluggish metabolism is to eat, and eat a lot. How could eating a lot help you lose weight? The secret is to shake things up: Confuse it to lose it! By eating specific whole, nutritious, delicious foods on specific days, you’ll speed up your metabolism and get it burning again. And you’ll do it without going hungry or giving up your favorite foods. And never forget about exercise: If you want to truly optimize your metabolism, you have to get your body moving. It’s as simple as 30 minutes of exercise, three times a week.

I’ve developed a three-phase eating plan that shows you how. This is not a “diet” in the traditional sense. This is an eating plan that heals your metabolism, satiates your body and mind, and helps you learn to love food again. You’ll shed excess weight and finally slay those old dragons – the metabolic myths that have been dragging you down.

The 3-Phase Plan requires that you complete all three phases, every week for four weeks. Each day of each phase requires that you eat three meals and two snacks.You can always repeat the 28-day plan, or even just a week or two of the plan if you find your metabolism needs a boost.

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Metabolic Myth #1: If I could just eat less, I’d finally lose weight.

“Eat less to lose weight” is the worst diet myth around. Ignore your body’s hunger signals, and it’ll plunge directly into starvation mode, hoarding every molecule of fat that it can. You start producing too much of the fat-storage hormone RT3, which tells your body to store fat rather than burn it. And what does your body then burn as fuel? It starts eating your muscles for food instead of fat.

Metabolic Rehab Phase 1: Unwind stress, calm the adrenals. Duration: 2 Days

The first step of rebooting your metabolism is giving it what it needs to pull itself out of emergency mode: whole grains and natural sugar in the form of fruit. The sweet fruits and wholesome carbs in Phase 1 stimulate endorphins in the brain and flood the body with very easily digestible nutrients. You can also eat moderate amounts of lean proteins.

Phase 1 convinces your body that it’s no longer in an emergency situation, encouraging it to actually digest the food you are eating, and use those nutrients for fuel rather than storing it as fat.

Phase 1 Sample Meal Plan

Breakfast: Strawberry French Toast (fruit and grain)

Snack: Mango or other fruit

Lunch: Chicken sandwich with a side salad (grain, protein, fruit and veggie)

Snack: Baked Cinnamon Grapefruit (fruit)

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Dinner: Chicken and Broccoli Rice Bowl (grain, protein and veggie)

Metabolic Myth #2: If I like it too much, it can’t be good for meor my waistline.

This is another doozy. As chronic dieters, we’ve been told that good-tasting food is bad, that diet foods must be bland, dry and tasteless. This just isn’t true. Food is naturally one of the human body’s greatest pleasures. Take a bite of a delicious food you love, and your adrenal glands start pumping out endorphins (feel-good hormones). This prompts your brain to release serotonin (another feel-good hormone). And that tells the thyroid gland to produce another hormone you’re going to like – one that burns fat.

And while you’re feeling happy and burning fat, your leptin (hunger hormone) levels are sinking. You don’t feel hungry anymore, so you don’t overeat! Remember, if you eat boring food you hate, none of this will happen. Worse, you’ll screw up your body’s natural food response.

Metabolic Repair Phase 2: Unlock fat stores. Duration: 2 Days

The second phase of my plan introduces rich foods you thought you could never have on a "diet": juicy steak, rich lobster, flavorful salmon. Meanwhile, we pull back on grains and fruit and introduce lots of alkalizing green vegetables. Leafy greens, asparagus, mushrooms and peppers help balance the acidity of the protein you’re eating, keeping the body pH balanced. Your body then converts those proteins into amino acids, the building blocks of muscle.

So while you’re eating fat in the form of meat and fish, you’re also burning fat as fuel. The protein combined with lots of vegetables are the keys to releasing “old” fat – you’re actually unlocking stored fat into the bloodstream, ready for Phase 3, when your metabolism will really burn hot, melting those pounds off. For these two days you will not eat other sources of fat or carbs.

Phase 2 Sample Meal Plan

Breakfast:Egg white, mushroom and spinach omelet (proteinandveggie)

Snack: Smoked salmon and cucumbers (protein and veggie)

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Lunch: Tuna Salad-stuffed Red Pepper(protein and veggie)

Snack: Turkey jerky or nitrate-free lunch meat (protein)

Dinner: New York Strip Steak and Steamed Broccoli(protein and veggie)

Metabolic Myth #3: Losing weight is simply calories in, calories out.

For years we have been told that dieting is all about calories-in, calories-out. But it’s just not true. In fact, the entire concept of calories is completely misguided. You can’t tell me that a 100-calorie serving of delicious butternut squash, or succulent strawberries, or fiber-filled oatmeal has the same nutritional “value” as one of those tiny 100-calorie packets of chemical-laden cookies. A calorie is not a thing. It’s just energy, and what really matters, much more than the number of theoretical “calories” you do or don’t consume, is how your body uses the food once it gets inside you. Which is why in Phase 3 of the Fast Metabolism Diet we’re going to make sure that food gets used as fat-burning fuel.

Metabolic Repair Phase 3: Unleash the burn. Duration: 3 Days

Now that your fat stores have been unlocked, your body can start using that old fat as fuel until it’s gone for good. In this phase, you'll get to enjoy the delicious whole foods from Phase 1 and Phase 2, but now you’ll be adding healthy fats to every meal: Coconut, avocado, olive oil, raw nuts and seeds – all of which help you torch old fat right along with the natural dietary fat that’s coming in.

The foods you eat in this phase are also rich in inositol and choline, cofactors that metabolize fat and keep it from getting blocked in the liver; they keep all that newly released fat from being reabsorbed.

Once you’ve cycled through the three phases, your body’s metabolism is running fast and hot. You’re no longer in starvation mode. Instead, you’re feeling satisfied and your hormones are happy. You can say goodbye to those old diet myths and keep nurturing your metabolism with real, whole, nourishing foods. Follow my program to rehabilitate your metabolism, and you may never need to diet again.

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Phase 3 Sample Meal Plan

Breakfast: Egg and toast with tomato and onion (Fruit, fat from the egg, grain and veggie)

Snack: Hummus and veggies (Fat from the oils in the hummus andveggie)

Lunch: Avocado Turkey Lettuce Wrap (fat, protein and veggie)

Snack: Almond butter stuffed celery (fat and veggie)

Dinner: Shrimp and Veggie Stir-Fry With Quinoa Grain Pasta

More Signs That Your Metabolism Needs Rehab

If you’re stuck on the chronic-dieting treadmill, that’s one big blinking sign that your metabolism isn’t working like it should. Talk to your doctor; some simple lab work can give you a better picture.

  • Estrone: One of the three forms of estrogen, estrone can be a culprit if you’ve gained weight around your midsection. Supplementing with diindolylmethane, orDIM, a phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables, can help.
  • Thyroid function and RT3: Your thyroid produces the hormones T3 and T4 that really fuel fat-burning. But Reverse T3, or RT3, is a fat-storing hormone. For thyroid-based weight gain, I recommend foods rich in iodine (like kelp) and selenium (like shellfish).


What is the 3 week Metabolism Diet? ›

The 3-Week Metabolism Diet Guide is a 3-Phase Nutrition Plan designed to balance your hormones, stabilize your blood sugar, and turbocharge your metabolism. Each phase of The 3-Week Metabolism Diet builds on one another until you are a fat-burning, weight destroying machine.

What are three things you can change to help your metabolism? ›

Alrutz shares these five tips to boost your metabolism:
  1. Exercise more. Add interval training to your cardio routine and burn more calories in less time. ...
  2. Weight train. ...
  3. Don't skip meals, especially breakfast. ...
  4. Eat fat-burning foods. ...
  5. Get a good night's sleep every night.

What is the best drink to speed up metabolism? ›

Beverages like green tea, coffee and high-protein drinks have been shown to boost metabolism, promote fullness and decrease hunger, all of which may encourage weight loss.

What are the 5 metabolic super foods? ›

Best 10 foods to boost metabolism
  • Eggs.
  • Flaxseeds.
  • Lentils.
  • Chili peppers.
  • Ginger.
  • Green tea.
  • Coffee.
  • Brazil nuts.

What are the 3 fat burning foods? ›

Thermic foods like eggs and cruciferous vegetables burn fat by taking your body longer to digest. Some of the best fat-burning foods are green tea, salmon, apple cider vinegar, and lean chicken.

What foods increase metabolism the most? ›

12 Metabolism-Boosting Foods to Aid Weight Loss (Infographic)
  1. Fish & Shellfish. Metabolism-Boosting Powers: Fish (salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel) are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein. ...
  2. Legumes (Also known as beans) ...
  3. Chili Peppers. ...
  4. Lean Meats. ...
  5. Low-Fat Milk. ...
  6. Broccoli. ...
  7. Lentils. ...
  8. Oatmeal.
22 Aug 2021

What fruit speeds up your metabolism? ›

Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew—these are naturally good for metabolism. Watermelon may even help with weight loss because it contains the amino acid arginine, which was found in a study of obese mice to reduce body fat gains by 64 percent.

How can I reset my metabolism to lose weight? ›

Eat plenty of protein with each meal — 25 to 30 percent of your total daily calories — to boost your metabolism. Aim for at least 8 hours of high-quality sleep per night. Eat probiotic-rich foods (or take probiotic supplements). Meditate daily to keep stress to a minimum.

What activities speed up your metabolism? ›

Cardiovascular exercise (running, swimming, aerobics, walking) stimulates your metabolism, helps you burn calories and can even temporarily suppress your appetite post-workout.

What vitamins help speed up metabolism? ›

Supplements to increase metabolism

B-complex vitamins: These help metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, activating stored energy instead of letting it turn to fat. Niacin, vitamin B-6, and iron: This impressive trio increases your body's production of the amino acid L-carnitine to help burn fat.

What is a natural metabolism booster? ›

As part of a balanced diet, replacing some carbs with lean, protein-rich foods can boost metabolism at mealtime. Good sources of protein include lean beef, turkey, fish, white meat chicken, tofu, nuts, beans, eggs, and low-fat dairy products.

What can you drink in the morning to boost your metabolism and? ›

Drinks that boost metabolism and appetite naturally
  • 01/7​Drinks that boost metabolism. ...
  • 02/7​Pineapple Smoothie. ...
  • 03/7​Fennel Tea. ...
  • 04/7​Coffee and Dark Chocolate. ...
  • 05/7​Lemon Detox Water. ...
  • 06/7​Ajwain Detox water. ...
  • 07/7​Ginger and Lemon drink.
19 Oct 2021

What can you drink on an empty stomach to speed up your metabolism? ›

Weight loss: Detox drinks to have on an empty stomach to shed...
  • 01/7Shed weight with the help of drinks. Detox drinks can be extremely beneficial in the weight-loss process. ...
  • 02/7Cinnamon Water With Honey. ...
  • 03/7Detox drink ABC. ...
  • 04/7Vetiver. ...
  • 05/7Orange and carrot juice. ...
  • 06/7Fenugreek. ...
  • 07/7Jeera and water.
4 Jun 2022

What drink burns belly fat overnight? ›

What Drink Burns Fat Overnight? Drinking turmeric milk, chamomile tea, cinnamon tea, green tea, protein shake, green veg smoothies, and fiber-rich juice helps you burn significant fat overnight.

What is the biggest metabolism booster? ›

The best metabolism booster ingredients to help you lose weight are caffeine, green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, and capsaicin. If you drink black coffee and eat spicy foods, you may benefit, but the strongest effects can be seen with quality supplements such as LeanBean and PhenQ.

What should you eat before bed to lose weight? ›

Best Foods to Eat Before Bed for Weight Loss
  • Whey Protein Shake. First and foremost, protein is important for weight loss - whey protein included! ...
  • A Warm Bowl of Oatmeal. ...
  • Greek Yogurt with Berries or Cherries. ...
  • Half a Turkey Sandwich. ...
  • Egg Wrap. ...
  • Smoked Salmon Bagel. ...
  • Cottage Cheese and Fruit.

How do I kick start my metabolism? ›

Here are 9 easy ways to increase your metabolism.
  1. Eat plenty of protein at every meal. Eating food can temporarily increase your metabolism for a few hours. ...
  2. Drink more water. ...
  3. Do a high intensity workout. ...
  4. Lift heavy things. ...
  5. Stand up more. ...
  6. Drink green tea or oolong tea. ...
  7. Eat spicy foods. ...
  8. Get a good night's sleep.

What burns fat while you sleep? ›

Here are five handy ways you can burn fat while you're asleep.
  • Drink a casein shake. ...
  • Sleep more. ...
  • Eat cottage cheese before bed. ...
  • Resistance training. ...
  • Eat small meals throughout the day.

What is the number 1 fat burning vegetable? ›

1. Spinach And Other Leafy Greens. Spinach and other leafy green vegetables like kale, lettuce, etc. are great for burning belly fat and are very nutritious as well.

What fruit burns belly fat while you sleep? ›

1. Lemon: Although one might think lemons to be acidic because of their sharp and sour taste, this citrus fruit actually has an incredible alkalizing effect on the body. This is great for the health of our liver, which in turns aids digestion, boosts metabolism and burns fat while we sleep.

How can I boost my metabolism after 60? ›

Burn more calories than you eat or drink. Eat more veggies, fruits, whole grains, fish, beans, and low-fat or fat-free dairy; and keep meat and poultry lean. Limit empty calories, like sugars and foods with little or no nutritional value. Avoid fad diets because the results don't last.

Does lemon water boost metabolism? ›

Lemon water can promote fullness, support hydration, boost metabolism and increase weight loss. However, lemon water is no better than regular water when it comes to losing fat. That being said, it is tasty, easy to make and can be used as a low-calorie replacement for higher-calorie beverages.

What foods disrupt metabolism? ›

Five Foods to Cut Back on When It Comes to Metabolism
  • Refined grains. Shutterstock. Refined grains like those found in processed, packaged foods, white bread, pasta, and rice can sabotage weight loss. ...
  • Sugary beverages. Shutterstock. ...
  • Alcohol. Thinkstock. ...
  • Granola. Shutterstock. ...
  • Soybean oil. Shutterstock.
1 Feb 2019

How can a woman increase her metabolism after 50? ›

How to Increase Metabolism After 50
  1. Build Muscle Mass.
  2. Get Aerobic Exercise.
  3. Stay Hydrated.
  4. Eat Healthy.
  5. Have Small Meals More Often.
  6. Get Enough Sleep.
1 Nov 2021

How can I lose my stomach fat? ›

To battle belly fat:
  1. Eat a healthy diet. Focus on plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and choose lean sources of protein and low-fat dairy products. ...
  2. Replace sugary beverages. ...
  3. Keep portion sizes in check. ...
  4. Include physical activity in your daily routine.

Does hot water increase metabolism? ›

Researchers found that drinking 500 ml of water before a meal increased metabolism by 30 percent. Raising water temperature to 98.6 degrees accounted for 40 percent of the increase in metabolism. This metabolic step-up lasted for 30-40 minutes, following water consumption.

Does B12 speed up your metabolism? ›

B12 works by converting the food we eat into sugar and other types of fuel that keep the body running smoothly. B12 is often associated with weight loss because of its ability to boost metabolism and provide lasting energy.

What vitamins should not be taken together? ›

What vitamins should not be taken together?
  • Magnesium and calcium. ...
  • Iron and green tea. ...
  • Vitamin C and B12. ...
  • Fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins. ...
  • Vitamin D, vitamin K2, and other fat-soluble vitamins. ...
  • Magnesium and vitamin D3. ...
  • Copper and zinc. ...
  • Omega-3s and vitamin E.
21 Oct 2022

Does cinnamon increase metabolism? ›

Cinnamon can boost metabolism, since the body uses more energy to process the spice than it does for other foods. Cinnamon may have an insulin-like action in the body, which is seen in the way sugar is broken down in the body. Cinnamon can also improve body metabolism, targeting the fat deposited in the abdominal area.

Is there a metabolism booster that actually works? ›

Despite the hype, supplements that are promoted as fat busters and metabolism boosters rarely have a significant effect on weight loss. If you want to shed excess pounds, cutting calories from your diet and exercising more regularly are probably your best bets.

What should I drink first thing in the morning to lose weight? ›

The best morning drinks for weight loss that you can choose from include warm lemon water with honey, cumin water, fenugreek water, cinnamon water with honey, and fennel water. Avoid having drinks that are high in sugar while on a weight loss journey.

What is the best hot drink in the morning? ›

8 healthy hot drinks
  • Fresh ginger tea. Warming, spicy ginger tea has a long history of use for stomach ache and nausea. ...
  • Fruit tea. If you fancy something fruity, flavoursome fruit tea is a good low-calorie option. ...
  • Fresh mint tea. ...
  • Hot chocolate. ...
  • Coffee. ...
  • Hot lemon. ...
  • Green tea. ...
  • Chai.

What should one drink first thing in the morning? ›

The benefits of drinking water (at least 2 cups) first thing in the morning are plenty. Besides flushing out toxins and providing some much-needed hydration, this amount of water can increase your metabolism .

What is the red drink that burns belly fat? ›

One such combination is red wine and garlic. It may sound weird, but many people actually swear by this bizarre duo, which they claim is able to help lose belly fat faster.

Does lemon burn belly fat? ›

Lemons are known to help you lose weight; thanks to the presence of vitamin C and antioxidants that promote good digestion. Lemons also have diuretic properties, which help in detoxifying the body, thereby helping burning fat. According to experts, this magic potion can boost the body's metabolism to a great extent.

What are the big metabolic 3 diseases? ›

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

What are the worst foods for your metabolism? ›

1. Refined grains. Refined grains like those found in processed, packaged foods, white bread, pasta, and rice can sabotage weight loss.

What foods help metabolic reset? ›

Here are 12 foods that may rev up your metabolism.
  1. Protein-rich foods. Protein-rich foods — such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy, legumes, nuts, and seeds — could help increase your metabolism for a few hours. ...
  2. Mineral-rich foods. ...
  3. Chili peppers. ...
  4. Coffee. ...
  5. Tea. ...
  6. Beans and legumes. ...
  7. Ginger. ...
  8. Cacao.

What is a hormone type 3? ›

3. Testosterone. Testosterone is one of the principal androgens present in the body. Androgens are types of hormones associated with male reproduction. However, women produce testosterone and other androgens in the ovaries, adrenal glands, and fat cells.

What are the 3 metabolic body types? ›

There are three basic metabolism types: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph – definitely words you probably don't use in your normal, day-to-day conversations. But learning the types of body you were born with will help your fitness plan in the long run.

What are the five signs of metabolic syndrome? ›

The cluster of metabolic factors include abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, impaired fasting glucose, high triglyceride levels, and low HDL cholesterol levels. Metabolic syndrome greatly raises the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke, or all three.

What are the 2 most common inherited metabolic diseases? ›

Types of Inherited Metabolic Disorders
  • Hurler syndrome (abnormal bone structure and developmental delay)
  • Niemann-Pick disease (babies develop liver enlargement, difficulty feeding, and nerve damage)
6 Nov 2020

How do you kick start your metabolism in the morning? ›

Read on for her expert advice on how to best jump-start your body each morning.
  1. Exercise early.
  2. Rev up with healthy fuel.
  3. Remember to hydrate.
  4. Enjoy a cup of green tea or black coffee.
  5. Offer your seat.
  6. Get your belly laugh on.
  7. Sneak in some extra steps.
5 Apr 2017

What is the fat burning hormone? ›

Leptin is made by the adipose tissue (fat-storing cells) in your body. Its main role is to regulate fat storage and how many calories you eat and burn. Leptin released from adipose cells travels to the brain via the bloodstream. It acts on the hypothalamus in the brain, which regulates hormones in your body1.

What hormones help you lose weight? ›

Leptin. What it is: Leptin is derived from the Greek word for “thin,” because rising levels of this hormone signal the body to shed body fat. Leptin also helps regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, fertility and more.

How do I get rid of hormonal belly fat? ›

A combination of diet and exercise may help symptoms. A person can perform exercises that burn fat, such as running, walking, and other aerobic activity. Reducing the calories a person consumes can also help. A person can learn more about how to reduce belly fat here.


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