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The acceptance rate at UVA (University of Virginia) may appear insignificant to you or any other college applicant.

However, it is something you should be aware of before submitting an application because it will help you gain better knowledge of how the school accepts its students and if you have a chance of being accepted.


As a result, thoroughly read this article to gain a better understanding of the University of Virginia Acceptance Rate.

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About UVA

The University of Virginia, founded in 1819, is a public research university. It has 17,311 undergraduate students (fall 2020), a suburban setting, and a 1,682-acre campus.

The academic year is divided into semesters. In the Best Colleges 2023 edition, the University of Virginia is ranked #25 in National Universities.

Charlottesville is the home of Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia. Insiders call it Mr Jefferson’s University or just The University.

Only first-year students are required to live on campus, and many upperclassmen live off campus in apartments or fraternity and sorority houses.

If you’re a UVA alum or current student, you know it’s difficult to list all of the reasons why the university is so great.

One of those indescribable answers that can only be learned through experience, the experience of being a student, is why UVA is the best school on Earth.

We attempted to capture at least some of the reasons why students choose UVA in the reasons listed below.

The diversity of the student body

Aside from racial diversity, the University of Virginia has exceptional cultural diversity. This is due to the fact that it not only has a fair number of international students but also has one of the highest percentages of out-of-state students for a state school.

A southern school with pockets in the north

While Virginia is a southern state, it has a sizable northern population due to a large number of out-of-state students.

Geographical Position

UVA is not only located on the beautiful East Coast but it is also surrounded by hills and great hiking trails for all adventure seekers.

The Downtown Mall

A fantastic location for strolling, shopping, and dining. Consider the Corner on a larger scale.

Greens to Grounds, as well as other student-led organizations

This organization brings organically grown produce to campus for students to enjoy and cook with.

A strong community both during and after college

This is due to student loyalty both before and after graduation. You’re not only joining a family, but also a legacy.

Greek Life accounts for a sizable proportion of the student body.

With 32 fraternities and 15 sororities to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your personality and make new friends!

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What is the UVA Acceptance Rate?

UVA’s acceptance rate, like that of most schools, has become increasingly competitive. Examine the school’s admissions statistics for the last five years:

  • 18.7% for the Class of 2026
  • 21% for the Class of 2025
  • 21% for the Class of 2024
  • 24% for the Class of 2023
  • 26.5% for the Class of 2022

It’s also worth noting that UVA acceptances are not distributed evenly. As a state-supported institution, UVA provides significant admissions advantages to in-state students.

In fact, UVA has pledged that two-thirds of its students will be Virginia residents. This means that UVA has a much higher admit rate for Virginia students than it does for out-of-state applicants.

For example, the Class of 2026 had an overall admit rate of 18.7%, but that broke down to a 28% admission rate for Virginia students and a 15% admission rate for out-of-state students.

What is the UVA Transfer Acceptance Rate?

They typically admit 35-40% of transfer students who apply to start at UVA in the fall.

Spring semester admission is more competitive. If you want to study in the College of Arts and Sciences, you can apply for the spring semester.

They typically receive over 300 applications for the 35 available positions in the College of Arts and Sciences.

An admitted transfer student’s average college GPA is 3.5. Students are not admitted solely on the basis of their GPA. It is critical that you have the appropriate courses on your transcript.

Don’t Fail To Read

Is UVA Hard To Get Into?

UVA admissions are competitive; only 21% of applicants were admitted to the class of 2025. In the 2020-2021 admission cycle, UVA received a record-breaking 48,011 applications, but only 9,898 were admitted.

UVA received 2,937 applications for early decision and accepted 968, for a 32.96% early decision acceptance rate.

A total of 28,897 applicants applied for early action, with UVA admitting 6,186, for a 21.41% early action acceptance rate.

While the acceptance rate at the University of Virginia is extremely low, your personal chances are determined by the strength of your profile.

Does UVA Require Test Scores?

For at least the next application cycle, UVA will not require applicants to submit standardized testing in order to be considered for admission.

If you have test scores, please submit them; however, applicants who do not have test scores will not be penalized during the holistic review of applications.

For the Fall 2023 cycle, they are test-optional and have no preference between the SAT and ACT.

However, they generally give credit for AP exam scores of 4 or 5 and Higher Level IB exam scores of 5, 6, or 7.

There are some exceptions, and practices may differ from one school to the next. The Undergraduate Record contains information on AP and IB credit.

What Are The Admission Requirements For UVA?

Application Requirements

All UVA applicants must be a graduate of an approved secondary school OR have a high school equivalency certificate (GED).

Each applicant must submit the following documents in order to be considered for admission to UVA:

  • A fully completed application
  • Transcript from high school (or GED certificate, if applicable)
  • Official transcripts from any previous colleges attended (if applicable)
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test I) or ACT (American College Test) scores are optional.

Coursework Requirements

  • English for four (4) years
  • Three (3) years of mathematics, including Algebra I and II, plus a third course chosen from the following options: geometry, advanced algebra & trigonometry, calculus, or a related course.
  • two (2) or more years of scientific experience (beyond general science)
  • Two (2) years or more of foreign language study
  • A year in American history
  • One year in world history

Educational Requirements

Applicants must meet one of the following requirements and have a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 2.0:

  • Top 50% of high school class
  • 3.0 cumulative high school grade point average (4.0 Scale)
  • ACT Composite Score of 17 or SAT Composite Score of 900 (test optional)

What Are The Transfer Requirements For UVA?

Students wishing to transfer from other accredited colleges and universities are encouraged to apply to the University of Virginia.

Transfer students are an important part of the University community, contributing significantly to academic and extracurricular activities on campus.

More than 500 students enroll each year, with a quarter being non traditionally aged and a third coming from the Virginia Community College System. The University of Virginia follows the State Transfer Policy.

Below are the transfer requirements for UVA transfer applicants:

Minimum GPA:

Transfer applicants must have a minimum college grade point average of 2.00. An admitted transfer student has a GPA of 3.5 on average.

Official Transcripts:

Each school you have attended should send you official transcripts. The College Secondary School Report, Official Report, and Instructor Evaluation sections of the Common Application are not required.

SAT Scores:

All students are required to take either the SAT or the ACT with Writing. If you have been out of high school for five years, we will waive the testing requirement.

Letters of Recommendation:

The College Secondary School Report, Official Report, and Instructor Evaluation sections of the Common Application are not required. Your previous institution’s Statement of Good Standing is required.


The Common Application and the Supplemental Application for Transfers both require essays.

Application Fee:

There is a nonrefundable application fee of $60.


There is no requirement for an interview in order to be considered.

What is The GPA Needed To Get into UVA?

Many schools have a minimum GPA requirement, but this is frequently the absolute bare minimum to submit an application without it being rejected right away.

What matters most when it comes to GPA requirements is the GPA you need to have a chance at admission. We look at the school’s overall GPA for its current students for this.

The GPA at UVA is 4.32 on average.

UVA wants you to be at the top of your class, and that requires a GPA of 4.32. To compete with other applicants, you’ll need to earn nearly straight As in all of your classes.

Additionally, you should enroll in challenging courses like AP or IB programs to demonstrate that college-level coursework is simple.

If you are currently a junior or senior, your GPA is difficult to change in time for college applications.

You’ll need a higher SAT or ACT score to make up the difference if your GPA is at or below the school average of 4.32. This will give you a competitive advantage over applicants with higher GPAs.

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How Can You Apply To UVA?

To apply to UVA as a first-year applicant or a transfer applicant. You can use the Common Application.

For those who are interested, UVA also provides Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision admissions rounds.

Given that many of its rival institutions (UNC, University of Michigan, etc.) only provide Early Action and Regular Decision options, UVA’s availability of Early Decisions makes it relatively unusual among state flagship universities.

In 2019, UVA reopened its Early Decision program, claiming that doing so was in response to demand from applicants who had ranked UVA as their top choice.

However, as we have previously mentioned, Early Decision is appealing to colleges as it enables them to guarantee a high yield of admitted students.

Additionally, the early decision offers UVA a powerful way to “lock in” strong candidates without having to compete with other prestigious schools that might want to admit them.

Students who are interested in UVA, therefore, have the best chance of being admitted if they apply during the Early Decision round.

  • Early Decision Deadline: November 1
  • Early Action Deadline: November 1
  • Regular Decision Deadline: January 5

What are the Alternatives to UVA?

Below are some of the alternative schools that have similar characteristics to UVA. You can choose to go to any of these schools if UVA is not what you really like.

  • Boston College
  • Cornell University
  • Emory University
  • Georgetown University
  • Michigan University
  • Northwestern University
  • Penn State University
  • UNC, Charlotte
  • Vanderbilt University
  • William and Mary University

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As one of the top public institutions in the country, UVA constantly pushes the envelope of what is conceivable in the interest of the greater good.

Unwavering dedication to projects that advance, bolster, and reshape our institution for the future is among the factors that make this possible.

You won’t regret attending this school. So why don’t you give it a try?.


Is UVA an Ivy?

No, UVA is not an Ivy League school, to give a quick answer. The “Ivy League” moniker, however, has nothing to do with the caliber of academic offerings, selectivity, or any other characteristic that has come to be associated with it in the past.

Is UVA a prestigious school?

Charlottesville, Virginia, is the home of the University of Virginia [40]. one of the nation’s most esteemed public universities

How hard is UVA academically?

UVa is an academically demanding institution that is not simple to get into. Although there are 16 libraries on campus, students do spend a lot of time in them, but the academic climate is friendly and the professors are wonderful and always available to students outside of class.




What is the acceptance rate for UVA in 2022? ›

University of Virginia admissions is most selective with an acceptance rate of 21%. Half the applicants admitted to UVA have an SAT score between 1390 and 1530 or an ACT score of 32 and 35. However, one quarter of admitted applicants achieved scores above these ranges and one quarter scored below these ranges.

What is the lowest GPA UVA will accept? ›

We don't have a minimum GPA. We don't have a minimum SAT score.

Can you get into UVA with a 3.7 GPA? ›

The average SAT score of the students applying for admission to the UVA college is 1350 to 1500 and an average GPA of 4.0. Thus, as an aspiring candidate, you must have an above-average high school grade and a minimum GPA of 3.75 to 3.83.

Can I get into UVA with a 34 ACT? ›

Because this school is very selective, strong academic scores are critical to improving your chances of admission. If you're able to score a 1500 SAT or a 34 ACT or above, you'll have a very strong chance at getting in. For a school as selective as UVA, rounding out the rest of your application will also help.

Does UVA prefer SAT or ACT? ›

For applicants submitting test scores, has been the Office of Admission's long-standing policy to consider the best test scores submitted by applicants. We use the top score from each SAT section across all administrations of the same exam.

How can I increase my chances of getting into UVA? ›

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting into the University of Virginia
  1. Achieve at least a 4.31 average GPA while taking the most challenging classes available. ...
  2. Letters of Recommendation. ...
  3. Aim for a 1490 SAT and 34 ACT. ...
  4. Cultivate one or two Tier 1-2 extracurriculars (find your “spike”) ...
  5. Write Compelling Essays.
16 Sept 2021

What GPA does UVA look for? ›

What is the required GPA for the University of Virginia? While there are no published UVA GPA requirements, the average admitted student for UVA enrollment has a 4.31 GPA. Additionally, 90% of students accepted by UVA admissions are in the top 10% of their high school class and have over a 4.0 GPA.

Is it harder to get into UVA or UNC? ›

AdmissionUNC Chapel HillUVA
Acceptance Rate25%22.6%
Enrolled %42.6%41%
8 more rows

Can I get into UVA with a 3.0 GPA? ›

Educational Requirements

Applicants must meet one of the following and have a minimum 2.0 Cumulative High School GPA: High School Class Rank - Top 50% 3.0 Cumulative High School GPA (4.0 Scale) 17 ACT Composite Score or 900 SAT Composite Score (test optional)

How many A's do you need to get a 3.7 GPA? ›

Converted to a percentage, a 3.7 GPA shows you've scored an average of 90-92% in all your classes. An unweighted GPA doesn't consider the difficulty of your classes. For example, getting an A or B in an AP or IB class would impact your GPA in the same way a regular course would.

Is a 3.7 GPA enough? ›

A 3.7 GPA is a very good GPA, especially if your school uses an unweighted scale. This means that you've been earning mostly A-s in all of your classes. If you've been taking high level classes and earning a 3.7 unweighted GPA, you're in great shape and can expect to be accepted to many selective colleges.

What is a 3.7 GPA What colleges accept a 3.7 GPA? ›

Earning a 3.7 GPA indicated consistent academic achievement and means you can apply to just about any school with a good chance of being accepted (except for the Ivy League schools, but that's because there are no circumstances of guaranteed admission at Ivies).

Should I retake the ACT if I got a 34? ›

Should I Retake the ACT with a 34 Score? There's no need to retake the ACT with a score of 34. A 34 makes you eligible and competitive for all colleges and universities, which is the goal! For juniors, remember that most colleges weigh ACT scores and GPA about equally.

Can I get into UVA with a 4.3 GPA? ›

The average high school GPA for admitted students at University of Virginia is 4.3 on a 4.0 scale. (You can calculate your high school a GPA here.) This is a very competitive GPA, and University of Virginia is clearly accepting students at the top of their high school class.

What are the chances of getting off the waitlist at UVA? ›

How many do you usually accept? There really is no typical number accepted off the waitlist; it has varied from none to more than 20 percent of the entering class. Is there anything I can do to enhance my chances? Waitlisted applicants may submit letters of continued interest in UVA.

Is UVA as good as an Ivy? ›

The University of Virginia is often compared with many academic institutions in and outside the state of Virginia. Those who apply to it also apply to similar public and private schools. UVA is often compared with many elite schools, too, such as the Ivy Leagues, as it's considered a Public Ivy.

What ACT score do you need to get into UVA? ›

Average ACT: 32

There's no absolute ACT requirement at UVA, but they really want to see at least a 30 to have a chance at being considered.

Is 1460 a good SAT score for UVA? ›

UVA SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

In other words, a 1340 places you below average, while a 1500 will move you up to above average. There's no absolute SAT requirement at UVA, but they really want to see at least a 1340 to have a chance at being considered.

What kind of students does UVA look for? ›

How UVA Rates Applicants. UVA rates six factors as “very important” to the admissions process: rigor of high school course load, class rank, GPA, recommendation letters, character/personal qualities, and state residency (again, being from VA is a major advantage).

What majors is UVA best known for? ›

The most popular majors at University of Virginia include: Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities; Social Sciences; Engineering; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Psychology; ...

Can I get into UVA with a 3.5 GPA? ›

According to the admissions office of the University of Virginia, the school has no minimum GPA requirement. This means that anyone can apply no matter the high school GPA. With a holistic admissions policy, UVA evaluates first-year applicants using many different factors other than the GPA.

What is average SAT score for UVA? ›

Why is UVA so prestigious? ›

Prestigious history: UVA is one of the oldest universities in the US, founded by Thomas Jefferson, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with nearby Monticello (since 1987). In fact, UVA is the only collegiate UNESCO site in the US.

Is UVA a top 25 school? ›

University of Virginia Ranking Factors

University of Virginia is ranked #25 out of 443 National Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. Read more about how we rank schools.

Is UVA a Tier 1 school? ›

With all the resources of both a Tier 1 Research University and a major academic medical center, UVA is bringing together multiple disciplines to address complex challenges facing medicine, medical research and health policy.

Is UVA considered prestigious? ›

The University of Virginia [40] is located in Charlottesville, Virginia. One of the most prestigious public universities in the country, "UVA" was founded by Thomas Jefferson, author of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and two-term U.S. President.

Is UVA academically rigorous? ›

UVA is known for its rigorous academics and is always ranked highly on Forbes and other college review websites. Students at UVA truly value their education and enjoy an environment that nurtures higher level learning.

What is the highest a 3.0 GPA can get you? ›

A 3.0 GPA, or Grade Point Average, is equivalent to a B letter grade on a 4.0 GPA scale, and a percentage grade of 83–86.

Is a 3.0 GPA good enough? ›

A 3.0 GPA indicates a grade average of “B” and makes you eligible to apply to a wide range of schools, so yes! A 3.0 GPA is generally considered “good.”

Can I raise my GPA from 3.0 to 3.5 in 1 semester college? ›

If you have a 3.0 GPA and 15 credit hours, by earning straight A's during your next (15 credit) semester, you can bump your GPA to a 3.5. However, if you have already earned 60 credit hours and have a 3.0 GPA a straight-A semester will only bump your GPA to a 3.2.

Can I raise my GPA from a 3.5 to a 3.7 in college? ›

From a 3.5 to 3.7 GPA

Note that it becomes harder and harder to change your GPA as you progress through school. *It is not possible to raise your GPA to the 3.7 target using regular credit classes or repeating previously failed classes in the time you have left to graduate.

Can I raise my GPA from 3.5 to 3.7 in 1 semester in college? ›

You can't; the math doesn't work. You can increase your semester average to 4.0, but if you have a 3.5 to begin, you can't ever get to a 4.0 that includes all semesters.

What is my GPA if I have all A's and one B? ›

Grade Equivalence
8 more rows

Is a 3.6 GPA terrible? ›

If you're earning a 3.6 unweighted GPA, you're doing very well. A 3.6 means that you've been getting mostly A-s in your classes. As long as you've been challenging yourself in your coursework, your grades are high enough that you should have a good chance of being accepted to quite a few selective colleges.

Is 3.7 enough for Harvard? ›

So anything above 3.0 is above average in the US. Of college applicants, however, the average GPA is more likely to be closer to 3.5 to 4.0. If you're aiming for a top university such as the Ivy Leagues, a 4.0 average – or close to – is expected.

Is a 3.8 unweighted GPA good? ›

An unweighted GPA of 3.8 is considered “higher” because it's on a 4.0 scale.

Is Magna Cumme laude a 3.7 GPA? ›

The specific honors levels are as follows: 3.500 - 3.699 GPA = Cum Laude. 3.700 - 3.899 GPA = Magna Cum Laude. 3.900 - 4.000 GPA = Summa Cum Laude.

Can I improve my GPA my senior year? ›

Yes! During any semester students have the opportunity to raise their GPA by earning top grades or grades that are increase over previous semesters.

Is a 3.5 unweighted GPA good? ›

A 3.5 GPA correlates to a B+ average and indicates that you have consistently earned above-average grades and makes you eligible to apply for a wide range of colleges, so yes! Objectively, a 3.5 GPA is considered good.

How much can I realistically raise my ACT score? ›

If the number of tutoring hours is increased and the process is extended across several months, then a student may expect 4-6 points of ACT improvement and 120-180 points of SAT improvement. While they do happen, improvements of more than 7 points on the ACT or 200 points on the SAT are relatively rare.

What is the best month to take the ACT? ›

Most high school student are advised to take the ACT in spring of their junior year and the April ACT test dates is a big favorite of many college counselors.

Which ACT date is the easiest? ›

Is there an easiest or hardest test date for the SAT or ACT? No! It's a common myth: “Don't take the SAT in October – all the seniors are taking it then!” Or, “Take the ACT in December – it's easier!” None of these statements, or any other evaluation of testing difficulty based on test date, is true.

Is a 4.3 unweighted GPA good? ›

Likewise, a 4.3 (or a 4.0 at some schools) is the best GPA score you can earn on the unweighted scale. Unlike at schools with weighted GPA, this means you can achieve a perfect GPA regardless of your course difficulty by earning an A+ (or an A at some schools) in each of your classes.

What is the lowest GPA a college will accept? ›

Unofficially, 2.0 is the lowest GPA accepted into a standard college, so while there's a chance that college admission is possible, it's not likely at more than a few institutions.

Is it better to be waitlisted or rejected? ›

Being waitlisted is better than being rejected because you still have some chance of getting into the school. According to the NACAC survey, the average acceptance rate across all institutions for those who choose to stay on the waitlist is 20% and 7% for selective institutions.

Should I accept a waitlist spot? ›

First things first, be sure to accept your waitlisted status. When a school informs you that you have been waitlisted, they are essentially offering you a spot on the waitlist. Therefore, to be added to the waitlist, you must accept the waitlist offer.

Is being waitlisted basically a rejection? ›

However, the school could not offer them a letter of acceptance at that time. Getting on a waitlist is not a rejection — waitlisted students still have a shot at earning admission to the school.

How many applicants did UVA get 2022? ›

The University said that the UVA acceptance rate was 26.5%, with 9,726 offers of admission from a record pool of 40,869 applicants.

Is a 4.2 GPA good for UVA? ›

Average GPA: 4.32

The average GPA at UVA is 4.32. This makes UVA Extremely Competitive for GPAs. (Most schools use a weighted GPA out of 4.0, though some report an unweighted GPA. With a GPA of 4.32, UVA requires you to be at the top of your class.

How likely is it to get off the waitlist at UVA? ›

How many do you usually accept? There really is no typical number accepted off the waitlist; it has varied from none to more than 20 percent of the entering class. Is there anything I can do to enhance my chances? Waitlisted applicants may submit letters of continued interest in UVA.

What GPA do you need for UVA? ›

Educational Requirements

Applicants must meet one of the following and have a minimum 2.0 Cumulative High School GPA: High School Class Rank - Top 50% 3.0 Cumulative High School GPA (4.0 Scale) 17 ACT Composite Score or 900 SAT Composite Score (test optional)

Is a 4.2 GPA good on a 5.0 scale? ›

If you have a 4.2 GPA, it means that you are taking challenging AP courses. Moreover, 99% of the colleges have their average GPA below 4.3. This means that a 4.2 GPA is very competitive and can help students get admission to the best colleges.

Is a 4.1 GPA good on a 5.0 scale? ›

Is a 4.1 GPA good? This GPA is outside of the normal 4.0 range of unweighted GPAs, meaning your school measures GPA on a weighted scale. A 4.1 is a very good GPA. It means that you've either been taking the most difficult classes and earning mostly Bs or you've been taking mid level classes and earning As.

Is it harder to get into UVA or Michigan? ›

Acceptance Rate26.1%22.6%
Enrolled %40.5%41%
Avg High School GPA3.874.31 weighted
Typical High School GradesA-A/A+
8 more rows

Is UVA as good as Harvard? ›

UVA is the 10th-best-value school, according to Money's fifth annual rankings, which examine 26 measures of affordability, educational quality and alumni's financial success. Last year, Harvard was ranked 10th and UVA 11th. This year, UVA is 10th and Harvard is 16th.

Is Michigan or UVA better? ›

In its 2020 ranking of best colleges by value, UVA climbed five spots to the No. 2 best public school in the newest ranking, after holding the No. 7 spot for three years in a row. The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor is the top-ranked public school.

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