Where To Buy Peptides | Best Places To Buy Online In 2022 (2023)

Peptides are a growing research chemical option that people are using the improve the quality of their lives, and the human body.

Relax grandma, Peptides are not Steroids, are while most of these research Peptides are administered via a needle, they have relatively few drawbacks.

That said, it has always been the aim of consumers to get good quality Peptides, so, where do you actually purchase Peptides?

Lucky for you, we at Muscle & Brawn live in the world of research chemicals and check this, we’ve tested these Peptides. So, grab your alcohol swab while I show you where to buy Peptides online.

Best place where to buy Peptides Online

Before we actually reveal the best place to purchase Peptides, know that there are actually various methods to do so. The market has expanded dramatically over the past few years, and it doesn’t always have to be “add to cart”.

See, we firmly believe the best way to get these research Peptides is by making use of something called Peptide Therapy. Peptide Therapy is where you work through a clinic and a doctor that help you through the process.

The products you “get” to use are still the same, and because it is medical quality you might have better results because of greater purity. Thus, the best Peptides can be found at Evolve TRT.

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Evolve TRT is actually a Testosterone and Hormone clinic, but they do dabble in the art of Peptides as well – a leader in the USA. They take exceptional pride in guiding patients through the process step by step with clear instructions about what needs to happen.

First, you have a blood test done to establish where you hormone levels currently stand. With this information, the doctors can add two and two together and establish which Peptides would be worth purchasing.

They ship you the pure Peptides, and you administer them yourself. Simple. You do blood tests as time goes on to build a database of information for the medical professionals to work from.

Disclaimer: The content on Muscleandbrawn.com and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. Your access is subject to our full Terms of Use.

How We Chose the Best Peptide Option

As mentioned, using a Peptide Clinic is definitely not the only option. If you are keen on just ordering these research Peptides on your own, you certainly can. In fact, there are numerous Peptide Vendors online that stock a massive range of products.

Companies like Amino Asylum and Pure Rawz have plenty of customers that support them, and they don’t just sell Peptides. These grant you the ability to use other Peptides that might not be available via a clinic.

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However, Peptides are not regulated by the FDA. you are running a slightly higher risk of being sold an underdosed product – although the chances of this happening are slim.

As you will be running your own experiment on a human, you would definitely aid by using actual blood tests to monitor your hormone levels – like with LetsGetChecked.

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When you work through Evolve TRT, you get those types of blood tests anyways. Not only that, but they have their own “researchers” that work with you to make sure the products are working perfectly.

We have worked with Evolve in the past, and a full review will be coming soon. Short version, we were actually really impressed. I myself am a bodybuilder so research on Peptides is nothing new to me, and the items Evolve have been really up to par.

As a company to get high quality Peptides and proteins through, you really cannot go wrong.

Where can you Buy Peptides?

There are two main options that you have. You can either go through a clinic in which you might be paying a premium, but purity is a guarantee. You will also be working with medical professionals who have all the answers you might need.

The second option is using a company online, where you simply browse their products in stock and have them shipped to your place. This is still a very effective manner in which to buy Peptides, however, you will be doing your own research on new products, quality, and purity. Once the sale is done, you’re kind of on your own.

Option 1 – Through a Clinic

Evolve TRT

Evolve TRT focuses on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, which is the pursuit of simply replicating endogenous hormone levels. Their focus spans from sexual dysfunction, and skin elasticity, to chronic fatigue.

Their tests are vast and can show results for anything from low Growth Hormone to irregular Thyroid hormone levels. It is also worth noting that they cover both male and female health. The Peptides they have are BPC-157, DSIP, CJC 1295, PT-141, and Melanotan II.

Overall, it seems like a very good company for health optimization. Reviews are good and they are reasonably priced. That said, the tests they offer are very expensive and could make the experience inaccessible to some.

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Copy Brawn25 for $25 off

Read Our Full Brand Review

  • Have various Peptides for muscle growth and fat loss
  • Full hormone coverage for both males and females
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  • They only have 5 featured Peptides
  • The tests are not cost-effective

Order a Peptide Consultation

Option 2 – Through a Vendor

Best Peptide Vendor – Amino Asylum

Amino Asylum has a massive variety of Peptides available on their site. Ranging from Fat Loss Peptides to those that increase Fertility.

Their prices are reasonable, and with a ton of good reviews on their site and on Reddit, they’re a very safe bet for high quality SARMs.

Where To Buy Peptides | Best Places To Buy Online In 2022 (4)

Amino Asylum Review

Amino Asylum prides themselves on providing the highest quality research products, as they do not just provide Peptides. SARMs, PCT Products, Research Chemicals, and as the name suggests, Amino Acids as well.
With great reviews online, on site, and on Reddit, their products hold true to the core value of the company. They might not be the most cost-effective in the list, but you’re paying for quality. Just be warned that some individuals have said that the payment process combined with the shipping time can be a bit long.

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Read Our Full Brand Review

  • Massive range of products available
  • Somewhat Cost-effective
  • Payment times can take long apparently
  • Other companies have better reviews
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Go to Amino Asylum

Option 3- Through a Vendor

Cost Effective Peptides – PureRawz

PureRawz has a staggering selection of Peptides, even larger than that of Amino Asylum. Their prices are extremely reasonable, especially when you make use of the perks they offer.

They also have stacks of Peptides that you do not find very easily. This makes the whole process a lot less tedious.

Where To Buy Peptides | Best Places To Buy Online In 2022 (5)

PureRawz Review

Pure Rawz is a site that just looks the business. And by judging the amount of products they sell, they are absolutely just the business. Supplying everything from peptides, to SARMs, to other research chemicals. They’ve branched out to provideliquidand tablet SARMs which is a nice touch.

The also have a great range of peptides, and peptide combinations. The point system they run is something that is always going to be beneficial for saving a few bucks, and the fact that they’re US based, combined with the competitive pricing means they’re really up there in the ranks of great peptide companies.

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Read Our Full Brand Review

  • Wide range of products
  • Provides COA
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Certificates of authenticity not always available
  • Does not accept credit cards
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Go to PureRawz

What are Research Peptides?

Peptides are described as Amino Acids that are bound with Peptide bonds – hence the name. Some of these have been researched for human use, however, only some of these have actually passed the tests.

The certain sequence of Amino Acids will actually determine the effects you get from the Peptide. For instance, using the fragment of Human Growth Hormone of Amino Acids 176-191 (often called HGH Frag) will stimulate lipolysis, and is being tested as an effective treatment for obesity.

Where To Buy Peptides | Best Places To Buy Online In 2022 (6)

You will also encounter other Peptides in your life, such as Collagen and Creatine. These are Peptides with years of accurate research behind their names. The Peptides you will find online and in clinics will largely be focused on fat loss or increasing Growth Hormone levels.

How Do Peptide Clinics Work?

Peptide clinics are on the rise, and if you are in search of exceptional quality Peptides, these clinics have a lot to offer. The process can be summarized in three simple steps:

Step 1: Discussion

If you feel like you may be suffering from certain symptoms (fat gain, muscle loss, depression) you can approach one of these clinics. These are all symptoms of growth hormone deficiency [1]. After a short discussion about what you are experiencing, you will move to step 2 if needed.

Step 2: Blood tests

As mentioned before, clinics work on blood results data. You do a blood test for certain hormones, and the medical professionals at the clinic will then review the results. Once they have worked through the results, they will be in contact with about the review, and what the best course of action will be.

Step 3: Do you do same day shipping?

Once you have picked the treatment options that suit you perfectly, you purchase these, and they simply ship you the Peptides. You administer themselves, and you interact with the medical professionals as needed.

Usually, these clinics don’t only do Peptides, as they will typically also do Hormone and Testosterone replacement as well.

How Do Pure Peptides Work?

As mentioned before, Peptides are a chain of Amino Acids that are bound with Peptide bonds. There are generally three groups of Peptides: Muscle gainers, Fat burners, and those that can help with injury healing.

Muscle Gaining Peptides

Certain Peptides will increase levels of IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor 1) in the body, which could potentially lead to significant increases in muscle mass [2]. Peptides that would do this include IGF-1, MGF, GHRPs, and GHRHs.

Fat Loss Peptides

With more than 40% of Americans being obese [3], finding methods that guarantee fat loss is becoming a real medical concern. Certain Peptides will increase Lipase levels in the body, leading to increased Lipolysis. Such Peptides include GHRPs, GHRHs, Fragment HGH, and Melanotan II.

Recovery Peptides

Researchers have found that certain Peptides can actually help with recovery from injury by blood vessel development, or otherwise known as Angiogenesis. Most people will use BPC 157 for this, but might add TB 500 as well.

Is it legal to purchase Peptides?

Yes, it is currently legal to purchase Peptides – however, it cannot be purchased “for human use”. This means you have to purchase them as research chemicals or research peptides.

That said, if you go through a clinic and work with a medical professional to get the highest quality Peptides, it is perfectly legal.


Is it legal to buy peptides online?

Yes, there are vendors at which you can legally purchase Peptides as research Peptides, not for human use.

How can you tell if peptides are real?

There are various ways, but I realize not everyone is experienced in high performance liquid chromatography. The easiest way would be to take the Peptide and see what your blood results are.

Do you need a prescription for peptides?

At a regular GP you do, yes, however, working through a clinic will be far easier, at least in the USA.

What are the side effects of using peptides?

For all their benefits, abusing certain Peptides does come with side effects. In order to avoid these side effects, you would need to use reasonable doses. Side effects will vary from Peptide to Peptide.

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