Will Low Testosterone Cause Fatigue? Read What Science Has to Say! (2023)

We men know just how important testosterone is for us. After all, it’s what makes us men. Thus, having insufficient levels of this vital hormone can be quite problematic. And even worse, this can manifest in a number of unpleasant symptoms. However – will low testosterone cause fatigue?

Yes, according to relevant studies low testosterone can DEFINITELY lead to fatigue, as well as a decrease in motivation and energy (1).

And chronic fatigue i.e. a period of prolonged tiredness is among the most notable symptoms of low testosterone that men can experience.

However, keep in mind that this kind of exhaustion that doesn’t get better with rest can also be caused by other conditions, completely different than low T.

So apart from looking at why and how to deal with low T, we’ll also cover some other conditions that might be the culprit here!

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1 Can a Lack of Testosterone Make You Tired? [The Definitive Answer]

2 What are the Other Conditions That Can Potentially Cause Fatigue?

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3 What Happens When a Man’s Testosterone is Low?

5 How to Treat Low Testosterone?

6 Conclusion

Can a Lack of Testosterone Make You Tired? [The Definitive Answer]

Absolutely – it can make you feel tired, lethargic and drowsy.

Tiredness (or fatigue) is among the most profound and widespread symptoms and one of the hallmarks that doctors use when diagnosing low testosterone.

That’s because the hormone testosterone is partially responsible for the regulation of the energy expenditure in our bodies.

As a result, when your T levels are deficient, your body won’t be able to properly regulate the rate at which it expands energy, leaving you drowsy and tired.

Research shows that men who suffer from low T are 40% more likely to report fatigue than men with normal levels (2)!

Not only that but guys with low T also tend to be more depressed based on the reported Beck Depression Inventory figures from the study mentioned above.

(Video) Mayo Clinic Minute: How low testosterone can affect men's health

With that being said – low testosterone isn’t always the cause for fatigue as there are other possible reasons as to why you might feel tired all the time!

Will Low Testosterone Cause Fatigue? Read What Science Has to Say! (1)

Speak with Do a Blood Test and Speak with Your Doctor to Confirm That Low T is the Cause!

If you’re dealing with chronic fatigue, first and foremost you want to do a blood test to see where your testosterone levels stand at the moment.

Then you can take the results to your doctor who can analyze your situation and help you to figure out what’s causing your drowsiness.

After all, you have to discuss things with a medical professional in order to conclude that low testosterone is indeed the underlying cause.

What are the Other Conditions That Can Potentially Cause Fatigue?

Apart from the obvious culprit being low testosterone, there are other conditions that might lead to fatigue with the main ones being:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome – This is a condition that cannot be explained by any underlying medical condition
  • Sleep problems – Including restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea
  • Liver disease – Due to apparent disruptions to the central neurotransmission
  • Iron deficiency anemia – Poor diet habits and internal bleeding can lead to this
  • Hypothyroidism – This happens when your thyroid hormone levels are low
  • Diabetes (type 1 and 2) – The fatigue here stems from poor blood sugar control
  • Kidney disease – Impurities and toxins buildup in the blood due to the impaired kidney function

As you can see, there are plenty of other possibilities that might be the reason for your chronic fatigue.

That’s why our advice is to always seek the opinion of your doctor, who will appoint the respective tests to find out what makes you feel weak and lethargic.

What Happens When a Man’s Testosterone is Low?

When your T levels drop below 300 ng/dl, you can expect to come across some or most of the following typical symptoms:

  • Loss of libido
  • Feeling fatigued all the time
  • Difficulty achieving an erection
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Mood swings

However, as awful as all of these symptoms are, they’re simply some of the most widespread ones.

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There are several other signs of low T that can begin to manifest when your levels of this hormone drop too much.

Will Low Testosterone Cause Fatigue? Read What Science Has to Say! (3)

Does Low Testosterone Make You Weak?

Yes, apart from leading to fatigue, low testosterone can also make you weak.

(Video) 10 Signs YOU Have a Testosterone Level PROBLEM!

And in case you’re already wondering – there is a difference between fatigue and weakness, although most people use them interchangeably!

Here’s how they differ from one another:

  • Fatigue – A mental or physical exhaustion that can result from a number of things including stress, low testosterone and certain diseases.
  • Weakness – This relates only to physical tiredness that means you don’t have enough strength in your muscles to properly move your body and it can result from things such as serious sicknesses.

And don’t forget that as we already mentioned, testosterone plays a role in our bodies’ energy expenditure.

Thus, low levels of this hormone that’s vital for men can make us feel weak and frail.

How to Treat Low Testosterone?

There are two primary ways of dealing with low testosterone:

  1. Hormone therapy (TRT) – This is what your doctor will typically prescribe if you have hypogonadism (impaired testosterone production).
  2. Alternative treatment – This can include lifestyle and dietary changes as well as supplements that are natural and less potentially harmful than TRT.

Regardless, the path which your treatment will take largely depends on the practitioner who will examine your condition and propose the most viable treatment options.

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Now let’s take a closer look at each treatment method and what their pros and cons are!

Will Low Testosterone Cause Fatigue? Read What Science Has to Say! (4)

1. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

TRT is a type of hormone therapy that literally replaces your low testosterone with higher levels of this hormone but in a synthetic form.

This treatment is generally prescribed by doctors for curing hypogonadism and it can be administered in a number of ways, most notably via:

  • Injections
  • Oral tablets
  • Gels
  • Skin patches
  • Implantable pellets

You can even say that TRT is what bodybuilders also take (albeit in higher doses) since it’s all the same thing – synthetic testosterone such as testosterone propionate or testosterone enanthate.


  • Conventional treatment option for hypogonadism
  • Highly effective at increasing T levels
  • Various forms of administration to choose from


  • Lack of scientific data to determine the safety of TRT
  • Requires a prescription from a certified physician

2. Alternative (Natural) Treatment

Alternative treatment options for curing low testosterone revolve around using natural means instead of synthetic hormones.

But don’t let the word “alternative” fool you – this treatment method can be just as effective as TRT for restoring your masculinity.

And here are some examples of popular alternative (or natural) treatment options for low T:

(Video) How Do You Know If You Have Low Testosterone?

  • Get more sleep (at least 8 hours a night)
  • Take a testosterone-boosting supplement (like our favorite TestoGen)
  • Start working out (weightlifting)
  • Lower the amount of body fat you carry
  • Avoid processed foods and alcohol

Still, this largely depends on your particular condition and whether or not you want to introduce lab-made hormones to your body.


  • Easier to implement (e.g. doesn’t require a prescription)
  • Completely natural (no synthetic hormones)
  • Less expensive (typically)


  • Not as effective as TRT
  • Sometimes it might not be enough to restore T levels


As you can see, the answer to the primary question (will low testosterone cause fatigue) is a resounding yes!

Not only do studies support this but fatigue also happens to be among the top symptoms that practitioners use to diagnose low T.

Now, do you personally suffer from chronic fatigue?

And if yes – have you ever checked your testosterone levels through a blood test?

Drop your answers below in the comment section!

Will Low Testosterone Cause Fatigue? Read What Science Has to Say! (7)

I’ve been fascinated by natural male hormone optimization since 2016. And ever since I’ve been going through boatloads of different meta-analyses and scientific data associated with increasing testosterone levels naturally. I hold a PhD degree in public health. Thus, in my collective work here you’ll find helpful tricks, natural remedies, detailed product reviews (including stuff I’ve personally tried)… and more!

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Can low testosterone make you tired all the time? ›

Fatigue is a common effect of low testosterone. You might feel like you just don't have the energy that you're used to. Or you might be incredibly tired. But many other things can sap your energy, too, including normal aging and depression.

Does testosterone therapy help with fatigue? ›

Long-term testosterone replacement therapy reduces fatigue in men with hypogonadism - PMC. The . gov means it's official.

What are the effects of very low testosterone? ›

Reduced erectile function. Loss of body hair. Less beard growth. Loss of lean muscle mass.

Can testosterone help with energy? ›

Men most frequently claimed testosterone improved their energy (52.3%), libido (41.9%), and muscle (28.5%).

Why is my husband so tired all the time? ›

Many men feel tired and overwhelmed each day, especially with the busy lives that many people lead. Lifestyle factors can cause low energy levels, such as sleep patterns, exercise, and diet. Medical conditions, such as low testosterone and sleep apnea, can also cause low energy levels in men.

What are the warning signs of low testosterone? ›

Low sex drive

Testosterone plays a key role in sex drive, also known as libido. Some people may experience a decline in sex drive as they get older, but those with low testosterone will likely experience a more drastic drop. Muscles changing, decreased sex drive, feeling tired?

Do people with low testosterone sleep more? ›

Men with lower testosterone levels had lower sleep efficiency, with increased nocturnal awakenings and less time in slow-wave sleep as well as a higher apnea-hypopnea index and more sleep time with O2 saturation levels below 90%.

Why am I always tired? ›

Many possible factors cause chronic fatigue, such as underlying medical conditions, nutrient deficiencies, sleep disturbances, caffeine intake, and chronic stress. If you're experiencing unexplained fatigue, it's important to talk with your doctor to find the cause.


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